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Letum Nex Unclean

by Geral N. Scott

It’s not easy growing up as an only child in the only funeral home in town, especially when your parents suck every dime out of every living and dead soul that comes through the door.

Kids at school think I’m creepy, unclean – okay, that’s kind of my fault, but hey, it was an accident. Lesson learned: never give a girl a tour of the crematory and prep-room when Mom and Dad are gone, no matter what she promises.

My name doesn’t help: LETUM NEX? Nex means death and Letum is the name of the female grim reaper. Guess my parents were hoping for a serial killer… or maybe just really, really wanted me to stick with the family business – still not sure which. But I go by Lettie – means hope. I’ve got a strange gift that gives me the hope that I might just make it through all this, but I gotta keep it a secret… because… well… for someone my age… it’s kind of illegal.

Raven Estates

by Natalie Esperanza

A family tragedy takes Jael, her mother, and her stepfather to Raven Estates, a small town shut behind iron bars. The more Jael and her family learn about the tragedy, the more mysterious things seem.

Jael hopes her new school will bring a reprieve from the grief at home, but she learns very quickly that this is no ordinary school, and her new friends are no ordinary students. Most surprising of all, Jael learns that she comes from a line of powerful beings.

When disaster starts to move from Jael’s house to several other families in Raven Estates, it is clear that something sinister is happening, and Jael and her friends may be the only ones who can stop it.

In the same vein as the House of Night and the Beautiful Creatures series, this story will take you into the life of a sixteen-year-old girl who is learning that life is more magical than she could have ever imagined.

Amber’s Faerie Tale (The Light Tamer Trilogy)

by Devyn Dawson

You asked for it, you’ve got it… Amber’s story! If you haven’t read Enlightened, it is recommended to read that book before reading this novella. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t read it…don’t read the synopsis of this book….or pay attention to the title. By continuing to read, you’re taking it into your own hands that you’re reading a spoiler. Don’t write me and say you had no idea and now you’re scarred for life. Nope, you can’t say those things.
Amazon Best Selling Series – age 13+

You’re reading at your own risk. I’m warning you to turn your eyes and run and read the first two books before going any further.

Amber goes with Jessie to have dinner with Queen Teagan on the other side of the Shimmer. The Queen sent her son Prince Jack to escort the Light Tamers to her castle. Along the way, they end up fighting for their life against a faerie clan with a hidden agenda. The woods are filled with creatures who want to capture Jessie to earn a coin the Unseelie King offers his rogue fae.

WARNING – this story is known to make you laugh out loud. You may actually snort, so be careful about reading in waiting rooms or in front of cute boys.

Keira & Me: Homonyms & Homophones

by Marsay Wells-Strozier

Keira & Me is an educational series of books, in which a private Primary School Teacher (Auntie Marsay) instructs and manages her nine year old niece’s (Keira) singing career, travels around the world along with Keira’s band (The Sally Court Kids-endangered specie animals) learning new educational concepts. Keira & Me will embark upon many adventures which will explore: diversity, individuality, and character education.

Keira & Me have so much more to offer! For the adult learner in Adult Basic Education Programs (ABE), the Language Arts Mechanics within this book, can be used to help the learner understand how Homonyms and Homophones are used in our daily language. In the State of Michigan, this book meets the Strand C Reading & Strand D Writing Content Standards, for Michigan’s Adult Education Curriculum Framework for Adult Education.

In addition, for individuals enrolled in ESL Programs (English As a Second Language), Keira & Me Homonyms and Homophones Book, is written at the appropriate grade level, with multiple examples and pictures, which promote independent learning and the excitement for learning our English Language.

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