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Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Beginners Guide (Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Hacks)

by Dustin Yarc

Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Beginners Guide is a resource for both beginners and experienced Pokemon Masters alike! This guide will help you get started with this year’s most popular smash hit video game. Plus it’s packed full of extra secret tips and tricks along the way. Level up your Pokemon and trainer as fast as possible. Make your phone’s battery last as long as possible, learn how to catch and battle pokemon, and much more! In our opinion, it’s the most complete Pokemon guide available on Amazon and the best value for your money.

This book will teach you about the following topics:

What is Pokemon Go?


Setting Up Account

Your Avatar

Picking Your Starter Pokemon

Using The Interface

Powering Up, Evolving, and Transferring





Catching Pokemon

Battery Saving

Biomes and Nests


Pokemon With The Highest Possible CPs

Tracking Pokemon

Other Tips and Tricks


Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story

by Jonathan LaPoma

-#1 Amazon Best Seller (“Satire” and “Urban Life” Kindle categories)
-Winner of 2015 Stargazer Literary Prizes (Visionary and Metaphysical Fiction category)
-Finalist of 2016 FAPA President’s Awards (Adult eBook category)
-“Raw and edgy. . . Entertaining and authentic look at the troubled American education system. . .” —Kirkus Reviews, Recommended Review
“Should be required reading for anyone who is considering or has ever considered teaching as a career. . . most highly recommended.” —Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars
-“A scathing comic novel . . .” —Patrick Murtha, Book ’em, Danno
-“Incredibly artistic . . . raw and endearing.” –San Francisco Book Review
DEVELOPING MINDS: AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY follows a group of recent college graduates who struggle with feelings of alienation and their addictions as they try to survive a year of teaching at two dysfunctional Miami public schools.

A poetic and insightful coming-of-age novel, DEVELOPING MINDS is centered on 24-year-old Luke Entelechy, an aspiring writer who sees his creative output suffer when he begins teaching at one of Miami’s most challenging middle schools. As the year progresses, however, Luke begins to relate to the neglect and abuse his students suffer, and is faced with a haunting decision: continue to let his dark past destroy him, or rise above the struggle to realize his potential as an artist and a real human being.

Equal parts disturbing and humorous, DEVELOPING MINDS offers a brutally honest look at the American public school system and the extreme measures many teachers take to cope with working in it.

Nixed Connections: One Man’s Misadventures with the Opposite Sex

by Nicholas Ewertz

I have a particular set of skills. Skills I’ve spent the better part of my adult life acquiring. Skills that – when it comes to potential romantic endeavors with the opposite sex – unwittingly steer me into the “friend zone” or the “not getting any” zone, or my personal favorite, the “what the hell just happened?” zone.

When something weird happens once, it’s an anomaly. When it happens twice, you sense a higher power beyond your control. And when it happens a couple dozen times, well, you might as well write about it.

Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Go Secrets (Android, iOS, Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Hints)

by Robert J. Johnson

Become a Pokemon Go Master! This is the only Pokemon Go Handbook you need!!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $7.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover secrets which many professionals do not know. Learning to master the game of Pokemon Go takes more than skill, it takes advanced intellect. This book has crucial tips, secret, hints to boost your game level. !

The more you discover about Pokemon Go the more the game becomes fun.

Inside You’ll Discoverâ?¦

  • The first Pokémon catching Session.
  • How to level up your Pokemon.
  • Gym Battle: The Ultimate Goal of the Game.
  • STOP at the Poké Stop.
  • How to unlock hidden features
  • Much, much more!

Explore and Enjoy Pokemon Go features you never knew about!

Sarah’s DOWREE

by Jonathan Fiske

The tale of two travel agents, Sarah and Lukas, who happen to be aliens.

Off-world vacations to antiquity! Come visit a primitive culture filled with beings whose biology has been out-paced by its technology. Witness the barbaric rituals of sport and religion. Enjoy the flavors of a cuisine not hamstrung by morals or regulations. Laugh at the political musings of a backward government for the most powerful country on the planet. Act soon and you could even catch a drive-in movie as you cruise the vast American landscape in your Sport Utility Vehicle. Spots are limited so you need to act fast. Indulge in your wildest fantasies. Everything is for sale and you have an unlimited account. As they say on Earth “Consumption is King.”

Memes: The Funniest Memes 2016: (Book 2)

by Sarah Collins


The Funniest Memes 2016

Book 2

This book is all about the funniest memes which you will definitely make you laugh out loud. The meme’s collection of this book is really unique which will bring an ultimate smile on your face. The memes include the animal memes, memes from the movies and many other funniest ones as well. If you feel sad or in case you are looking for something that may make your mood lighter, then the memes from this book will definitely work. Without any doubt, you will not find these memes in any other book. So, enjoy the memes and start taking round on floor, laughing.

The Best Yo Mamma Joke Book!: Funny Yo Mama Jokes – Hilarious Yo Mama Jokes

by The Humour Club

The BEST Yo Mamma Jokes EVER!

he Humour Club brings to you, this collection of the best Yo Momma’s so…..jokes in the world.

Please take some time out of your day to read this great book, So funny and humours. This collection includes the following:

  • Yo Mamma’s so UGLY!
  • Yo Mamm’s so STUPID!
  • Yo Mamma’s so FAT
  • Yo Mamma’s so SKINNY!
  • Yo Mamma’s so OLD!
  • Yo Mamma’s so HAIRY!
  • Yo Mamma’s so POOR!
  • Yo Mamma’s smells so SHORT!
  • And much, much more!
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    Learn the best Yo Mamma Jokes to impress your friends now!

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    Cubit and the Moon: The Search for Simon Practical

    by Peter Fredericks

    This comic story opens with a man named Simon Practical sent to investigate the city of Cubit and its two scientists; Horatio Boomfarter and Serious Straightface. He finds them and other peculiar characters. However, it’s not until he befriends the moon that his path is changed.


    I had stopped an elderly gentleman who wore a labcoat and a baseball cap. Red hair protruded from under his hat and it was Shirley Temple curly. Not that he was the female I was looking for. Only his hair. He said, “This is a large umbrella we are constructing. We have led a profligate lifestyle. Our barbecues, our space heaters in the winter time have caused the temperature to rise. We used to attribute this to the acts of God but now we know it is the acts of man. We have decided to build a large umbrella to shade us from the additional heat of the sun. This will minimize the damage we have already done.”

    “I see,” I said. Did he say barbecues were causing a rise in the temperature? Surely he couldn’t be serious. “What’s your name, my friend?”

    “My name is Horatio Boomfarter and I am a scientist.”

    Ah, just one of the men I was looking for. “Well, Mr. Farter, are the townspeople at all concerned that the resources and manpower they are using may be in vain? I mean is this not overkill? Perhaps this is an over reaction.”

    Horatio looked at me, puzzled, but said, “Sir, the city is going to fall into the heart of the sea because of what we have done. If we continue down this path the grass will grow so heavy the land will sink.”

    Smokes McCoy’s Story

    by Kim A. Smith

    Think a 65-year-old man couldn’t possibly get himself in too much trouble? Then ask Winston “Smokes” McCoy. Smokes is a retired political scientist enjoying the good life in Miami when he asks out 61-year-old Abela Aberdine for drinks and dinner. One thing leads to another and the evening turns romantic. From Smokes perspective, the evening was terrific, but Abela refuses to see him again. Smokes moves on with his life until two months later when Abela tells him she’s pregnant. She’s the oldest woman in history to conceive a child naturally, causing an embarrassing tabloid frenzy. But that’s the least of Smokes’ problems after he discovers an uncommon woman carries his child. The backdrop to this story is the 2016 presidential election. Candidates Donald Trumbo, Dick Dickey, and Hilda Connors must respond to a new undocumented alien problem.

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