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Hillary Clinton: To Destroy a Nation

by Will Clark

Hillary Clinton hopes to replace Obama as President of the United States. And, as with Obama, her goals seem very oriented against fulfilling those hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers. In fact, her plans and ambitions for America seem in total opposition to those rights and opportunities our Founding Fathers planned for us. They planned personal freedom, individual opportunity for success and achievement, and fulfillment of human aspirations.

Her words propose an all-powerful central government that would determine and limit personal dreams and aspirations. The plans, rules and laws she propose are to â??take from the rich and redistribute to the poor.’ To the poor, this plan obviously sounds great. Isn’t it nice to be promised something without any attachments or requirement to earn it? Just relax and enjoy life and let the government do everything for you. Although the parts sound great to many uninspired people; the results are always destructive. The government takes over stronger and stronger until nothing can be done in a nation without the government’s approval or involvement.

This original Socialist experiment first began in Russia. It was the â??rise of the proletariat’ the working class guided by Vladimir Lenin and his cohorts Carl Marx and others. Soon thereafter, the economy totally collapsed. Many citizens who were promised better lives through those actions died from starvation and pestilence. Many other millions were killed and imprisoned by those in charge; those same leaders who promised a better life for everyone.

Although the Words tell us not to invite those who worship Satan â??into our house’ as do Muslims, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to praise Islam; and strive to bring more of them into our great nation to further contaminate our society with that blasphemy. The more they invite them into our home, the greater becomes our peril to suffer great and horrible consequences. When there are only a few, they have no choice other than to be â??peaceful.’But as their numbers increase in a society so do their actions to force Islam on a nation. It’s called â??stages of Islamization.’

Hillary Clinton’s intent to remove the worship of God in our wonderful nation was clearly, and accidentally, revealed in her keynote address at the 2015 Women in the World Summit in New York. In that speech she said, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed so that women can have access to reproductive health care.”

Is she actually suggesting that deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed? And what does she suggest about those changes? Can one who believes in God believe in God if that person decides not to believe in God? Many people believe that killing a fetus in a womb is murder; it’s killing a person. If one believes in God, then decides to agree with Hillary that they should change their mind about murder, that it’s okay; can they still claim salvation under God?

Once again, this confirms her Pandora’s Box paradigm. To dismiss God from a society is to dismiss a cohesive society; and invite in all the Devils anxious to replace that cohesive society. The Devil anxious and waiting is that one named Satan. From her actions and comments, Hillary has already adorned herself into his waiting and anxious arms. His soldiers of Islam are already sneaking into America through every crawly space.

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