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The Dynamic Learning Experience: From Middle School Through Law School (Thriving in School Book 1)

by Shea T. Hasenauer

Hard work in middle and high school allowed Shea to attend Cornell University where he graduated with Dean’s List honors. He currently attends the Ave Maria School of Law. Nearing the end of formal schooling, Shea hopes this book cultivates a zeal for learning in students who come after him. More important than grades or degrees is the actual knowledge we gain from our educational experiences.

This book has two main parts which focus on the foundational aspects of learningâ??being in the right place with the right purpose and preparing your heart and mind, attitude and effortâ??and the practical steps of the learning process (“learning how to learn, effectively”). This guide will help young students in middle school as well as high school, college, and graduate students seeking where to go with their lives. It also provides instructors knowledge for assisting their students.

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Online Dating: Master The Art of Internet Dating: Create The Best Profile, Choose The Right Pictures, Communication Advice, Finding What You Are Looking … Dating Advice Tips Guide For Men and Women)

by Ace McCloud

Master Online Dating Now!

This book tells you everything that you need to know in order to hugely increase your chances of being successful with online dating! With the huge surge in popularity of online dating in the last few years, it has never been a better time to learn the secrets that can help you be successful with Online Dating! The online world is highly competitive, that is why it is so important for you to know all the things that you should do and should not do in order to be successful!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

  • The Best Online Dating Websites
  • How To Create An Awesome User Name And Headline
  • How To Create An Incredible Profile That Gets Results!
  • Great Strategies For Finding A Good Match
  • What To Say In Your First Few Messages
  • How To Choose The Best Profile Pictures And How Many Pictures To Put Up
  • Communication Tips And Strategies
  • How To Handle The First Three Dates
  • Advice On Finding Your True Love
  • Much, much more!

What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to get all the benefits this book has to offer. Stop thinking and take ACTION.

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Think You’re Ready for the Dental Hygiene Board Exam (NDHCBE)? Find Out!: Andrea Twarowski with Dentalelle

by Dentalelle Tutoring

Test your knowledge before taking the Dental Hygiene Board Exam Prep Course (NDHCBE) Canadian Version. A full 200 question multiple choice and short answer mock exam to really test your knowledge. Answers and rationales are included to explain why an answer is MOST correct.

Sources for this mock exam package include:

-Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Paperback –
by Stanley F. Malamed DDS (Author)

-Student Workbook for Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist Paperback –
by Charlotte J. Wyche RDH MS (Author), Esther M. Wilkins BS RDH DMD (Author)

-Case Studies in Dental Hygiene (3rd Edition) Paperback –
by Evelyn Thomson (Author)

-Prentice Hall Health’s Complete Review of Dental Hygiene Paperback
by Jacqueline N. Brian LDH MsEd (Author), Mary Danusis Cooper RDH MSEd

-Fundamentals of Periodontal Instrumentation and Advanced Root Instrumentation Spiral-bound by Jill’S Nield-Gehrig RDH MA (Author)

-Mosby’s Review Questions for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination Paperback -by Mosby (Author)

-Community Oral Health Practice for the Dental Hygienist Paperback –
by Christine French Beatty (Author)

Decision Making Like a pro: A Decision Making Self Help Book (1)

by Nail Macpheasron

If you have clicked on Decision Making Like a Pro you have probably got some current challenges in your life regarding Decision Making, I am here to help you.

I understand you completely and have put together this book to help you navigate through this time. I have put together the most important aspects of decision making into one concise book. Decision Making Like a Pro offers expert advice on how to make decision in your daily life. It will make you more decisive and able to make better choices at home and at work.

It also has a lot to offer if you are starting out in your corporate life or if you have started a new business and are having challenges with decision making. This book offers you a decision making tools to enhance your ability to make those tricky decisions.

For those necessary decisions this book provides all you need to be able to make good solid decisions based on facts, rational processes, psychology and your intuition.

In Decision Making Like a Pro I have thought of you the reader and come up with some fantastic methods you can use to make decisions. These methods are from a lifelong passion with consulting for small and medium business. During my career as a consultant I have had to hone the decision making process into easy bite size chunks which busy managers can easily digest.

The methods are easy to use and once you have mastered them will help you in all aspects of life.

In Decision Making Like a Pro you will learn:

Why Should you read this book?

What is a Decision?

Cognitive and Personal Biases

Fear Factor in Making Decisions

Rational Decision Making

Cost Benefit Analysis and Budgeting

Quick decision making

Decision Traps Barriers to Brilliant Decision Making

What happens when it all goes wrong?


The lessons are all clearly laid out with real world experience so you can follow easily and quickly, we all live in a very fast world so I have made the book easy to understand giving insight into how you make your life choices. There are many decision points laid out in an easy to understand system to ensure you make decisions correctly and competently.

Whether you are making fast decisions on the spot, which need you to keep calm and make a real decision like a pro, or you are making long term decisions for you or your company. Then these decision making techniques are incredibly helpful and informative to enabling you to make the decision with a clear concise view point backed up by facts.

I also cover the fear of decision making and how it affects you and your workplace or home, included in this book are simple strategies to get over the fear and how to accept it as part of your life experience.

The book looks at cognitive biases as I believe they have a strong influence on making decisions. Cognitive biases affect the decision making processes, this book will enable you to see them and deal with them not only in yourself but in others so you can adapt to ensure the decision making process proceeds and is a success.

I also look at the challenges when it all goes wrong; this is an area that we do not like to look at. I think it is very important and should be looked at as if you ignore it then you will never truly be able to achieve your true potential. Embracing the failure is as important as enjoying the success.

Decision Making Like a Pro gives you helpful advice on what to do when failure comes knocking. Also how to explain the decision you made and why you made it in the first place. Failure is not always the fault of the decision maker this book shows you how to be able to explain you position with facts and information so you can stand by all of the decisions you have made.

I hope you enjoy the book, I enjoyed putting all of the information together in one place for you to read.

Nail Macphearson


by Isy Russell

Did you know there are real companies out there that will pay you to work from home? Professional companies including Capital One, Hilton. This is a comprehensive listing from research with the links to each company.

Math: Parents’ Guide to Assist with Primary Grades

by Mick Ekly

This book contains basic math techniques and skills so parents can help their child understand math in the primary grades.

Activities covered:






Everything you need to get them interested, enjoying, and understanding math in an easy to follow format. Examples are included so they can practice their skills. Math knowledge turns into math skills with a few minutes of daily practice. Once your child ‘gets’ math, they love it. This book will aid this process.

Early Reading: Making Story Time Fun, Ways To Reach Struggling Readers And Reading Instruction for All Grade Levels of Reading

by Harris Crenshaw

Early Reading

Learning how to read is a process that takes a lot of time and patience. Parental involvement is crucial for a child to acquire pre-literacy skills that will allow him or her to function on a level with his or her peers. Parental interaction with their children will help develop conversation and listening skills, which will help them in elementary school. By the time a child from a poorer background reaches kindergarten, he will have had 30 million less verbal interactions than a middle-class child.

Libraries provide a print-rich environment of high quality books for children whose parents do not have the means to buy a lot of books for their children. In developing countries, book donations fill the gap in print material for all age groups and allow up to date textbooks to be available for the training of health care professionals. This not only allows literacy to flourish but also improves the quality of life because of expanded medical knowledge.

Playing word games helps build phonemic awareness but also allows the child to see the endless possibilities of learn how to control and manipulate language, thereby expanding his or her vocabulary.

A one size fits all approach does not work for children who come from different backgrounds with differing access to print resources and verbal interactions. Targeted reading instruction in small group allows the teacher to provide intense instruction on strengthening skills such as phonemic awareness and letter-sound combinations so that all students will be able to participate as a whole in guided reading classes.

A preview of the book:

  • Making Story Time Fun
  • Tips for Storytelling
  • Learning through Listening: Ways To Reach Struggling Readers
  • Active Listening and Supported Reading: Helping Struggling Readers Improve
  • The Public Library: Fostering a Love of Reading in Childhood
  • Giving a Book Away Means Giving the Gift of Literacy
  • How Playing Word Play Increases Vocabulary the Fun Way
  • The Elements of Effective Reading
  • Targeted Reading Instruction for All Grade Levels of Reading
  • How Differentiated Instruction in Reading is Implemented

Organizing the Elementary School Classroom: 100 Effective Strategies

by Todd R. Tystad

Every elementary school teacher has dreams of creating a more organized classroom, having more time to teach, and improving teaching effectiveness. Those dreams can become reality with this helpful book. “Organizing the Elementary School Classroom: 100 Effective Strategies” clearly explains how to take a systematic approach to organizing your work and your classroom.

Author Todd R. Tystad draws upon his practical knowledge as a classroom teacher to explain how simple organizational strategies can benefit new teachers as well as those with years of experience. Straightforward, logical strategies are explained in detail so that you can put them into action in your classroom right away.

From how to arrange classroom furniture to lists of what should be found in every classroom, Mr. Tystad spells out what teachers need to do to be organized and highly effective educators. Learn how to organize your work and make investments in your time that can create more time for you to be a more effective teacher. Take the first step toward a more organized classroom with this engaging and captivating book.

Memories Of Alix: Tales Of A Culture Long Gone

by Gerald Primm

A vivid history of a boy growing up in a small Arkansas coal mining town, between the years 1939 and 1954, and also the history, folklore and tales of the town. . Mr. Primm not only includes a vast treasure trove of history of an era, but also paints a verbal picture of a unique culture which has now vanished from America. His stories, some poignant, some tragic, and some humorous just add to all the other things that make this a book well worth reading. Older readers wil find many things to reminisce about, while younger ones will learn that life before television and technology was just as fulfilling as life is today. Several who previewed this book said such things as “Fascinating, I couldn’t put it down,” “I read the entire book without stopping, and plan to read it again,” and “I’ve already read it twice, and plan to read it again.” Must reading for all those who wish to see a vivid picture of a small segment of Americana that has now slipped away.

Doggy Loves Autumn (Ella the Doggy)

by Jayne Flaagan

Follow along with Ella the Doggy, as she keeps busy during the season of Autumn!

Ella is having lots of fun as the weather cools down in Minnesota. While on her walks outside, she notices lots of changes. Inside the house, there is more action as she sees her people family celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This is a children’s animal discovery book that makes learning fun as well as educational! The adult reader has ample opportunity to discuss the seasons of the year, as well as the Holidays and many other topics.

Because of the pictures and text in this book, not only is “Doggy Loves Autumn” very entertaining, it also presents a wide array of learning opportunities for the younger child. This book will entertain many ages of children, from toddlers through grade school!

The author has had more than 30 years of experience in the early childhood profession, so she has a thorough grasp of what appeals to young children and how they learn best.

Keep an eye out for Ella’s next book “Doggy Celebrates Christmas!”

Get PAID to Teach Online from Anywhere (How to Get Paid to Develop and Teach Online Courses Series)

by Sage Adams

This book will show you how to find jobs developing and teaching online. You’ll learn how to create compelling courses, best practices for teaching online students, and the different types of students you’ll get in your courses. You’ll also learn about some popular tools for online teaching, how to provide assessments and grades, as well as learning activities for you to consider.

Speed Reading: Speed Read Your Way to Limitless Knowledge (Increase, Faster, Learning, Memory, Technique,)

by Michael Owens

Use These Speed Reading Techniques To Increase Your Learning Ability Today!

Do you ever feel like you cannot understand what you are reading? Or, that you feel like reading takes up much of your time even when it’s actually not supposed to?

Well, maybe, it’s high time that you learn how to read faster, or in other words, learn the technique of speed reading.

Speed reading denotes collective techniques that are used to help you read faster while still being able to understand what you are reading. Back in the day, education specialists and psychologists used devices called tachiotoscopes to determine how fast people read. But now, you don’t need any kind of device to help youâ??because you have it in you to read better and faster!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to speed readâ??from how you can check your reading comprehension, to how you can improve your speed and comprehension, mastering speed reading techniques, and so much moreâ??you will find them all right here.

Read this book now, and find out how!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Test Your Comprehension
  • Basic Speed Reading Techniques You Should Know
  • Techniques That Work Instantly
  • Techniques That Need Exercise to Be Polished
  • Techniques That Involve Motivation
  • Try to Get the Gist of the Book
  • Make Use of Context Clues through Your Observations
  • Refresh Your Mind: Get Some Sleep
  • And Much More…..
  • Take Action Now And Speed Read Your Way to Limitless Knowledge!

SCOTUS 1835 (US History)

by Megan Groeneveld

From 1800 to 1835, the Supreme Court, under the guidance of John Marshall, established itself as one of the most honorable branches of the federal government. Marshall, a cousin of James Madison, was the longest-serving chief justice in the history of the Court, serving nearly thirty-five years, as the Supreme Court has no term limit. Marshall, despite hailing from Virginia, was a staunch Federalist and held fast to his party’s principles, even after his party died out.

Gossip in the Colonial Courts

by Megan Groeneveld

Women in colonial America could be found in a wide variety of circumstances, social statuses, and cultures. These could range from a fairy-tale existence, blessed with every advantage to be had in that time and location, to the most miserable of experiences known to man.

In this brief essay, we will examine and review the social role of women during the Colonial Era of the United States.

Planarian Flatworm: Science Fair Project

by William T. Cooper Jr.

Planarian Flatworm: Science Fair Project by William T. Cooper, Jr.

This ebook is a complete science fair report on planarians. Planarians are flatworms that belong to the Kingdom of Animalia and the Phylum Platayhelminthes. This science project idea is perfect for 7th grade or 8th grade students looking for a fun and exciting experiment for their next school science fair.

Tags: planarian, flatworm, 7th grade, science fair project, science fair project idea, 8th grade, science project

Little History: History Lessons For Preschoolers

by Rainbows and buttons

I believe that history is an important part of early education, it teaches children the concepts of change over time and gives them a sense of why the world is organized in the way it is today.

For young children dates, names and facts are unimportant but basic ideas and iconic historical images such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids will stick in their minds and through hands on activities they will remember that the people who came before them lived lives in some ways so different and yet in other ways so similar to their own!.

Each of these ideas introduces a concept of early history to your child and is followed by an easy activity which will give you plenty of opportunity to naturally engage your child in conversation about the past.

These ideas are perfect for use in a home preschool or for young home educated children but can be used by any parent or carer wishing to instill a love of history in their child!

The Rise of Patriarchy

by Megan Groeneveld

Although the context of its usage has changed over the centuries, patriarchy remains, at its heart, a question of power and gender. Historically, patriarchy was used to refer to a cultural system that gave inheritance rights to the male’s line. Women changed their last names and became part of their husband’s clan, family, or people. Men had the right to inherit land, property, money, and titles; a woman’s claim was subservient to the man’s, despite its validity, if it was recognized at all. In contemporary society, the effects of historical patriarchy can be seen to this day: most women still take their husbands’ last names upon marriage. Heterosexual cisgendered white men, despite rapidly approaching minority status, still hold the bulk of wealth and political power in our country.

On Essay Writing: A pathway to success in IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and Cambridge exams

by Mark J. Oliver

If you have plans to study at a university in the UK, the USA, Australia or another English-speaking country, it is very likely that you are now preparing for an English language exam. Perhaps it is the IELTS exam, or maybe it is the TOEFL test. One thing is for certain: to achieve the band or score you need to enter your university you must be able to write an effective essay.

On Essay Writing is divided into three sections. Section A takes you through the essay writing process: analysing the question, thinking of ideas, planning, writing introductions, creating body paragraphs and concluding your essay. Section B focuses on ways to improve coherence and cohesion, such as using linking words and pronoun reference. Finally, Section C presents and practices areas of grammar which can help improve your writing.

With interesting sample essays, detailed explanation, engaging practice exercises with answers, On Essay Writing is perfect for studying alone or with a teacher.

Includes a link to a printable PDF version of the book.

God Is Love (Gramma Carmels Preschool Book 1)

by Gramma Carmels

This is a short picture book that packs a powerful punch about what love is and inspires the reader and child to do their best to love one another and be part of the solutions! Although it reinforces the ancient lesson that God Is Love, it is non-denominational and ultimately teaches that we must learn to coexist and accept differences.

Elvis Presley

by Chris Young

Elvis Presley was, and still is to this very day, an icon in the theatrical history and music industry. Born from humble beginnings, the earlier days of his childhood set the president in a humanistic perspective for the development of what would come to fruition in the latter years of his life as one of the most world-renowned names ever known.

Outlining in Law School: A Step-by-Step Guide (with examples) (Thriving in School Book 2)

by Shea T. Hasenauer

You have committed thousands of dollars and valuable years of your life to law school. Your semester has ended and you must now sort through 40 hours of class discussion and 1,000 textbook pages per class. How do you prioritize? How do you sort through such material?

Written by a recent Cornell University graduate and current Ave Maria law student, this book is a simplified guide to law school outlining. The steps and examples seek to provide confidence and clarity to hardworking people as they prepare for their law school exams. (You may even end up enjoying the outlining process.)

Also, a bonus Criminal Procedure model outline is included.

(Client reviews below are greatly appreciated.)

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