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by Donald F Mayo

East Timor, 1975. Indonesian soldiers invade the village of Dili, raping and slaughtering.

A young girl named Francesca sees her parents and two brothers shot and her baby sister taken away.

She escapes, eventually discovered hiding under a pier by a man named Hasan. He has a boat and takes her to the city of Bandakan, hoping his boss, Benny Surikao can help the pretty young girl.

Interwoven in Francesca’s journey are a cast of vividly drawn characters.

Benny is an Indonesian man who facilitates things for the local Americans working in Indonesia for Constar, an oil exploration company. He gets Francesca a position in the home of Dennis Cole, who works for the company.

Amanda Cole, his seventeen-year-old daughter, has been asked not to return to her boarding school in England. She catches the eye of Rollo, Benny’s son, but is not interested in him. When they make a date she forgets about it, causing the young Indonesian much embarrassment when he shows up at her house.

But Amanda only has eyes for Eddie, an older Vietnam vet and helicopter pilot for Constar. They are in love, and this angers Rollo.

Benny’s nephew through marriage, Peter, falls for Francesca, who tells him about what happened to her the day the soldiers came to her village.

Life is starting to look better for everyone in the Reid household, when Eddie is attacked, and a series of events is put in motion that will have life-long consequences for everyone.

Set against a backdrop of endemic political corruption, moral compromise and the pursuit of oil, Francesca is a passionate story of one woman’s struggle against overwhelming odds to shape the country that nearly destroyed her.

Donald Finnaeus Mayo was born in London and grew up in Australia and South East Asia, the backdrop for Francesca. He was educated in England, where he graduated in Politics and Culture. He has worked variously as a radio journalist for the BBC, a business writer for major corporations, and as a photographer. Currently Mayo lives in Hampshire with his wife and three children. You can find out more about the background and history behind Francesca, as well as forthcoming titles at

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The Summer of Jenny Wade: A Novel

by Jeffrey L. Richards

In the summer of 1979, the rural town of Ashmoore, Oklahoma has its bucolic world rattled from within by an act of unprecedented violence against seventeen-year-old Jenny Wade. In the aftermath of the attack, the town rallies together but with no immediate arrests, the small-town gossip mills quickly begin to grind the story into pulp, churning with speculation, distrust and doubt, ultimately aimed at Jenny herself.

At the same time, Brian Thompson, the fourteen-year-old brother of Jenny’s best friend, enters into a relationship with Mr. Barnes, his former sixth-grade teacher; a relationship that quickly crosses all moral and legal lines and alienates Brian from his friends and family and brings down on him every childhood fear of being branded and tormented as an outcast.

In the shadows of the gossip and rumor, an unlikely friendship develops between Jenny and BrianĂ¢??a friendship marked for destruction by a town set on reclaiming its once safe but now fragile existence.

Familiar Yet Far: The Story of Oisin Kelly

by Iona Carroll

The second novel in the trilogy about Oisin Kelly. With the Vietnam War as background, Australia was a time of social and political upheaval. Bitter, disillusioned and still haunted by past events, Oisin arrives in the outback Australian town of Kilgoolga. As he struggles to come to terms with this new and sometimes frightening environment, he falls under the spell of Eleanor Bradshaw. He is totally unprepared for what happens next. Deception, intrigue and misplaced loyalty are at the heart of this work of fiction as Oisin discovers that things are not always what they seem.

MR. Reporter #2: A week of temptation

by Mara Hartley

After Victoria agreed to Adrian’s proposal and it turned out to be a week of temptation.

Victoria was ready to spend a week but she had a specific condition; she wont be the bed mistress of Adrian. He promised, he wont touch her until she begged and soon started teasing her to pursue her for the same. At first Victoria was a little overwhelmed with Adrian’s ways of seducing her but soon she started her own games of temptation. Now it became a sensuous game of who begs whom!

To top her pains, a secret from her past threatened to resurface, and destroy everything that Victoria ever did for the people of Barrenwoods.

Will she be able to resist the week’s temptation?

Will she be able to face this new threat the secret posed?

Prepare your metaphorical hearts for all the sizzle of love, comedy, drama, mystery, seduction and temptation in book 2 (Okay, that’s way too dramatic,but worth a read ;))

A word of caution: It’s a novella in a series so obviously it might leave you hanging and perhaps wanting for more… But, don’t be afraid to give it a try though.


by Kit O’Conor

A sordid festival comes to a premature and devastating end, leaving the life of an adolescent boy changed forever. Many years later and he’s shared the secret with no one, not his ailing father, his new wife, or even his cat. But just when it’s nearly forgotten, the event he witnessed that day takes on a bizarre new significance. It all starts when he hears a voice inside the paving stones.

A haunting short story by an innovative new voice in UK fiction, known for his recent debut novel “Tiptoe.”

Love in Another Dimension

by Emily Walters

Larken is graduate engineering student who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. That all changes when she comes home for the summer. Her genius father shows her a watch that can send a person to another dimension, disguising his or her appearance. She accidentally wears the watch and ends up in another dimension disguised as a beautiful fitness instructor named Lindsey. While she gets familiar with her new surroundings she meets Jason and they instantly fall in love. Just when she thinks that everything seems perfect in their relationship, she realizes that Jason may actually be in love with Lindsey and not Larken, that mysterious men in black suits are hunting for her and that she needs to find a way back home before it’s too late. In the middle of all the adventures that happen to Larken and Jason, they need to understand if two people from different dimensions can be together.

Warm Waters

by George Hopewell

Zarya Waterfall is at the end of her tether. Married to unsexy, bookish Geoffrey, stifled by small-town Spaville and numbed by her conventional friends, she has nowhere to go, no one to turn to. All this is changed when she visits a local hairdresser, AIRTIME, in whose cellars, she discovers, are long-forgotten medieval baths and whose owner, Eddie, turns out to be a man of unfathomable mystery and allure.

Something is happening in the cellars of AIRTIME. Something fired by the warm waters, which is bigger than her marriage, her friends, her town.

Something that stirs, love, sex and fertility, as old as time itself.

But the ancient waters of AIRTIME and the mystery they embody are threatened by the building of a brash new Spa. Zarya is put to the test as she begins to understand that the existence of love and the very survival of life are in jeopardy.

Warm Waters is a quirky English novel that combines love, sex, humour and philosophy in a rant against the modern age.

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