Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 05 Aug 16

Mondala Coloring Book: The Magical Flower, Coloring Book for Adults Relaxation (Volume 5)

by Thaphada Coloring Book

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50 Easy Mandalas Coloring Book for Adult Beautiful Patterns Adult Coloring Book Relaxing and creative art activities inside Color. They are perfect for decorating with markers, gel pens, watercolors, or colored pencils. When complete, are ideal for decorating, framing, and gift-giving.

How to Play Piano for Beginners: The Easy Way to Learn Piano Quick (Beginners Republic)

by Beginners Republic

This book contains demonstrated steps and techniques on the best way to play the piano effortlessly and rapidly. Disregard the trainings and trimmings since this book will show you how to play basic tunes in a matter of minutes – even without facing the notes. The mystery lies on acclimating with the major harmonies and adjusting to these.

Fastest Animals Of The World: Super Fast Animals

by Speedy Publishing

Children are often intrigued by certain characteristics of animals. Because of this, children that are interested in fast animals will be more engaged in activities involving their favorite speedy animals. At this point, a children’s book about fast animals can be used as a tool for imaginative purposes. The children can be asked questions about the subjects of the children books and then asked to give scenarios and stories about what they think the animals are doing.

Fallen Stars of 2016

by Sreechinth C

Fallen Stars of 2016

In the memories of the lost

2016 has gotten a depressing start with a slew of heartbreaking celebrity deaths. From actors and comedians to musician and entertainers, started from January, the list holds a number of famous figures. But their extraordinary past is still there to inspire the world. Though these celebrities have died, their legacies are still alive to delight us. Starting with the sad demise of David Bowie in January, there had a string of household names who have died including Harry Potter star Alan Rickman, music maestro Prince and boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Let’s have a look at those famous celebrities whom we lost in 2016 until July endâ?¦

Naked Eye- A Fucked Up Reality Show – Ballerina Bitch: Romance Marriage Frog Prince Sleeping Beauty Not A Grimm Fairy Tale Episode 3 (With Photos) (Naked Eye -From Teen Star To Porn Star)

by Michelangelo Free Lance

Episode 3 is going to explore the love life and relationships of the young Texas billionaire’s son Henry Houston. Henry has also decided to pursue a music and reality TV career. He goes out on his own and discovers various relationships with different women. He moves into his new apartment and dodges a bullet at his other penthouse in Dallas.

Flipperrific Big Book Of Big Fish (Whales, Dolphins etc)

by Speedy Publishing

When children look at fish in a nature book, they will see that there are beautiful colors and shapes of the various fish that live in oceans and lakes. They can use their imagination to create their own fish to put in a different habitat or one that eats other types of food than fish normally eat. Children can make aquariums at home with real fish that they get at a pet store so that they can see how they live in a habitat with water.

Tiny House, Think Big. Build Tiny.: A Teenager’s Experience Building a 170 sq ft. Tiny House with Bonus Pictures and Descriptions of the Entire Build.

by Annabel O’Neill

Without any previous building experience, I decided to build a tiny house on wheels. It took just about a year and 11,000 dollars to build a new home. This book gives you a step by step guide on how I built my tiny house. It also provides tips that I wish I had known before I started building and includes my experience with the building process, minimizing and how my life has changed since building my house.

How to build a successful Business in photography: 10 solid years of running my own successful photography business

by Elvie lins – Minister of pictures

Are you passionate in Photography? Are you planning to turn your passion into a business? Do you want to be ahead of the competition? How big is your dream to become a professional photographer? Do you need a second solid source of income?

This book is for you, if your answers are “yes” to all that. It will guide you step by step on how to Build a Successful Photography Business, giving solid income for you and your family in no time!

I build my photography business since July of 2005. Many businesses kicks in after 3 years. Mine took only about less than 6 months.

3 of my staffs build their own photography business after thier working contract expires.

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