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Reflections from Wise Old Dudes and Dudettes: Mentoring

by Erin Davenport

Mentoring happens, whether we intend it or not. It is the transmission of the values and habits by which we live and work. Mentoring is more about personal formation than about sharing information, more imitation than instruction. The question is not whether mentoring happens, but how and by whom we are mentored.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Miller Summer Youth Institute at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, SYI invited past wise old dudes and dudettes to reflect on mentoring. Topics include ministerial, relational, and investment mentoring as well as the art of listening.

Nationwide Police Strike: A Contemporary Look Into American Policing in the age of Black Lives Matter

by Robert Disario

There are approximately 770 thousand police officers in the United States. All of whom take the job for different reasons, but the one commonality is they want to help people. Sometimes society forgets that it’s just a job. The occupation does not define them as human beings. Its not WHO they are; its what they do to make money. Similar to any other occupation in America, Police Officers can walk away from their job at any time. They can quit with no repercussions other than loss of a pay check. But I ask you…WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?

Prepper’s Hacks: Super Useful Safety Hacks to Improve Your Preparedness for What May Come (Prepper’s hacks, prepper’s guide, prepper’s survival pantry and medicine)

by Darrell Abbott

Prepper’s hacks is a concise but packed source of information on crisis and emergency readiness. It imagines “what may come” to foster awareness. You never know when the unthinkable will strike, but you can prepare well in advance. You hope your preparation will be in vain. Thinking ahead is the purpose as the book presents typical survival situations and what the consequences are likely to be. It offers sound advice on coping with the worst that can be imagined and understanding how to protect your family from disaster. As such, it enumerates basic tactics advocated by agencies such as OSHA and organizations such as the American Red Cross, FEMA, and SPEED. It adds together the wisdom of the experts plus some motivational inspiration to help you start planning now for the inevitable future. Everyone will face some type of crisis in years to come. More than an ounce of prevention will be needed when it does. Within these pages you will find:

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Earth, wind, and fire: drastic acts of Mother Nature
  • Why and how terrorism could happen
  • Emergency kit contents
  • What to tell your family about disaster survival
  • Dire straits
  • Why safety is an art and a science

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Double Bali: Shiva & Buddha, Sekala & Niskala, Black & White

by Atma Ananda

This book is a collection of the author’s articles published in magazines ‘Ubud Community’ and ‘Sanur Community’ (Bali Island, Indonesia) during 2010-2012. Teaching Self-Being Strategy and consulting in many spiritual practices, Atma Ananda still gives attention to Balinese multicultural environment. As the summary of her personal experiences, the book can be interesting to broad auditorium, since it is written by the expert with Western academic background who spent 10 years in Eastern countries.

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