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Life Coaching Box Set: Advanced Methods,Thinking Skills and Exercises to Change Your Mindset and Become More Successful (life coaching, what is a life coach, become a life coaching)

by Mildred Powell

BOOK #1: Life Coaching: 23 Lessons on How to Become a Successful Coach Who Encourages, Motivates and Inspires Other People

23 Lessons on How to Become a Successful Coach Who Encourages, Motivates and Inspires Other People is a book with real world problems for real world people. Not only is it a great read for people wanting to start a career in life coaching, it is an excellent go to for those looking to have a life coach. Sometimes, people aren’t really sure WHAT to bring to the table during their life-coaching sessions.

BOOK #2: Mindset: 25 Positive Thinking Tricks You Wish You Knew Before. Change Your Mindset, Feel Happier and Become More Successful

Within the book readers will find two different sections. The first section addresses tricks you can use to help in your personal life and the second section takes a look at tricks specifically for the workplace. The book can be used by all ages and features tips that are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of scenarios and issues.

BOOK #3: Astrology: 12 Best Methods For Understanding Zodiac Signs, Compatibility, Career and Relationships

Learning about and understanding zodiac signs can help you in your personal life, your business life, your love life and your friendships.

You can even use astrology in your personal relationships in order to get the upper hand on your partner. You will be able to understand them better, often times even better than they understand themselves.

BOOK #4: 28 Essential Critical Thinking Skills and Brain Exercises which Can Improve Your Logical Thinking

This book aims to give you some lessons and ideas in how you can start your journey to being a critical thinker today. Train your brain into being a better thinker and more intellectual. Try some exercises to get your brain muscles going, and seeing things in a different light than you perhaps have been. Use this book to better your brain and get ahead of your coworkers with your skills.

BOOK #5: Brain Training: Advanced Brain Training Methods For Better Memory, Improved Concentration, Mental Clarity, Neuroplasticity, And Superior Power of Your Mind

This book takes a broad approach to the area of brain training, offering a carefully framed philosophy to implement in your day-to-day life as well as specific techniques and exercises to develop individual areas of your intellect.

BOOK #6: Body Language: Amazing Body Language Guide to Help You Recognize Whether People’s Feelings are True or Fake

Do you sometimes get the sense that a situation with other people is not quite as it seems? Do you often struggle to understand what others expect of you? Is nervousness preventing you from taking risks that could slingshot you on the path to success in your personal and professional life? Interacting with other people can be a challenging and exhausting aspect of daily life, and a potent source of stress for many. A little study and practice in reconnecting with the instinctive intuitions of the human animal can enable you to harness the hidden power of body language as a tool to establish your place among your peers.

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An Introduction to Muhammadiyah Education System in Indonesia

by Muhammad Agung

Muhammadiyah is an Islamic organization which promotes Dakwah Amar Ma’ruf Nahi Munkar (call for goodness and prohibit the badness) and Tajdid (Modernity). Muhammadiyah concerns in social and education fields. Its early movement was building hospital and schools for waifs. The purpose of its education system is educating intellectual ulama (a moslem scholar who is expert in both science and Islamic teaching).

Muhammadiyah had 4,623 kindergartens, 2,604 Elementary Schools, 1,772 Junior High Schools, 1,143 Senior High Schools and 172 Universities which proved its great role to education in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah Education System is managed independently by Pimpinan Muhammadiyah (Muhammadiyah Chairmanship) from its branches to its headquarter.

This book aimed to give a short description how Muhammadiyah education system works

for 101 years and gives great contribution to Indonesia.

The Son of a Gun Has a Frog In His Throat: Having Fun with English

by Harlan J. Hunter

In this day and age, most people over the age of ten have their eyes glued to their smartphones while eating, walking, lying in bed, using the restroom and taking a bath. (No doubt, that’s why phone insurance plans cover water damage.) The disease of cell phone addiction, the checking and using of our phones compulsively, is spreading faster than the five-day flu. The use of smartphones has enabled texting to be the preferred form of communication, replacing talking to those we know or love. And watch out when you are included in a group text message because in a flash there will be an electronic tsunami!

My fear is that the skills of verbal communication and writing are slowly being rendered nugatory by electronic devices. Ones being joined at the hip with a variety of social media sites can lead to creating artificial relationships. The back and forth banter on these sites almost gives the impression of electronic preening. Obsessive staring at our smartphones results in a zoning out of life. It’s almost like one’s eyes are screwed shut to our immediate surroundings, thus making people in the same room invisible. This behavior has roiled the emotions of the older generation who refuse to let electronic devises click off the circuit breaker in our brain that permits us to observe the beauty of life and wonders of nature.

This trend may be the chink in the armor that in a decade or two will lead to the demise of the use of colorful idiomatic expressions that are unique to the English language. Idioms, which are figurative speech and give our language character, are a collection of historic wise sayings. Even though idioms can be hundreds of years old, they still offer us good advice and contain principles that are timeless.

Realizing that most of us are not cognizant of the backstories of idioms, I saw a need to do some digging and record my research. Even if we don’t use idioms every day, they are always in the periphery of our awareness. Studying the history of idioms, which are much more than mere prattle or overused clichés, can educate and enlighten us. I also wrote about similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and puns because I sense a decline in their use.

What a shame it would be if our “smart” phones have just the opposite effect on our lives. Modern forms of communication are paving the way for these idiomatic treasures of our language to be forgotten or diminished and go the way of the floppy disc or the small transistor radio. That would be a terrible loss. So let’s “stop beating around the bush” because I would be “as pleased as punch” to “let the cat out of the bag” so we can “go the whole nine yards” in our review of many popular and practical English idioms. Tag along, as we unpack many theories and mysteries that surround the origins of phrases that touch our lives and touched the lives of our parents, grandparents, and perhaps even our great-grandparents.



This book, the first in a series of 4, is written for junior Science learners. It is packed with test questions at the end of each topics and answers are provided. It explores the various topics on Living and Non-Living things, Flowering and Non-Flowering Plants Diversity, Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Fungi and Bacteria, Material, Life Cycles in Plants and Animals, Food Chain and Food Web as well as the uses of Magnet and the practical effect of magnetic forces and many more just to name a few for your reference. Interesting illustrations and practical examples are all in full colors.

Rabbit Readers – Phonics: Blending Sounds – Book 2: How to Sound Out a Word

by Katrina Kahler

Learning how to sound out words is an essential skill for a child to master in order to become a reader. Often the most difficult sounds are the short vowel sounds. This book teaches your child to sound out all the short vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) and blend them with a final sound.

The author, Katrina Kahler, is an award winning teacher who has taught hundreds of children to read over the past 30 years. This book will help your child by giving them the confidence to sound out simple words using the same sounds. If you want to help your child on the road to being a fluent reader, then purchase this book. This is the second book in the Rabbit Readers Sounds Program.

Katrina has a number of early readers on Amazon. Just type Katrina Kahler in the Amazon Kindle search bar and check out her wonderful books. The Rabbit Readers Program will give your child the confidence they need to develop fluent reading skills and become an effective speller.

How to Become a Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Successful Personal Training Career

by K.B. Bryson

If you want to become a personal trainer and establish a successful personal training career, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

A personal training career is characterized by a single word – passion. Have you had a burning passion for fitness throughout your life? Do you possess that desire to coax others toward healthier living, to cajole them towards a more balanced outlook and a greater sense of physical achievement? If so, then this may be the perfect career for you! However, a personal fitness trainer isn’t just a drill sergeant. Instead, he or she must be more like Yoda – a fearsome warrior, a support figure, and an unparalleled scholar of the trade, all rolled into one. But there’s a lot more that sets apart a successful personal trainer from a wannabe fitness enthusiast. And that’s exactly what’s going to be discussed in this ebook. Between your passion and knowledge and my understanding of the business world – we can set you up to become a legendary trainer in no time. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of great personal fitness experts? Are you ready to separate yourself from the glorified jocks, and get on your way to becoming a fitness guru? If so, let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Education and Certification Requirements
  • The Foundation of a Successful Personal Trainer
  • Qualities of a Great Trainer, While Training
  • Gym Employment vs. Self-Employment
  • Tips for Marking Your Business
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Speed Reading: 34 Tips on How to Break Poor Reading Habits and Triple Your Reading Speed (speed reading, speed reading for dummies, speed reading book)

by Caren Carter

In this book you can find the various incredible tips to get the triple speed of learning. In this immersive book you can get to know what your bad reading habits are and what your good reading habits are and how they are influencing your studies and jobs.

In this accomplished book, you come to know how to get rid of bad reading habits and how to change them with good reading habits. All the students, teachers, anchors and newscasters can use this book as a true guide for them for popping up their speed of reading.

This incredible book has been written in really simple language with clear concepts. About 34 tips of good learning habits have been mentioned in this book. You can use this book for boosting up your speed of reading.

This book is really a key to success for the people who are weak in reading. You cannot only speed up your reading but you can also use this book to learn how you can read 2nd language with fluency.

The major topics covered in this book include:

  • Introduction: Bad Reading Habits and How to Break Them
  • Speed reading – 34 Tips on How to Break Poor Reading Habits and Triple Your Reading Speed
  • Do good bye to poor reading habits

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Tips and Tricks: Arithmetic and Times-Tables: Learning to think about numbers

by Andrew Mather

This book is intended to illustrate some of the basic tips and tricks of arithmetic that may help you or your child be more comfortable with the times table. They are useful far beyond elementary school and I have used them as an adult to get by before calculators were available, and now when they are not readily available.

They are neither exhaustive nor authoratitive but they are accurate and they do work. If you find them useful, then I am delighted.

I do not know precisely how and when children are taught their times tables, but this approach relies mainly on addition which is a natural adjunct of learning numbers and arithmetic, so I hope the techniques will be compatible with your child’s education.

Beyond addition, a familiarity with multiplication and subtraction are useful, but not critical.

There is no singular correct way which must be learned, when dealing with numbers. What is most useful is to have a box of tools, just as in DIY, and to use the tool that is most convenient. To that end, there will often be many ways to arrive at the answer, which will be the same in any case.

Memory is useful, and necessary for the smaller numbers, but it does not substitute for understanding. Memory may allow you to recall the answer to 11 x 12 but will it allow you to remember 123 x 420 or 248024 x 482058 if you have never seen that before?

Times tables are rightly considered a building block in familiarity with numbers and arithmetic. The value of the tips and tricks is that it allows us to build tools that will be useful far beyond the basic tables.

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