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Threads of Destiny: Book 1: Rome

by Glen Books

It’s 2034 in Europe. Romatel engineers experiment with a quantum-state communication system, discovering that it can transport things–even people–through time. Ex-Special Forces Medic, Peter Murphy, explores the near future, finding imminent disaster threatening the future of all Europe, a disaster stemming from the distant past. Peter and nurse Linda Swanson insert into into ancient Rome, trying to avoid future disaster by modifying the chaos of the falling Roman Empire.

Threads of Destiny: Linda’s Story

by Glen Books

Suppose you were offered a half-million dollars to travel back through time. All you have to do is prevent the fall of the Roman Empire and Europe’s thousand year fall into the Dark Ages. Would you take the job? Where would you go? What would you do?
This new book, Threads of Destiny, is a sci-fi thriller of time-travel, war and love in the disintegrating Roman Empire. It begins in 2034 Italy when engineers at Romatel Industries, experimenting with advanced communications, discover transporters that can transport thingsâ??even peopleâ??through time.
Special Forces Medic Peter Murphy, first to transport into the future, discovers a hair-raising threat of disaster in the near future of Europe, a disaster stemming from historical disunity, threatening future subjugation. He and history student Linda Swanson travel back to Imperial Rome, fighting the fall of empire, shaping its direction, possibly saving its future.
Glen Books, author of The Sky Between Two Worlds, presents another exciting and thought-provoking story of unexpected technological advances.

Navy SEAL Romance: Charmed by the SEAL (Contemporary Steamy Alpha Male Virgin Military Romance) (Young Adult Adventure BBW Solider War Hero Short Stories)

by Carla Parker


** A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger! **

Lexi Concordia had a rough childhood growing up only to be married to a very angry Michael Sommers. Being divorced gave her a new outlook as her career started to soar. But, getting rid of Michael wasn’t that easy since no one could have her if he couldn’t.

Stressed, Lexi and her son, Gunner, took a vacation to the Bahamas without seeking Michael’s approval, knowing full well that she would have to figure how to calm him down about it when she returned.

Ryan Norm was a Navy SEAL Officer on a secret mission when the sexy Lexi changed his objective. Having spent a few days with Lexi and Gunner, Ryan realized what he had been missing all his life.

But how will Ryan’s job affect Lexi and Gunner? How will Michael handle Lexi disobeying him? What will happen when Ryan and Michael come face to face? Will Lexi finally find the man of her dreams and the role model to her son?

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WARNING: It contains mature language and SPICY HOT scenes by SUPER HOT NAVY SEAL, intended for 18+ readers only!

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