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The Pitcher’s Mom

by Heather Choate Davis

Bottom-of-the-ninth dreams are the stuff that young boys are made of. But boys grow. Destiny arrives on the doorstep -or, more likely, fails to- and all the while mothers look on, impotent witnesses to the great unknown. Such is the turf of The Pitcher’s Mom, a novel about big dreams, cup shopping, bleacher barbs, sore arms, mothers and sons, wrestling destiny, and the sacrifices we make for love. Finally, a baseball book that captures the gameâ??from Little League to the prosâ?? from the mom’s point of view.

“Heather Davis has a much better insight into the whole baseball process than almost any of the parents I’ve known over the last 50+ years. If you’re a mom with a kid in the game, and you want to look at the big picture, “The Pitcher’s Mom” is the story you should be reading.”

–Artie Harris, L.A. Dodgers Scout, Draft Room Coordinator, Elite Team Coordinator, featured in the hit movie Moneyball

Caught, and Spanked (Stories of J.G. Knox)

by jerry knox

Tne story: Carley is young, inexperienced and in love. She breaks the rules, is about to make love. Interrupted by Officer O’Holleran and a visit to the sheriff’s office, she goes home with her mother. Instead of new exciting feelings on her backside in the back of a pickup truck, she experiences old exciting feelings on her backside at home. A Christian mother, a Christian daughter, one learns the value of virtue; her life changed by appropriate Christian discipline.

Afterward: The discussion: Corporal punishment is not the sole property of Christianity. Islam is even more specific in requiring corporal punishment. Most Islamic nations and culture encourage discipline, as does Christianity. Are there any major world religions that historically oppose corporal punishment?

America was founded on freedom of choice in religion, not freedom from religion. However socialist governments of the last century frequently opposed all religion. In Russia, in 1917, after the victory of Communist forces over the Czar, corporal punishment was abolished in the schools, and a great experiment was set in motion in which the lives of the people of Russia were greatly changed. No religion, no corporal punishment—did violence decrease in the Communist world? If memory serves me correctly more than 26 million people were executed after the revolution. Has elimination of corporal punishment decreased violence as America joined the historical Communist position in opposing religion and discipline in public schools?

Russia has changed. It is now using corporal punishment for crimes, and their rate of dope addiction is dropping in those locations where possession of narcotics is punished by paddling, not imprisonment. The rate of violent crime in the Muslim world, where corporal punishment is often required by law, ranges from 1 to 10% of what we have in America. Are there any studies based on sound scientific principles which support the elimination of corporal punishment? If there are, I haven’t found one.

Paddling, spanking, corporal punishment is becoming a crime in America, wrong, evil. Is it? All the major religions prescribe it. Are the statics linking violent crime and lack of corporal punishment all wrong?

What is wrong, is doing it incorrectly. The purpose of this story, and the other books I have written including this subject are to show the right way, the non-abusive way to correct. Hurting a child, spanking in anger, using a tool that can cause injury, these are wrong. Spanking with proper knowledge and love is very different. Causing tears of repentance and correction without harm in order to avert tears of a life irreparably damaged is right, not wrong.

However, this is a discussion. No human who feels or has felt pain is completely objective on this subject. We need to follow facts. We need to consider and learn why Russia, who led the world in abandoning corporal punishment is bringing it back, and why there is such a striking difference in the statistics of violent crime between nations who use corporal punishment and those who don’t—being much lower in nations using corporal punishment.

A Man Called Jim: A Story of Love, War and Redemption

by Gerald Wayne Primm

A profoundly moving story about life, hardship, war, addiction, and triumphant love. A Man Called Jim incorporates poignant stories of life, much history of the twentieth century, search for meaning, and final redemption. Although shorter in length than
Primm’s debut novel, Memories of Alix: Tales of a Culture Long Gone, it has the same ability to grip the reader and move him from page-to-page, in anticipation of the next scenario of life. Several who previewed the book made comments such as “Once I began readiing it, I could not put it down,” “A great read; Primm is a master story teller,” and “The book is a moving story of a man, set against the backdrop of rural Arkansas, World War One, and the Prohibition era.”

Children Under Black Clouds: An investigators true stories of Child Abuse

True stories of an investigators career regarding Child Abuse and child sexual abuse. There was mental abuse and harassment in the workplace by evil administrators who treated this worker with hatred for unknown reasons. Having to work under these circumstances was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am still very grateful to have had the support of Detectives, the union, a few other workers who lived in fear it could be them and the wonderful children that I met along my journey.

The Girl Who Lived Behind The Fence: A Practical Guide & Non-Fiction Story for Teens And Young Adults (Living Life In The Fast Lane Book 1)

by Mary Rodwell

Growing up in a high-crime area wasn’t so easy for one young girl named Tutu. She lived behind a fenced in two bedroom house with her parents and four siblings. Tutu had great hope for her family, but things changed once she received some heartbreaking news. As a result, she found herself over the years stepping outside that fence. Tutu was stuck between two ways of living “Hot Pursuit” versus “High Pursuit”. Based on a true story, learn how she changed her life for the good after experiencing death of a loved one, destruction and deceit.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder (Book #4): Success in the Workplace

by Calvin K. Lee

There are many ways to work, but some ways are smarter than other ways. Try some or all of these 10 suggestions on how to work smarter, and watch the quality of your life improve! In this book you’ll learn suggestions such as techniques to instantly brighten up your day, becoming aware of your work and personality preferences, tips of improving your mind, and some pitfalls to avoid that cause so many people to not work smarter. If you enjoy this book, you may enjoy some of the other books I wrote. Do a search on Amazon for my name “Calvin K Lee” for more books on how to improve the quality of your life.

The Silent Sacrifice: Story of Loved Ones and Their Sacrifice

by Fahad Jamshaid

This story is about true love which shows us the true meaning of it.

Sometimes the love isn’t about living a happy life or getting a happy ending, it demands sacrifices which we must all pay

If we really love that person

The Silent Sacrifice

My Steps Have Already Been Ordered – What happens when free will is not free.

by Thomas Walker

Written to tell the story that takes you into a life of anger, resentment, sex, disappointment, and betrayal while following the assumption that “Free will” is always free. Although, everyone knows that nothing in life is ever free; and there is a price to pay for all things natural. As a teen parent; he encountered situations that nearly cost him all that he had. The troubles he encountered and his achievements shaped him as a man in need of serious help.
What can be said if you felt that your steps have already been ordered for you? Can you still walk that path? Or is it too hard to follow? Thomas’ steps were already carved out for him; now all he had to do was complete the journey.

Developing Good Family Relationships: Know More About Caring For Family Members, Building Good Family Relationships And Maintaining Strong Family Bonds

by Catherine J. Kelley

Developing Good Family Relationships

Developing Good Family Relationships focuses on the importance of family interactions and the ways family members can work together on building mutually supportive family connections. It goes further to discuss the characteristics of a strong family, including commitment, appreciation, togetherness and communication. This book also discusses the problems that can affect family relationships negatively such as divorce, death, alcohol and drugs; it then proceeds to show how the family can deal with such challenges and still manage to enjoy a healthy bond.
A preview of the book:

  • Building Good Family Relationships
  • Types Of Family Relationships
  • Family Responsibilities
  • Young Adults
  • Separation And Divorce
  • Death Of Family Members
  • Caring For Family Members
  • Bullying
  • An Alcoholic Or Drug Addicted Parents
  • An Abusive Parent
  • Parents Who Nag And Criticize
  • Maintaining Strong Family Bonds

To Make Up or Break Up: That is the Question

by Marion Licchiello

Hi! You are looking at this book for a reason and I commend you for that. My guess is you are trying to figure out whether you should stay in your relationship or leave. It’s such a hard decision – isn’t it? Sometimes even when we know the right thing to do it’s still very difficult. You either don’t want to hurt the other person or you just don’t know how to get out. You may even feel like you have so many years invested that you just want to try to make it work. Maybe you really want to stay but you’re not sure if it is the right thing for you. You may want to leave but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do.

I believe this book may help guide you in the right direction. It WILL get you thinking about what you want and don’t want out of a relationship, THAT’S FOR SURE. Good luck!
¡Hola! Estás en este libro por una razón y les felicito por eso. Mi conjetura es que están tratando de averiguar si debe permanecer en su relación o salir. Es una decisión difícil – ¿no es así? A veces, incluso cuando sabemos lo que hay que hacer es todavía muy difícil. Usted o no quiere hacer daño a la otra persona o simplemente no sabe cómo salir. Usted puede incluso sentir como que tiene tantos años invertidos que lo que desea para tratar de hacer que funcione. Tal vez usted realmente quiere quedarse, pero no está seguro si es lo correcto para usted. Es posible que desee dejar pero no estás seguro de si es lo que hay que hacer.

Creo que este libro puede ayudar a guiarle en la dirección correcta. Esta guía le ayudará a pensar en lo que quiere y no quiere salir de una relación, eso es seguro. ¡Buena suerte!

Salve! Stai vedendo questo libro per un motivo e vi raccomando per questo. La mia ipotesi è che si sta cercando di capire se si dovrebbe rimanere nel vostro rapporto o lasciare. E ‘una decisione così duro – non è vero? A volte anche quando sappiamo che la cosa giusta da fare è ancora molto difficile. O si non si vuole ferire l’altra persona o semplicemente non sa come uscirne. Si può anche sentire come hai così tanti anni investito che si vuole solo cercare di farlo funzionare. Forse si vuole veramente rimanere, ma non siete sicuri se è la cosa giusta per te. Si consiglia di lasciare, ma non siete sicuri se è la cosa giusta da fare.

Credo che questo libro può aiutare guidare nella giusta direzione. Sarà farti pensare ciò che si vuole e non si vuole fuori di un rapporto, questo è sicuro. Buona fortuna!

ã?ã??にちは!ã?なã?はç?ç?±ã®ã?ã?ã«ã?のæ?¬ã??è¦?てã?ã??と私はそのã?ã?ã«ã?なã?ã??称è³?ã?まã?ã??私のæ?¨æ¸¬ã§ã¯ã?ã?なã?はã?なã?のé?¢ä¿?にとどまã??ã?ã?æ®?ã?べきã?どã?ã?ã??æ??握ã?ã??ã?とã?てã?ã??ã?ã??てã?まã?ã??そã??ã?ã?ã??てã?なã? – そã??はã?ã?のã??ã?な硬å?¤å®?でã?ã?ï¼?æ??ã??ã?ãã??はまだé?常にé?£ã?ã?è¡?ã?には正ã?ã?ã?とã??ç?¥ã£ã¦ã?ã??å ´å?でã??ã??ã?なã?はどちã??ã?ä»?の人ã??å?·ã¤ã?ã?くはã?ã??まã?ã??まã?はã?なã?ã?ちã??ã?どå?å¾?ã?ã??æ?¹æ³?ã??ç?¥ã??まã?ã??ã??ã?なã?はé?常にå¤?くの年はã?ã?なã?はそã??ã??å??ä½?ã?ã?ã??ã?ã?ã«è©¦ã?てみã?ã?ã?とã??æ??è³?ã?てきã?ã??ã?にã?なã?ã??æ??ã?ã??ã?とã?ã?ã??まã?ã??ã?ぶã??ã?ã?なã?はæ?¬å½?にæ»?å?¨ã?ã?ã?ã?ã?ãã??はã?なã?のã?ã?ã«æ­£ã?ã?ã?とでã?ã??ã?どã?ã?はã?ã?ã??まã?ã??ã??ã?なã?ã?ままにã?てã?きã?ã?ã?ã??ã?ã??まã?ã??ã?ã?ã?なã?はそã??ã?è¡?ã?には正ã?ã?ã?とだ場å?はã?ã?ã??まã?ã??ã??

私はã?のæ?¬ã??å?©ã?ã??æ­£ã?ã?æ?¹å?にã?なã?ã??å°?く可è?½æ?§ã?ã?ã??とè??ã?てã?まã?ã??そã??はã?なã?ã?æ??ã??ã??のã??è??ã?ã??と確ã?だé?¢ä¿?ã?å¤?にã?ã?くなã?でã?ã??ã?ã?? ã?ã??ばã?ã?!


å?¨ï¼æ?¨æ­£å?¨å¯»æ?¾è¿?æ?¬ä¹¦æ?¯æ??å??å? ç??ï¼?æ??èµ?æ?¬ä½ ã??æ??ç??ç??æµ?æ?¯ï¼?ä½ æ­£å?¨è¯?å?¾æ?¾å?ºæ?¯å¦åº?该ç??å?¨ä½ ç??å?³ç³»æ??è??离å¼?ã??å®?æ?¯è¿?æ ·ä¸?个è?°é?¾ç??å?³å®? – 不æ?¯å?ï¼?æ??æ?¶ï¼?ç??è?³å½?æ??们ç?¥é?正确ç??äº?æ??ï¼?å®?仍ç?¶å¾?å?°é?¾ã??你要ä¹?æ?¯æ²¡æ??æ?³ä¼¤å®³å?¶ä»?人ï¼?æ??è??你只æ?¯ä¸ç?¥é?该å¦?ä½?è?±èº«ã??ä½ ç??è?³ä¼?è§?å¾?ä½ æ??è¿?ä¹?å¤?å¹´ç??æ??èµ?ï¼?你只æ?¯æ?³å°è¯?ï¼?使å?¶å·¥ä½?ã??ä¹?许你ç??ç??æ?³ç??ä¸?来ï¼?ä½?你不ç?¥é?è¿?æ?¯å¦æ?¯æ­£ç¡®ç??ä¸?西ç»?ä½ ã??你可è?½æ?³ç¦»å¼?ï¼?ä½?æ?¯ä½ ä¸ç?¥é?ï¼?å¦?æ??è¿?æ?¯æ­£ç¡®ç??äº?æ??ã??

æ??ç?¸ä¿¡è¿?æ?¬ä¹¦å¯ä»¥å¸®å?©ä½ å¼?导å?°æ­£ç¡®ç??æ?¹å?ã??è¿?å°?让你æ?è??ï¼?ä½ æ?³è¦ä»?ä¹?ï¼?不æ?³è¦äº?ç??å?³ç³»ï¼?è¿?æ?¯è?¯å®?ç??ã?? 祝好运!
Î?εια! ΨάÏ?νεÏ?ε Ï?ε αÏ?Ï?Ï? Ï?ο βιβλίο για κάÏ?οιο λÏ?γο και Ï?αÏ? Ï?Ï?γÏ?αίρÏ? γι ‘αÏ?Ï?Ï?. Î? εικαÏ?ία μοÏ? είναι Ï?οÏ? Ï?ροÏ?Ï?αθÏ? να καÏ?αλάβÏ? αν θα Ï?ρέÏ?ει να Ï?αραμείνοÏ?ν Ï?Ï?η Ï?Ï?έÏ?η Ï?αÏ? ή να Ï?ύγοÏ?ν. Î?ίναι μια Ï?έÏ?οια Ï?κληρή αÏ?Ï?Ï?αÏ?η – έÏ?Ï?ι δεν είναι; Î?ερικέÏ? Ï?ορέÏ?, ακÏ?μα και Ï?Ï?αν ξέροÏ?με Ï?ο Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï? Ï?ράγμα Ï?οÏ? Ï?ρέÏ?ει να κάνοÏ?με είναι ακÏ?μα Ï?ολύ δύÏ?κολο. Î?Ï?ορείÏ?ε είÏ?ε δεν θέλοÏ?ν να βλάÏ?οÏ?ν Ï?ο άλλο Ï?ρÏ?Ï?Ï?Ï?ο ή αÏ?λά δεν ξέροÏ?ν Ï?Ï?Ï? να βγούμε. Î?Ï?ορείÏ?ε ακÏ?μη και να αιÏ?θανθείÏ?ε Ï?αν να έÏ?εÏ?ε Ï?Ï?Ï?α Ï?ρÏ?νια εÏ?ένδÏ?Ï?ε Ï?Ï?ι αÏ?λά θέλεÏ?ε να δοκιμάÏ?εÏ?ε να Ï?ην κάνοÏ?με να λειÏ?οÏ?ργήÏ?ει. Î?Ï?Ï?Ï? θέλεÏ?ε Ï?ραγμαÏ?ικά να μείνεÏ?ε, αλλά δεν είÏ?Ï?ε Ï?ίγοÏ?ροι αν είναι Ï?ο Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï? Ï?ράγμα για Ï?αÏ?. Î?Ï?ορεί να θέλεÏ?ε να Ï?ύγεÏ?ε, αλλά δεν είÏ?αι Ï?ίγοÏ?ροÏ? αν είναι Ï?ο Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï?Ï? Ï?ράγμα Ï?οÏ? κάνει.

ΠιÏ?Ï?εύÏ? Ï?Ï?ι αÏ?Ï?Ï? Ï?ο βιβλίο μÏ?ορεί να Ï?αÏ? βοηθήÏ?ει να Ï?αÏ? καθοδηγήÏ?ει Ï?

6. Hell at Home (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by J G Knox

The sixth of 25 segments, three chapters of the 567 page saga When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition, full versions available in kindle and print, these are the stories of Sharon and her family, starting in 1847, ending in the present.

In this segment, a love story, a boy, a girl, a wedding to be—all come crashing down. A tragedy unexpected, unimagined; a preacher, a big man without love, unsympathetic, hurting rather than helping, judging rather than giving hope, a man who hates the groom-to-be’s father, he sees weakness, attacks. A groom-to-be lost, alone, unhealed, can’t believe what has happened to his beloved, knows something others don’t know, retaliates. His father, a Polish war hero, a little man, a marksman, the man who married the preacher’s intended, he loves his son and his daughter-in-law-to-be.

Her family crushed, her mother in shock, the preacher’s evil influence invades their home creates pain, abuse, cruelty, spreads his venom until his fangs are removed. Albert enlists, goes to Georgia.

Hell comes home, settles over Sharon’s Mother, blisters her family.

A time of no hope, there is hope—more chapters to come—change. Without pain, how do we appreciate bliss? Without stress, how do we gain strength? We are what we’re made by what we live through and overcome. We make the future better by knowing the past: what was right and wrong in the past.


My Little Family

by Brittney Jackson

This is a story about a little girl, and what the word “family” means to her. Families come in different shapes and sizes, and every family is different. At the end of the day family is love, and that’s all that matters.


Stress. Just the sound of the word makes my heart pound a little faster. How about you?Are you stressed? Do you find yourself living in a treadmill life, where rushing is the norm and there seems to be not enough hours in the day? Is so much of your time usurped by responsibilities, obligations, and schedules that there seems to be little time left for your children? Do you find yourself hurrying from task to task trying to accommodate your children’s needs as best as you can, while haunted by the sense that what you’re giving isn’t enough? Are you like so many parents who look around at the state of children today, aware of so many incidences of youth crime, violence, drugs, and suicide, and worry that you might not be able to prevent your children from being affected? If you feel this way you are not alone.


Author try to present the answers on the most common questions about drug addiction during pregnancy: What is a drug addiction? Why do some people become addicted while others do not? Is addiction during pregnancy babies addiction too? What king of problems may have your child in future if mother is drug addict during pregnancy? Treatment of drug addiction is prevention.


It is important to identify verbal abuse and confront it for what it is.

Verbal abuse impacts people’s spirits like like radiations impacts their bodies.The problem of verbal abuse is endemic in our schools, just as it is our cultures. young people have at least three major developmental tasks. They are built in natural drives. Read what is mostly important to prevent verbal abuse!

Bedtime Story: 7

by sami zaairat

Children are excited hearts, and their loved liver, joy of joy, and sorrow of grief, we seek always to see them happy, and always we are to achieve their desires and their applications, and their conversations gives us pleasure, and when their we went to bed to sleep, ask us that the lack of them a bedtime story ; this is why we will give you in this book tales of fun and interesting, young and much loved, and that suit their age and their age.

Story you know the story as a group of words in the form of lists events can be fact or fiction, or the University of them, the story has to be special to adults or children, and here we will look to stories related to children.

Most children sleep associated often the story; where they do not prefer to sleep unless a parent or brothers read some short stories interesting for them, and more types of stories favored by children and wish to hearing it is the stories of adventures, as well as stories about animals and friendship.

The stories related to children are very useful for the growth of the child; as it contributes to increasing their intelligence and their imaginations ratio, and use them for their minds, it is possible in this case that the child in the future become a thought deep and distinctive, because the most creative ideas come from the reality of the imagination.

Getting Over It!: The Simple Guide on How to Overcome a Breakup

by Abigail Anderson

You have returned the ring or the house key. You have argued for the last time. He or she is gone for good. Now what?

How do you handle a breakup and still survive?

To put it simply, you need to start a new chapter in your life. But how do you do that?

This book will guide you the way on how to overcome a breakup and become master of your own life again.

What to Say to Get to Know Someone: 200+ Words, Phrases & Usages!

by Edit-Assist

Be understood clearly by others by using the top words, phrases, and strategies designed for effective in-depth conversations. The language in this book will empower you to speak confidently while making new friends by benefit of knowing exactly what to say.

This guide is your chance to deepen your relationships with the best words!

In just one sitting, you’ll have a clear idea of exactly how and what you need to say to get to know another person on a deeper level.

With over 200 examples of highly successful words and phrases to designed specifically for effective topic approaches, questions, and relation of personal histories, you will easily find a way to get to know the person of your choice. This guide is quick enough to use now, and useful enough to memorize. Learn the best expressions in minutes!

The design of the language we offer is developed with an incredible amount of research. Thousands of words were distilled and sorted to find the most effective language related to deepening relationships. Unlike other communication guides, which are built around opinion, our guides use analysis to find exactly the best words for your goals. Study our guides to reach your communication potential!

Take a stand and commit yourself to success by learning the best language to be understood.

Part of sales funds the aid of international and internal refugees through our language guides. We help the displaced quickly learn new languages to establish their basic needs.

We update out lists every year! Your eBook is guaranteed to have the most recent findings from our research team.

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