Free poetry Kindle books for 04 Aug 16

Roses and Reprisals: Thoughts and Poems

by Matessa Ashley

Roses and Reprisals is a unique collection of thoughts and poems reflecting on past relationships and experiences. This book was birth for those who are seeking healing and inner peace. Helping them to understand that broken hearts can heal.

The Adventures of a Diner Poet: A Mack Capped Romp through the Canadian Dinerscape

by Jaybo Russell

A good poet is a storyteller at heart. Like a journalist, a diner poet actively seeks out an engaging story. But instead of finding a narrative filled with grim statistics, and worldly cynicism designed to sell papers, a diner poet seeks out fun and inspiring stories by going to diners, truck stops, and doughnut shops of the nation to talk with, or perhaps eavesdrop on regular folk. What ever is on their minds becomes the canvas for diner poetry: faith, politics, dreams, history and even the constitution are probed. God often shows up in Diner Poetry, by reaching down and stirring up the pot of our corporate slavery or our narrow provincialism. Filled with witty political insinuation and historic references, the rhythms of Diner Poetry skip and dance – breathe – and then gallop!


by Maggie Dumville

Poems written some in dark times and others when the curatins have opened. The book Paperchain will appeal to teenagers and adults. That said it will appeal particularly to anyone suffering with mental health issues whether that be anxiety, psychosis depression or bipolar. I have suffered with anxiety most of my life and have found creative expression and descriptive imagery to be a wonderful outlet and many people have agreed that Paperchain can give them a book that they can identify with.

Marbles and Bullets (Paperchain Book 2)

by Maggie Dumville

Marbles and Bullets – POEMS is a joint work of Mick and Maggie’s
And like Paperchain 1 it is especially dedicated to all those who
either have mental illness or care for someone who does. All of the photos and sketches have been produced by Mick and Maggie themselves. Subjects covered mainly are: War, love, depression and at times a touch of humour!

My Book is a Monthly Planner. The Little Journal and the Planning Book of the Business Minded.: Notes for Lovers and Fashionistas.

by Carla Guerrier

A poetry book with fashion,travel and style suggestions. In the book you will find planning pages,calendars and note to self pages.

Sonnets To Love

by Connie Marotta

An intriguing mix of classical and modern, this sonnet series adeptly plays with your senses and sensibilities as it chronicles the progression of a love over time. Sometimes ironic and playful, sometimes subtle and sublime, the poems achieve a level of technical and emotional complexity that draws you into their rich and unique world – a delightful and rare glimpse into the realm of unconditional love.

the agony of human values: sad songs in English & French


YOU love ADELE, LANA, LOREENA McKENNITT, this book is for YOU!

our human value are dying, this is a fact! nobody can denies that the new style of life is responsible!

PLEASE, read this poems,sing them, and think that we need each other to build a perfect world

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