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When Darkness Reigns

by Philip Remington Dunn

Tony Estrada somehow managed to avoid the bloody gang culture of his neighborhood. Never arrested, at eighteen he enlisted in the Army on a three-year stint. Honorably discharged, he came home. He hadn’t been there a month before his arrest, the night that changed his life forever.

A veteran turned prisoner-serving life; Estrada was convicted of murder and plunged into the dark world of the Mexican Mafia, serving time in the meanest prison in California. With no one to trust, Tony was sustained by his faith and a deep, abiding sense of his own innocence. Desperate, Estrada caught the attention of a renegade legal team daring enough to risk themselves in a heroic fight for justice. This a a story of honor defeating corruption, of redemption conquering despair, and truth overwhelming deceit.

A CABIN IN THE WILDERNESS: Raising a Family in Old Alaska (Growing Up Wild Book 2)

by Janette Ross Riehle

Vernon and Sylvia were still living off-the-grid, in a rundown old cabin on the banks of a stream in the remote wilderness of Alaska. But now they began living there the year round, going to town only two or three times a year to buy groceries and other supplies, or when Sylvia was due to have another baby.

For the next six years, the two of them were kept busy trapping in the winters, catching salmon in the summers, raising ranch mink, building a new cabin and caring for four small children with two of them in diapers a good share of the time. On top of that, they had to constantly watch the kids to keep them from getting lost in the woods, falling into the creek or accidentally getting hurt.

While their life was peaceful, America was rapidly becoming involved in World War II. Then in 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Six months later Dutch Harbor was bombed and the islands of Atta and Atka, far out on the Aleutian Chain, were captured. There were rumors that Anchorage might also be attacked, and all of Alaska was immediately classified as a war zone. Vernon had already signed up for the draft and no one knew what the future might hold.

While written for the general public, this book, as well as the other three in the series, is also suitable for older children who are interested in how families lived in earlier times and in far different circumstances than their own. The books are written in part from the perspective of the children, as well as that of their parents.

Bedlam: Cuckoo~~~Cuckoo

by Gloria Sarasin

Psychologist, Amy Rose Michaels, spent years in her attempt to understand the crazy workings of her parents’ dysfunctional minds; her father, Brandon Michaels, suffers from bi-polar illness and alcoholism, and her mother, Silvia Michaels with an extreme case of OCD and a whole lot of cuckoo. This search for answers leads Amy to study psychology.

After years in practice, Amy grows alarmed as she sees, one by one, her patients become murdered.

Is there romance in this story? Do ducks have wings?


The word Bedlam can be traced back to 1247 when the Priory of St Mary of Bethlehem was established in the City of London. The priory, which became a refuge for the sick and infirm, was known as â??Bedlam’ and was the earliest incarnation of what is now Bethlem Royal Hospital, part of the South London and Maudsley (SLaM). â??Bedlam’ also reflects how mental illness has been perceived historically and while treatment has changed dramatically over the past 800 years, stigma undoubtedly still remains.

Life Among the Apaches

by John Carey Cremony

John C. Cremony’s first encounter with the Indians of the Southwest occurred in the early 1850s, when he accompanied John R. Bartlett’s boundary commission surveying the United States-Mexican border. Some ten years later, as an officer of the California Volunteers, he renewed his acquaintance, particularly with the Apaches, whom he came to know as few white Americans before him had. Cremony’s account of his experiences, published in 1868, quickly became, and remains today, a basic source on Apache beliefs, tribal life, and fighting tactics. Although its original purpose was to induce more effective military suppression of the Apaches, it has all the fast-paced action and excitement of a novel and the authenticity of an ethnographic and historical document.

Narco Estado: Rumors of War

by Manuel Eduardo Ramirez

El Pocho is coming home, and he will establish El Cartel De Culiacan by any means necessary in San Bernardino, California. Annihilating all street gangs, the competition and City Police. He will unleash his wrath and descend evil in creating his Narco State.


by Forester Hogg

It’s the late 1940s in Letcher County, Kentucky, and in the raucous mountain hamlet of Roxana, young Forester Hogg and his brother Jim court death daily as they try earnestly to emulate adult behaviors that would chill a mother’s heart to learn of them. Dire family circumstances cause the boys to be placed with elderly foster parents, Bill and Mary, at the head Paces’s Branch. They live off the land and supplement their old-age pension with a secret moonshine still. And the boys adjust to a lifestyle that remains a century behind the times. It’s a coming of age story that asks the question: why can’t all life lessons just be funny, instead of painful, or embarrassing, or, as is usual with these two brothers, all three at the same time?

Jock of the Bushveld

by James P FitzPatrick

The touching true story of an indefatigably loyal dog

While James Percy FitzPatrick was working as a transport rider in South Africa, 1 of his companion dogsâ??a well-bred Staffordshire Bull Terrierâ??had a litter of 6 puppies. All of the newborn terriers were perfect, healthy specimensâ??except for the runt, “a poor, miserable little rat of a thing about half the size of the others.” This sickly pup caught FitzPatrick’s attention and unexpectedly grew up to become a paragon of loyalty and bravery, serving as the author’s canine companion for many years to come.
Jock of the Bushveld is a must-read for any dog lover.

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The Girl From Missouri: The True Story of Jean Harlow

by John Spahn

For eighty-five years actress Jean Harlow has been portrayed on screen and off as the legendary, one dimensional, charming, dumb blonde tramp of the 1930s. This is how she is remembered.

Miss Harlow did not outlive her reputation, but she did repudiate the bad publicity that inspired it before her sudden and unexpected death at age twenty-six.

The Girl From Missouri is a work of creative nonfiction. The book is the only story about the actress written in the first person. It is an autobiographical account of her life until three weeks before her death.

It is the narrative life story of a girl who really wanted to be a writer not a movie star; and it is a story about Missouri values, and how those values instilled in her at a young age by her parents and grandparents, particularly her grandfather, enabled her to survive the sham of Hollywood.

Topics she discussed are as timely today as they were eighty-five years ago and include family, men, love, marriage, divorce, suicide, education, money, fashion, make-up, diet, exercise, publicity, fan mail, public figures, movie stars, and motion pictures. This is the backstory, the Siren’s song, told in forty-four chapters

Blood is only Red Sweat: Dave ‘The Beast’ Radford

by Nick Towle

The blood-spattered world of bare-knuckle boxing is the ultimate test for the fist merchants of the modern era, and they come no more fearsome than the man they call The Beast. Mere mention of the name Dave Radford is enough to send shivers down the spines of even the most hardened bare-knuckle warriors. The Yorkshire lion heart roared into the Uk knuckle pit after a terrible accident down a shaft spelled the end of what promised to be a glittering professional career with the gloves. Not to be deterred, The Beast simply whipped the gloves off and unleashed his own brand of hell on the unforgiving world of knuckle boxing. Here, in his own words, the man who shot to the stars then crashed back down to earth tells it like it is in a brutally-candid account of his rollercoaster journey back to the Elysian Fields of the noble art …

Worlds End Murders: Christine Eadie & Helen Scott

by W Lacky

This story is about 2 teenage women who are brutally murdered and the killers are on the loose.

Several Leagues Under the Sea: My short time as a submarine sailor

by Donald Wheeler

This little book is an honest look at what it was like to be an enlisted man on a diesel submarine during the 1960’s cold war period. The author served two years aboard the USS Diodon, SS349 from 1964 to 1966. This is his recollection of the experience. It includes local operations, overhaul, and far east deployment.

Windows to Our World: Sarah’s Journal – Growing Up, Crossing Oceans, Finding Love & Giving Life to 10 Children

by Sarah Janisse Brown

A world traveling mom of ten unlocks her journal and opens the windows to a life full of adventure, love, risk, mystery and faith! This is one family’s quest for purpose and peace in a wild world full of irresistible opportunities! Enjoy a homeschooling adventure that spans continents and generations.

From one adventure to the next, Sarah Janisse Brown tells the story of God’s love for her and how that love led her to an adoring husband, ten talented and creative children, and a life of both settling down and going abroad.

From her early stories about learning to read, leaving the public school, homeschooling, and building a cabin in the woods, to her first-hand experience with two wars in Eastern Europe, to her family’s appearance on a reality television show, Windows to our World will keep you turning the pages and wondering what could possibly come next for the Brown Family.

The journal entries and poetry woven throughout the book also provide a more personal glimpse into Sarah’s inspiration as a wife, mother, artist, home educator, and entrepreneur.

Don’t miss this epic adventure story of God’s love and providence in one family’s life.

What A Father Leaves

by Roland Merullo

“What a Father Leaves” is the story of two men, father and son â?? each stubborn and determined in his own way, each facing the trials of life with a particular determination â?? and the way they come to understand and respect each other.

This essay and several others can be found in Revere Beach Elegy: A Memoir of Home and Beyond.

Michael Upchurch of the Seattle Times said “Revere Beach Elegy is an autobiography in ten essays that is sublimely refreshing in its love and generosity. Merullo’s prose, as he outlines the worlds he cherishes, has a luminous subtlety that brings alive rich layers of feeling in an immediate intelligible manner. His eye stays intently trained on how we guide ourselves through life.”

“Revere Beach Elegy is a smart and moving meditation on social class, boundaries and mobility…and much more,” said Ray Suarez of NPR and The Washington Post.

And, the Chicago Tribune had this to say about the memoir, “Merullo has a knack for rendering emotional complexities, paradoxes, or impasses in a mere turn of the phrase.”

Cam Boy: The debut memoir by Webcam Performer J Matt

by J Matt

Join 23 year old webcam performer Joseph (or J Matt, as he’s known to his fans) as he shares his experiences working in a billion dollar industry that so many men and women are a part of, and yet so few are willing to discuss…

In his debut memoir ‘Cam Boy’, J lifts the lid on what it’s like to put on adult shows in front of a webcam for an audience of total strangers, and shares a selection of helpful tips and tricks on what it takes to be a top ranking online performer!

Expect a raw and honest insight in to his past as a drug addicted escort working the streets of London, and a behind the scenes look at J’s participation in the documentary ‘Webcam Boys’, including the backlash and criticism he faced following its broadcast, and the shattered family relationships he attempts to rebuild as a resultâ?¦

At times shocking, and at other times humorous; J really doesn’t hold back when it comes to discussing the less than glamorous aspects of his chosen profession, and through personal diary extracts shares his doubts and insecurities, all whilst documenting his rise to the top!

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