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Infertility Stinks! A 31 Day Devotional (Infertility & Faith Intertwined)

by Jacqueline Winslow

Infertility Stinks! details the very personal journey of hope and faith through seven years of infertility woes. Struggling to bring life into the world while trying to remain steadfast and strong is a trial shared by many throughout the world. This poignant memoir will walk you through the soaring highs and desperate lows of the daily – sometimes hourly – endeavor to carry on in the face of individual health concerns, negative test results, an equally grieving partner, and the daily grind that continues despite your strife. 
This devotional will deeply touch and bring others walking the infertility journey together in prayer and shared sorrows and triumphs. No matter what point in this battle you are in, this book will speak to you and remind you that others walk hand-in-hand with you.                                               Are you struggling to conceive?For many women who are trying to conceive it can be a desperate and sometimes lonely struggle.  There will be times of great hope and soaring highs, followed by crashing lows, plunging the depths of depression.  It can seem like there is no end in sight and nothing to help you navigate a path through this traumatic time.                                               But there is help.  Through people who have been in the same position and gone through the same distress and misery.  Infertility Stinks! is a new book which features the individual journey of the author, through seven years of infertility anguish. It looks at the different emotions you feel, each and every day, and examines why infertility can be so…                                                * Emotional                                                * Heart wrenching                                                * Financially draining                                                * Painful                                                 * Hurtful                                                * FrustratingThis moving account will walk with you as you experience the highs and lows of infertility and strive to carry on, in spite of health concerns, negative test results, an equally grieving partner and the rest of life’s daily problems which continue in spite of your personal battle.Bringing you together in prayer, with others who are suffering in similar circumstances, Infertility Stinks! will deeply touch you, no matter what point you are at in this struggle, and it will make you stronger through it.

Do You Know What I Mean?–Discovering Your Personal Communication Style

by Robert V. Keteyian

Do You Know What I Mean?â??Discovering Your Personal Communication Style does just what the title says. It takes you on a journey similar to what Bob offers in his training sessions and workshops, culminating in the discovery of your personal communication style.

Part 1 clearly defines the seven communication componentsâ??the ingredients of your style. A chapter devoted to each component begins with introducing the component’s inherent strengths and challenges and includes activities to promote skill development. Real life stories drawn from Bob’s professional and personal life illustrate how an understanding of different styles facilitates effective communication. They include couples in conflict, parents trying to manage complex challenging behaviors in their children, and business colleagues needing greater collaboration.

Throughout Part 1 communication tips and guidelines offer focused ways to listen and ask clarifying questions.

Part 2, the workbook, follows the well honed method Bob has developed and taught over many years in a variety of professional and community settings. He takes you through eight structured activities to help you discover your personal communication style, how your core processing strengths can also get you into trouble and the tools needed to enhance communication success.

Finally there is a rich section titled “Basic and Necessary Communication Skills” that is full of communication gems such as “Repairing Broken Communication” and “Giving Emotional Validation” and lays out an eight- step problem-solving format.

Looking through the communication style lens will change your relational world. You will understand your own needs better and develop more patience and skill listening to others. Though the ideas in this book are simple and straightforward, their application has profound impact.

It was a Triumph

by Captain Sam Servadio

A man seeking to recapture his youth, buys a motorcycle of the same genre that he owned when he was a teenager. He discovers that time travel via motorcycle is a nostalgic journey that is filled with irony and personal reflection. Humorous and written with an untamed addiction to British Steel!

Communicating With Your Kids: Learning How To Talk And Listen To Each Other (Positive Parenting Book 4)

by Karen Campbell

Can you imagine having children who didn’t want to talk to you or listen to anything you say? This happens in many homes and it is such a pity! Keeping connected and communicative with your child starts at a young age. If you don’t start early on, you’ll have no chance as they reach the teenage years.

Communicating With Your Kids give real life examples and solutions. Strategies are suggested for how you can keep the lines of communication open and positive.

This is the 6th book in the series ‘Positive Parenting’ by Karen Campbell and Katrina Kahler. Both ladies are highly experienced and awarded teachers with 60 years of combined experience in the classroom, helping children deal with a vast array of problems, social skills and academic challenges. They have both raised two children each and these children have grown up to be teenage leaders in their community.

Other books in this parenting series include: The Puberty Bomb; How To Win Friends And Influence People for Kids; Confident Kids; How To Improve Your Child’s Behavior Today; Achieving Success At School; Smart Baby; and The Parenting Trap (this book has it all).

Karen and Katrina are on a mission to share their knowledge and experience with parents worldwide. They want to show you how to help your child to achieve their full potential and lead happy and successful lives.

The authors have aimed their books at children aged from birth through to the early teenage years. Click on the book image above and have a look inside, the clickable table of contents will give you an insight into the valuable information contained in this potentially life-changing book.

Grandma Loves You

by Lisa Valentine

Let the world know how much you love being a grandma. Grandma Loves You, is a short picture book that can be read again and again. No matter how old your grandchild is, grandma will always love them.

Adoption – Looking in the Mirror – Genetic Connection: Adoption: Unlocking Self-Identity (The year I loved my Sister Book 2)

by Katharina Liebhauser

A Multi-Language Book English Stories and German Communications

Looking in the Mirror starts with my first visit for 10-days to my birth town Karlsruhe, Germany. During the visit Coco and I share, in our “Night on the Couch” conversations, our childhood stories.

I will share the causes and effects of mine and my brother Pauls’ adoption. I will talk more in detail on the subject of how a child’s brain growth is affected by adoption”, as well as how the umbilical fluid (discussed in Pulling the Umbilical Cord-The Beginning) has affected not only me, but Coco and who she has become. What the two difference are of how Paul, Katharina and Coco responded to fear of abandonment. How Paul and I did not connect with our adopted mother.

You will first begin to hear our mother’s life story as Coco presents it to me in our nights on the couch. John will expand when he first opens up to me in the chapter Happy 50th Birthday Antonio. Our mothers story will continue to unfold in the two books to follow: Adoption Affair – The Truth in German Adoption, and Adoption Affair Blackmail – Our Mothers Story.

I will expand on the subject of what happens to girls when their father dies when they are young. How that affects sexual relationships with men in our lives. This subject I will expand on as I share the sexual relationship I had with my adopted brother Paul, and other men in my life and how what Paul and I did change my sexual drive from men to the safety of a woman. In the chapter KC a guy Katharina wants read, how after meeting Coco, I again changed based on wanting to project another self-image to her. What I finally feel comfortable with because I am a Sister. Coco there after changes to want to be like me, my old Identity, the one who slept with Joanna.

Within Coco and my communication, you will read how we are both transformed by an emotional driven chemical “Flick of a Switch” in our bodies. We will both start to identify in each other a life styles the other lives. Katharina by showing Coco that she too wants KC and Coco will begin to alter who she is by professing her desire for her sisters’ love as she feels that she has lost her sister to him. Their desire to be closer and the need to fulfill the “Bond” that they did not have as children. This bond and attachment are what I call the first stage of Genetic Attraction. In the book Adoption Virus we will further strengthen this Bond as it develops into Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) and we act on it in the book Adoption Affair. I will define what a Bond is and how it is different from an Attachment which is critical to understanding why the Adoption Affair happens.

At the time of the reunion I am 45-years-old. I am the sister put up for adoption. I was born in Karlsruhe Germany and was adopted by a family from California. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am in a relationship with Joanna. We have been together for 20 years. Joanna, my partner, has a son Trevor who is 20 years old.

My blood family still lives in Karlsruhe Germany. Coco, John and I have the same mother: Yvonne. John is 40 years old. He is unmarried and is in a relationship with Sally for 6 months. Coco is 38 years old. Coco is in a relationship with Antonio and have been together for 18 years. They have a daughter Arial.

Now let’s start to take a Look in the Mirror.

How to turn a frog into a prince: Wanted

by Joaquín Piquer

In this book you will come to know the 10 Affirmations that determine if you are interested in starting a partnership. You will find the 10 most frequent mistakes made by women who cannot find their ideal partner. You will discover the Eight Essential Qualities of your ideal partner. You will learn, with the Five Guide Questions, how to recognize your ideal partner. And of course, I will show you which are the Six Master Tools and how to use them in order to accomplish your goal.

By reading this book your ability to recognize the complexity and the distinction in a man and in yourself, will be what allows you to differentiate, regardless of the senses, who is a frog and who could be your mate, lover, partner and prince.

Potty Training : The Ultimate Potty Training Guide For Results In 3 Days Or Less (Toilet Training, Boys, Girls, Infants)

by Kelly Cooper

Everybody wants to know the secrets of how to potty train children, but most parents don’t know these tricks. This is what you will learn from this book. Toilet training is a must for every toddler, so take this time and learn the proper toilet training techniques.

Potty training a child is difficult, right?


Potty training your child is actually very easy, but you must know the proper potty training techniques. This is where most parents have trouble. In this book you will learn the proper potty training techniques to use on both boys and girls. Don’t think that potty training girls is harder than potty training boys, both are easier than you ever imagined.

Whether you are a seasoned parent or a first-timer, this book will teach you everything you need to know.

What You Will Learn

1. When is the right time to start.

2. The proper equipment for your child.

3. How to teach potty training in only 3 days.

4. What to do if/when an accident occurs.

If you are ready to learn all of this and more, then don’t wait. Get your copy TODAY!.

Black Betsy

by George R. Martin III

~Authors Foreword~

Growing up as a Martin would be impossible for this generation of youths who believe that the highest score wins the love of the parents these days. When you raise your children on chips and pizza you’d get a Boot in your ass by my Father the Patriarch and cornerstone of my family. Who would just sneer a “What You looking at Boy?! You better learn how to cook a decent meal or I’ll teach your ass how after I retrieve my Size 12’s out of your hind parts you dig?”

Raising A Girl: What Parents Neglect-Teenage Years: A true Story all parents should read to make their teenage girls happy and healthy

by Elizabeth Penagos

This book is the continuation of a true story of a girl that was raped by her family members. This second book, tells her story as she grows into her teenage years and adulthood. It shows how she lived her life after her rapes and how she was neglected by her parents again in her teenage years. This book takes us inside the head of a teenage girl who deals with her past and present issues. A must read!

Bunny World: Kindness is the Key to Happiness

by Donald K Thompson

Graceful and Rosie Bunny are two delightful young daughters in a very special family in Bunny World. They love each other, and most of the time they play nicely together and share their toys. But just like sisters in the real world, sometimes they don’t want to share, and sometimes they argue and blame and mistreat each other.

Often, after one of those unhappy times Graceful dreamed of a very old lady who loved her and filled her heart with warmth. She called her “Angel Bunny.”

During one dream Graceful received a special gift. It helped remind her of the beautiful old lady and her loving lessons about kindness as the key to happiness.

Graceful and Rosie had always been nice girls, but after the dreams and the special gift, the bunnies who knew them noticed a difference. They laughed more. They smiled more. They played nicely with other bunny friends and giggled with joy. Come spend time with the little bunnies. You’ll have fun!

I Am Alive and Doing Well: 200 Day Journal of Teressa Lawless’s Battle From Death to Life

When Teressa Lawless suddenly collapsed while playing soccer, her friends immediately ran to her side. Her horrific trip to the emergency room, where she was also employed as a nurse, was the beginning of a nightmare journey of her battle to recover from a global non-traumatic brain injury. This journal documents her family and friends hopes, dreams and despair as they question why this happened and all they did to help bring Teressa back.

15. Puberty on Fire (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by J G Knox

The fifteenth of 26 segments, a chapter from the 567 page saga When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition, full version available in print and kindle, these are the stories of Sharon and her family, starting in 1847, ending in the present.

New experiences—powerful! Nothing is so excited, so interested in life as a new teen exploding with curiosity—a boy! This is the first boy ever in all history! Excitement, embarrassment, formative nodes of learning going off—boom!

Sharon is in puberty, has irritable bowel syndrome, an ovary catches fire on the steps of her chiropractor’s office, ignited by the presence of his son, a handsome fifteen-year-old. Sharon is ready to marry him, kiss him, wrestle with him—what? She doesn’t even like boys. What is she doing? Why won’t her Mother explain to her what she’s thinking? He is so so pretty. Maybe he’ll give her an enema. What? Can she hide under the porch? Why is she thinking such things?

Maybe it has to do with her just having a string of preparatory enemas then a barium enema in his Dad’s office. These enemas much more exciting than Aunt Mindy’s enemas, Sharon has adult feelings about these too—but thinking about Noble giving her an enema. Is she crazy?

Her brother makes fun of her for writing Mrs. Noble Knight all over her papers in her room. She’s going to make Noble ride over on his stallion and stick David with his lance thingy, whack him with his sword, then she’s going to smack him silly.

Yep, Sharon’s a normal thirteen-year-old.

This one’s mostly a fun read with some info on IBS, premenstrual syndrome, etc.

Grandpas Are Fun

by Lisa Valentine

Grandpas and their grandchildren share many fun times together. They create great childhood memories.

Rescue your Relationship: 7 real ways to make a relationship last and stay interesting (relationship guide Book 1)

by Ean Russell

Preplexed on keeping your relationships strong and last long in this fast paced life.Worried that your partner is loosing interest /drifting apart.A 7 step easy guide to keep your relationships health and long lasting.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– Lust vs. Love: how to get over that barrier

– Don’t Move In Together Too Soon

– Stop Looking At Imperfections and Start Focusing On Common Ground

– Women and Men’s Psychology Differ and Understanding Both

– The Simple Things: Small Ways to Show Love and Spark Spontaneity

– Mistakes We All Make When We Finally Get Into the Relationship

– Appreciate and Relax

Download your copy today!

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Bedtime Story: 6

by sami zaairat

Children are excited hearts, and their loved liver, joy of joy, and sorrow of grief, we seek always to see them happy, and always we are to achieve their desires and their applications, and their conversations gives us pleasure, and when their we went to bed to sleep, ask us that the lack of them a bedtime story ; this is why we will give you in this book tales of fun and interesting, young and much loved, and that suit their age and their age.

Story you know the story as a group of words in the form of lists events can be fact or fiction, or the University of them, the story has to be special to adults or children, and here we will look to stories related to children.

Most children sleep associated often the story; where they do not prefer to sleep unless a parent or brothers read some short stories interesting for them, and more types of stories favored by children and wish to hearing it is the stories of adventures, as well as stories about animals and friendship.

The stories related to children are very useful for the growth of the child; as it contributes to increasing their intelligence and their imaginations ratio, and use them for their minds, it is possible in this case that the child in the future become a thought deep and distinctive, because the most creative ideas come from the reality of the imagination.

Mama Is Drawing a Blank

by Bonnie Kimmerly

First time mother Bonnie Kimmerly was desperate for a creative outlet while she was on her maternity leave. So, she began imagining her parenting experiences as funny cartoons in her head. These cartoons became a reality when she finally decided to put them in a sketchbook. “Mama Is Drawing a Blank” is a collection of parenting cartoons and stories from her baby’s first year. Bonnie delves into her experiences with breastfeeding, sleep, online shopping, babywearing, and other subjects through humorous cartoons and lighthearted anecdotes.

Bonnie’s cartoons have been featured on websites such as The Huffington Post, Brigitte (Germany’s largest women’s magazine), and BabyCentre UK.

Parental Guide to Predatory Behaviors Victimizing Children

by Jeffrey Jeschke

A guide for parents to better safeguard their children against a potential predator.

TracyLouX: Life poems of a 20 something

by Tracy LouX

A single mum by the time I was 20 to 2 toddlers I used my poetry as a way of making it through the bad times , the struggle and even some of the good. I had a knack for attracting the wrong men , making mistakes and at one time I lost it all . Through it all I ALWAYS picked myself up , brushed myself off and started again .

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