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The Judas Inheritance

by James Collins

An ancient curse? Desperation in the economic crisis? What is causing the suicides of so many adults and children on this small Greek island? When Chris Trelawney arrives on the island to take away his late father’s belongings, he finds that he has been left little more than a mystery. Was his father mad at the time of his death, or did he actually believe that he had awakened a powerful evil? An ancient evil that now stalks the islanders, growing stronger by the day. A curse that will cause the death of everyone around Chris unless he allows himself to believe that such things exist. But when he discovers the truth, Chris realises that death is the easy option.

The Judas Inheritance was inspired by the ruins of a village on the Greek island of Symi in the Dodecanese. The story is complete fiction, but I was captivated by the mysterious dates, numbers, and names that appear on many of these hauntingly strange buildings that seem to conjure up a curiosity about the lives of the people who once might have lived there. While the story is set on an imaginary island, visitors to Symi will recognise a number of features which I have borrowed.

In 2013 a motion picture adaptation of The Judas Inheritance, called The Judas Curse, was filmed in Greece. It is important to stress that film adaptations, of necessity, are often markedly different from the books on which they are based. This is the novel version of the original story before it was adapted for film.

The Elder Origins (Book I in the Elder Origins series): Novella

by Bre Faucheux

(This story has been revised into a new edition).

The 14th century. The Hundred Years War. The Black Death. The Beginning of Vampires.

Madison’s home has been destroyed by a deadly attack by the French army. She has no choice but to follow her brother Jamison to the New World in search of new lands untouched by war, famine, and disease.

One problem. The Native Americans foresaw the coming of the white man long before they ever arrived. And they have no intentions of letting Europeans discover their lands.

Bre Faucheux’s exciting novella series, THE ELDER ORIGINS is a historical fantasy with sinister blends of medieval warfare, young love, Native American legend, and vampire lore that will excite anyone with a taste for the macabre and alternate versions of history.

This is the first installment in ‘The Elder Origins’ novella serial series.

The Soul Series, Special Edition Box Set

by Julia Barrett

Ghosts? Guardians? Archangels? Transmigration of Souls?

Incorporeal: As much as she wishes otherwise, Sara Wise sees ghosts. When a five hundred year old incorporeal being appears in her shower she orders him to leave, but he refuses. Sara knows he’s not her usual spectral visitor. Is Nathan de Manua a ghost? Her guardian angel? As her feelings for this incorporeal being grow, so do his powers. Will Nathan save Sara, or will her love redeem his tortured soul?

In the Flesh: In the middle of a blizzard a naked man falls from the sky right in front of Dr. Sydney Blake’s pickup. Although the man claims to be human, Syd has serious doubts. Wolf may not remember his origins, but he’s clear about one thing, he’s traded immortality for one night in Syd’s arms.

Stay: Just when Syd believes she’s lost Wolf forever, he reappears, but he can’t remember a thing about their brief time together. How on earth can she reawaken those memories, remind him of the love they shared, and convince him he’s the father of her unborn baby, especially when regaining his memory is the last thing he wants to do?

The Soul Series is a collection of three books, Incorporeal, In the Flesh, and Stay, complete with previously unpublished bonus material.

An Endless Hunger

by Narcisse Navarre

New York City’s oldest resident hasn’t aged a day. Beneath his youthful facade lurks an ancient menace. Experience the nightmare of eternal damnation through the depraved psyche of a nameless villain. Lose yourself in this antihero’s shattered mind as he drifts between past and present, dreams and reality.

In the tradition of Gothic vampire horror, An Endless Hunger is a poetic and harrowing journey told in a daringly provocative voiceâ??that of the monster.

Sinister Attachments: Rancor, #1: A Paranormal Psychological Thriller

by Connie Myres

Sometimes, resentful spirits pursue souls until they get what they wantâ??vengeance and sinful pleasures.

(Book 1) After Maggie McGee’s husband had committed suicide in their home, Maggie needed a place to live that would not remind her of the recent tragedy. She finds an affordable apartment in an old building sitting on a bluff along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Maggie knew the building used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium, later transformed into a psychiatric hospital until finally closing its doors in 1969 due to patient abuse. However, what she did not know was that sometimes, sinister attachments from the past pursue souls until their evil needs are satisfied. Maggie questions her sanity and grasp of reality, as diabolic and envious predators work against her in this paranormal, psychological thriller.

The Sixkiller

by Marty Giacone

The town of East Fork has a murder problem.

Throughout its past, decades go by where such a crime hardly seems possible in this peaceful community. Then it happens again and, like each time before, six people have died. Behind the massacres are familiar stories of troubled lives. Betrayals such as lying or cheating grow into murderous rampages when someone, somehow, finds out the truth. In the aftermath, the same unanswered question remains. How were the secrets uncovered? Some suspect something sinister. Others seem certain. For good reason, few talk.

Jake Turner has lived his entire life in East Fork and life has never been better. At twenty-seven he’s found success, love and contentment in a place he never thought those things could exist. But when his mother dies her long-held secrets come alive with rumors of a murder and whispers of money hidden away. Some will do anything to expose the truth. Others are desperate to keep it hidden. This truth, it seems, is worth dying for.

Once again darkness descends on East Fork. Someone seeks the deadly shortcut to knowing it all, stirring up old Indian magic and its ancient protector, a vengeful spirit with a signature body count. For Jake and those around him, trust disintegrates and relationships crumble. Secrets – and survival – are on the line.

Because, in this town, when this happens, six people will die.

The Animagui

by L F Verentice

Anya is a twelve year old girl who lives in a post apocalyptic world.

A month before her thirteen birthday Anya starts having terrible dreams. She knows that the Animagui have sent them and she knows what it means; she is a messenger. There has not been a messenger in generations. Anya cannot believe the Animagui have chosen her! But she knows what the dreams are about. They are about the mysterious disease killing the Daoine; the Cremada.

Anya is sent to the boundary of the Daoine lands by her visions and there she meets the boy from the desert, Orlan. The first known survivor of the end outside of the Daoine.

Orlan is running from his past and his home. He meets Anya and is plunged into a confusing and disorientating world. Through their friendships with those around them, Anya and Orlan struggle to overcome their enemies and save themselves and the Daoine.


by Ryan Day

Venom is a dark urban fairy tale about lives poisoned by anger and loneliness. Jay is an emotionally-conflicted teenager whose life spirals out of control after he mysteriously develops venom glands. As his path crosses with people as damaged and aimless as himself, Jay must battle inner demons and exterior perils if he is to ever find his place in the world.

The Wolf Witch (The Keys Trilogy Book 1)

by Anna Roberts

Unfinished family business and a promise of paradise bring Katrina survivor Blue Beaufort to the Florida Keys, but what she finds there is beyond anything she could have imagined. At first glance her new home is nothing more than a small town in a tourist trap, unremarkable save for some unruly neighborhood dogs and a strangely high incidence of red-green colorblindness.

But then there’s the way the local boys tilt their heads when the wind a certain way, like they can smell trouble on the breeze, and while practical-minded diving instructor Gabe doesn’t seem the type to cling to superstition, he still won’t take the boat out when the moon is full.

And then there’s Gloria, a wilful seventysomething eccentric who for years has been den mother to packs of lost boys like Gabe, Joe and black sheep Charlie, but now presents them with the delicate problem of what to do with your elders when they start showing signs of dementia. Doubly difficult when Gloria – who even when healthy used to talk to people who weren’t there – shows signs of a miraculous recovery and drives all the way to Miami in her bedroom slippers.

When Blue steps in to help out, she thinks she’s going to be cleaning house and serving Jell-O and pills to an old lady, but Gloria’s house is not like other houses. The light fitting keeps swinging, and old records keep skipping, and Gloria’s miracle cure seems to have woken something in the house, a whispering entity that seeps into Blue’s dreams and starts showing her things she’d rather not see.

Like that cage in the basement.

As Blue wades deeper into the strange world of the wolf witch and her boys, she soon comes to realise that what happens at the full moon is actually the least of everyone’s worries.

The Wolf Witch is the first book in the Keys Trilogy.

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