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Historical Romance – Historical RomanticLove Stories – Adult Love Story Collection of Victorian Romance, Regency Romance, Adult Romance, Highlander Romance & Viking History Romance Novels for Women

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..She knew what she wanted as she traced her nails across his neck and his hand went around her waist. He pulled her in his lap and gently kissed her. His hand tracing down her neck and felt through her shirt. Noticing her nipples getting hard and her kisses becoming more persistent, he responded by lifting her up and taking her to the couch. He ripped off her shirt and exposed her chest…’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Victorian, Victorian Romance, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Regency, Viking, Highlander

Once Beyond a Time – A troubled family, missing child, and a house beyond time.

by Ann Tatlock

Christy Award Winner

“Tatlock’s lovely prose reminds readers why it is a joy to savor her stories.” ~ Publishers Weekly

A troubled family, whose pastor father resigned in disgrace from a church in suburban Philadelphia, moves to an old house in Black Mountain, North Carolina. They soon discover that their new home, nearly hidden from view on the side of a mountain, is no ordinary place. The family can see and speak with people who appear and disappear seemingly at will. Some of the visitors seem to have lived there in the past. More mysteriously, some will live there in the future. Then, soon after their move into the old house, their eight-year-old son vanishes without a trace! Has he been kidnapped, or has he wandered off into the dark forest? Will the “house beyond time” provide the answers? Or does something more disturbing await this troubled family?

Children Under the Stars

by Matt Kuvakos

Children Under the Stars follows, Elliot Marisol, a probation officer in Missoula, Montana. His days have grown lonely and uninspired. But, a single question continues to haunt him every day.

What is home?

With no answer satisfying him, Elliot tries to forget and focuses on his newly assigned case, one of the biggest to come across Missoula in a long time. The client is an alleged cult leader, Ricky Freemon. A mysterious man known for “signs and wonders” and doing only what his “Father” tells him to do. The community wants Ricky to leave, but something about him draws Elliot closer. What Elliot doesn’t realize is that Ricky has the answer to his burning question.

AMISH FICTION: Sins of Her Daughter (Christian Amish Pregnancy Romance) (Growing up in Pennsylvania)

by Sarah Gould

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This is a 10,000 words (around 45 kindle pages ) CLEAN stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers!

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Leah Pritchard never planned to raise her Amish family by herself. But with the death of her husband, she has to take on the challenge. And with four children, it’s not so easy, but she stays afloat by midwifing for the women in her community of Schmicksburg, PA. She becomes concerned that her daughter is too distant, perhaps from depression, so one day she confronts her on the matter. To her disappointment, she discovers that her daughter, Mary has been fooling around with a young boy outside of the faith, one Richard Brock, and that their actions have resulted in Mary’s pregnancy at the age of fifteen. Now, Leah has to try to fold this rebellious teenage boy into the monotony that is raising a farm. However, she’ll learn that, in order to keep this growing family together, she must accept the reality of what God has presented to her.



The boys were gathered on one side of the barn, all painting with ease and comfort, laughing in the glow of the new morning. Leah marched up to them with a hard expression on her face. “Boys!” she yelled before she was fifty yards off. They turned towards her and put their brushes down at their sides, tipped their hats, and waited for her to come to them.

When she was twenty feet from them she said, “Who is he, boys, and don’t tell me you don’t know, because I know you do.” They all looked at each other wide eyed. She stopped in front of them and rested her hands on her hips, but did not adjust her wait, kept it evenly balanced between her two black flats. “You boys can make believe that you’re pulling the wool over my eye,” she said, “when you go out and do whatever it is you do in the night. But you cannot fool the Lord.” She paused, but none of them spoke; only stared at her. Bartholomew’s mouth hung open a little. “Your sister has been laying with one of the local boys.” They all ducked their heads in unison. Isaiah rubbed the back of his neck. The breeze tore through Leah’s dress, so she crossed her arms. “Now, she’s bearing child.”

“Mother, weâ?¦”

“Don’t interrupt me, son. Only tell me who it is that your sister has been sleeping with.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 8,000 word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Astrology: Your Complete Guide to Understanding Zodiac Signs: How to Become More Successful, to Improve Your Love Life and Become Happier (Free Bonus Included!) … (Zodiac, Zodiac Signs, Horoscope Symbols)

by Sarah Thompson

Astrology – Your Complete Guide to Understanding Zodiac Signs: How to Become More Successful, to Improve Your Love Life and Become Happier

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You’re about to discover how to…

Have you often wondered about your astrological or zodiac sign, and maybe what it was all about?
Do you wonder if you could ever understand your love, happiness, and success just by looking at the alignment of the planets and the stars of the time that you were born?
The zodiac signs are a part of astrology, a science that studies the alignment of the stars and the planets. It uses complex mathematical formulas in order to determine someone’s astrological sign, and these signs point to our strengths, weaknesses, and how we can be happy in our lives. It tells us so much about ourselves, and you can find the basics of that information in this book!
I’ve put together all of the astrological signs along with their personality profiles, as well as a few tidbits of information to get you on the right path to happiness.
So if you’re interested in learning a little more about yourself and perhaps about someone you’re interested in dating, take a look at this book!

You will learn more about..

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

The New Age Handbook will show you..

“Ever wondered if you can improve your life with New Age solutions? Here are some great solutions on how to reinvent your life through New Age thinking!”
Are you looking for something more out of life? If so, you are not alone. Many people are today and find the solution in the New Age Movement.
The New Age movement adopts ideas from a number of different movements that emphasize spirituality and the spiritual conscious mind. The main idea is to enforce serenity of the mind.

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Sarah Thompson
© 2015 All Rights Reserved

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Whipped: Adult Romance Anthology – XXX Romantic Short Story Collection of Billionaire Romance, Amish Romance, Demon Romance, Holiday Romance, Highlander Romance & Mail Order Bride Romance Novels

by Lady Aingealicia

‘Keeping my eyes on his, I took a deep breath and waited, my heart probably audibly pounding in my chest as I waited for him to say something. He left me waiting for a few seconds, then finally leaned in and spoke, removing his fingers only when his lips were an inch from my own..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Group, Collection, inspirational, romance, short story, short stories

XXX Adult Romance Short Stories: Mail Order Bride Romance & Western Romance, Highlander Romance, Viking Romance, Western Romance, Victorian Romance & Virgin Romance – A Romantic Love Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘It’s Elena who makes the first move. Silently and swiftly, she steps in closer. Her light, tight little body pushes up against his bigger, stronger torso. She smells like raspberries, with an undercurrent of peppermint. He can smell that faint minty scent on her breath as she lifts up her chin and lets her mouth brush his in an airy, barely-there kiss. He can taste it when she deepens that contact, her warm, glossy lips enfolding his lower one, her tongue pressing out to graze its curve with a warm, slick swipe of its tip. She murmurs ever so softly as she reaches up and puts both hands on his chest, and when his hands seize her fragile wrists, she shivers and takes a single step back, looking up at him expectantly.’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: millionaire, short stories, shades, relationship, marriage, wedding

Stepbrother Desires: Stepbrother Romance – The Step Brother Romance Love Story Collection of Stepbrother Romantic Contemporary Short Story Anthology of Brother Romance Novels, XXX Adult Short Stories

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..As she led him by the hand to follow her, she slipped out on the balcony. Marco followed her without question. They were by themselves. Akia reached up and kissed him on the cheek. He caught the back of her head and leaned down placing his mouth on hers fully. He felt her gasp as he kissed her deeply. Slowly he lifted the skirt of her dress and found that she was wearing..’

This is a graphic romance short story collection.

Tags: short stories, millionaire, rich, short story collection, single author

A Journey Back To Self: Living Consciousness

by Donna DeVane

Goals of this Workbook and lessons:

To experience wholeness is to know and accept that it is your right. To learn to activate and clear the chakras which are the energy centers of the bodies; physical, emotional, mental, ethereal. GIYAME offers the healers and the client the option of being open to all methods of self knowing and methods of healing. I use stones, crystals, feathers, drums, chanting, light, dream work, memory retrieval, energy readings; whatever is most comfortable for the client and myself. Many methods are based on memories of healing in past lives and given to me by my guides.

A Spiritual Evolution is happening. It’s important that we change, now. We are creating our world one thought, one choice at the time. In order for the energy to shift, we are what must change. Our thinking, feeling, believing and doing must change in order for us to bring about a new creation. I make you this promise; apply these lessons to your life. Do the course then do it again. Let it be absorbed into your very soul. This will change you. Your change changes everything else. This is your power, your ability to help transform the whole world.

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