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Puppy Training: Step By Step Puppy Training Guide- unique tricks included (puppy training for kids, puppy tricks, puppy potty training, housebreak your dog, obedience training, puppy training books)

by Jessica Z. Heathcote

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If your puppy bites your furniture, pees everywhere, barks all the time, greets people impolitely, or if your puppy is a picky eater. Then you need a good book to guide your housebreak your dog – potty training, crate training obedience training etc.

If you want to impress your friends by having your puppy to do some unique puppy tricks such as wave goodbye or say a prayer WITH YOU. GET THIS PUPPY TRAINING BOOK NOW!

If you want your puppy to help around the house, do the laundry, get a drink from the fridge, or collect garbages… GET THIS PUPPY TRAINING BOOK NOW!


1. Personal Experience included – provide common mistakes when puppy training those puppy tricks

2. Step by Step guide to train your puppy, perfect puppy training book for kids if you want to have more fun

3. Heart-melting puppy pictures included

4. Contains secret puppy tricks – You can’t find them anywhere else

5. Knowledge on puppy’s psychology. Positive enforcement guideline.

6. SUPER CLEAR: you will be able to read all the tricks instruction like recipes.


Risk Free: We Offer a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee with no questions asked. Tags: puppy training for kids, puppy tricks,puppy potty training, housebreak your dog, obedience training,puppy training books

Nurse Life and the Next Life: A Nurse’s True Stories of Life versus Death in the Emergency Room

by Dani Jacobs

Mr. Kelly was dead. My eyes fixed on my once breathing, talking, alert, and oriented patient, who was now pale, still, without emotion, lying on his hospital bed. I was four hours into my first shift as a nurse with my own patient, but this was not how I pictured my career starting. My first patient, my only patient of the night, my sole responsibility, had died, four hours into my first shift flying solo. This couldn’t be happening.

For Dani Jacobs, an emergency room nurse, experiencing death is almost an everyday occurrence. As a young nurse Dani wants only to stop death and help give his patients a chance at life. Yet as each code blue comes into his life, a new struggle begins to burden the young nurse. Follow Dani along the highs and lows with his patients as he faces what he fears most in life, death.

Chronic Kidney Disease: For Beginners – Healthy Diet with Recipes to Help You Protect Your Kidneys and Avoid Dialysis! (Chronic Kidney Disease, KIdney Stones, Kidney Disease 101)

by Adam Johnson

Chronic Kidney Disease (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

For Beginners – Healthy Diet with Recipes to Help You Protect Your Kidneys and Avoid Dialysis!

The kidney represents one of the most important organs in the human body and needs to be subjected to a great deal of care in order to ensure proper functioning of the organ. However, we often tend to neglect it and end up paying a huge price for the same in the long run.

The vitality of the kidney cannot be stressed enough and this is why we have come up with this e-book. Often, people suffering from kidney disorders are not aware of what they should do in order to overcome this problem. Here, we provide you with some easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes that will help you maintain a good overall health for the detoxing organs in your body.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and make the most of what we are offering in the upcoming pages.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • An introduction to what kidney disorders are all about,
  • Why it is important that you maintain a healthy eating plan,

  • What makes a kidney-friendly diet different from the rest,
  • Some recipes to help you maintain a kidney-friendly diet.

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