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Shh! (Oxley College Saga Book 1)

by Stacey Nash

Nineteen-year-old Olivia Dean has the perfect reputation, the perfect boyfriend, and an increasingly perfect CV. She has it all, until Christian breaks up with her in public, calling her out as a self-gratifying sexoholic: the kind that plays solo. But Olivia doesn’t do any such thing â?? the only thing she does at night is sleep â?¦ right?

Now all the boys on campus seem to want her attention for the absolutely wrong reason â?? including resident hottie, Logan Hays. He’s pulling out his best moves to gain her attention, so resisting his sexy charm is hard work. With rapidly slipping grades, a disturbingly lurid reputation and demanding parents, Olivia must discover the truth behind her rumoured sleeping problem. If she doesn’t, the perfect life she’s worked so hard for may slip away, including the one person who has Olivia breaking all her rules â?? Logan.


NB: This book is of a mild heat level, and contains no explicit sex scenes.

Each book in the series is a standalone and does not need to be read in order.

Shh! (Oxley College Saga #1)– Olivia & Logan
Pretend… (Oxley College Saga #2) — Savvy & Dane
Stolen Sanctuary: A Bindarra Creek Romance (Oxley College Saga #2.5) — Molly & Callan
Wait! (Oxley College Saga #3) — Jordan & Hex

A New Day at Midnight

by Michelle Hiscox

When Merik Hearne finally lays claim to the woman that betrayed him, she inspires much more than his need for revengeâ??but is her love worth dying for again?
Condemned to play host to a demon, scarred Romani leader Merik Hearne has amassed a fortune with only one goal in mindâ??to possess Hannah Worthington, the traitorous beauty that has eluded him for over a decade. With an exchange of coin, everything he has been striving for is within reach but nothing is as he imagined. The tender, sharp-tongued woman he encounters tests the bounds of his convictions and he is torn between the promise of reckoning and longing for a love that once destroyed him.
Exchanged for a purse of gold and informed she is to be a slave, Hannah vows she has not survived a lifetime of loss only to whither under the likes of Merik Hearne. And she will do everything she can to make sure he knows it. Despite his overbearing manner, his fierce scars, and her own determination to escape him, she begins to see that something beautiful might lie beneathâ?¦something that belongs only to her. She must discover the angle from which the great lord plays before his dark desires consume them both.

As they struggle to find truth amid pasts marred by sorrow and secrecy, they are unaware that a vengeful apostle orchestrates the rise of a forgotten godâ??and the end of their chance at a life together.

Country Love

by Chelsea Dorsette

Standing over six feet tall with tight black jeans and his signature black cowboy hat, he draws attention every time he sets foot on stage…

CJ Tanner is the sexy lead singer of an up and coming country band.

While doing a radio station interview at Nashville, Tennessee’s top rated country music station WSIX, CJ meets Paden Thomas.

During the course of the interview the sexual tension between them is palpableâ?¦

When CJ invites Paden to come watch his band play at Nashville’s popular downtown club called Cat’s Cradle their relationship starts heating up.

It doesn’t take long before a mysterious series of unexplainable and dangerous events start happening, leaving Paden suspicious that someone is trying to keep them apart.

Feeling that their safety is in jeopardy, Paden has no other choice than to break up with CJâ?¦

Yet again, another unexpected turn of events puts Paden in harms way with potentially devastating consequences.

Will CJ show up in time to rescue her? Or will these events take a toll on their relationship?

The Escort

by Ramona Gray

After years of living under the cruel thumb of her father, Julie Winslow is ready to take back her life and find her happily ever after. There’s only one problem – she’s a thirty-year-old virgin and embarrassed as hell about it.

When her best friend suggests hiring an escort to not only help rid her of her pesky virginity but teach her some moves in bed, Julie swallows her pride and calls an escort agency. She books a date with the sexy and gorgeous Cal.

Court Thomas has been saving his identical twin brother’s butt for years. When Cal calls, begging him to take his place with his latest â??date’, Court reluctantly agrees. Unprepared for his immediate attraction to the beautiful but fragile woman, he’s rocked by Julie’s request for him to take her virginity.

Determined to change her mind, he continues to impersonate his brother. But when Julie’s warm kisses trigger a desire he’s never experienced before, will he convince her to wait for â??Mr. Right’ or take the sweet gift she’s offering?

Author’s note: This is a novella of 35,000 words. It contains explicit and steamy sex scenes that may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for mature readers only.

A Secret Between Friends: A Sexy New Zealand Romance (Between the Sheets Book 1)

by Serenity Woods

A wounded soldier needs her own hero…

Between the Sheets, Book 1.

Carrying out the goals on someone else’s Bucket List might seem like an odd thing to do, but for Genie it’s the perfect way to honor her best friend, Ciara, who died in the bomb blast that blew up the Army truck carrying them both across Afghanistan. Genie’s come home to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand to rest her injured knee, and she hopes that by fulfilling Ciara’s list of wishes she can also heal the grief and guilt that goes deeper than her physical wound. Spending some time with Ciara’s gorgeous big brother just happens to be an added bonus.

Niall Brennan has always been attracted to Genie, but when he offers to join in with the Bucket List idea, he tells himself it’s purely out of a desire to pay homage to his sister. That’s fine when the first goal they pick at random is taking cooking lessons. It becomes less easy to hide his desire when they spend an afternoon on a nudist beach, and by the time they take part in the body painting event, Niall has no chance of keeping his desire a secret. Luckily, Genie reciprocates his feelingsâ??a hundred and ten percent, and soon it’s not only the weather that turns hot and sultry.

Conscious that Niall’s mother, Sinead, blames Genie for her daughter’s death, they decide to keep their sizzling but brief fling just a secret between friends. But although Genie’s knee is on the mend, her emotional wounds refuse to heal. Sinead continues to refuse to forgive her, and even Ciara reaches out from beyond the grave to warn Genie against dating her big brother.

The final wish on Ciara’s Bucket List brings everything to a head. Genie knows she has to end the fling. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and besides, Niall has other ideasâ?¦

Warning: this sweet and sexy romance is best read with a fan on standby.


If you would like to read these books in order, you might like to start with the Treats to Tempt You series, as some of the characters from the Treats feature in the Between the Sheets series. However, all these books can be read as standalones and, of course, every romance has a happy ever after!

Treats to Tempt You:

Book 1: Treat with Caution

Book 2: Treat her Right

Book 3: A Rare Treat

Book 4: Trick or Treat

Book 5: A Festive Treat

Between the Sheets

Book 1: A Secret Between Friends

Book 2: An Ocean Between Us

Book 3: Right Between the Eyes (coming 2017)

Fame (Hollywood Love Book 1)

by Jillian Dodd

Meet Riley Johnson. CEO of Captive Films.
Hot. Rich. Privileged. Seriously Single.

There could never be a reality show about my life.
It’d just be work and sex.
Lots and lots of sex.
No breakups.
No fights with friends.
Zero drama.
Drama’s for the movies.
Not for me.
I’m Riley Johnson.
I’ve got it all.
Brand new jet. Exotic cars. Luxury penthouse. Black card. A different aspiring actress (or two) in my bed every night.
I run Captive Films.
Where we leave you begging for more.
Or maybe that’s just me.
My life is perfect.
. . . Until she walks back into it.

The Hollywood Love series follows the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Films:

Hot, successful, playboy Riley Johnson, whose business success far exceeds his success in love. 
Movie star, Keatyn Douglas, whose epic love story has spawned a series of books and movies. 
And Dawson Johnson, who joins Captive with a tragic past. 
Expect lots of drama, sex, and tabloid-worthy events.

This is a standalone contemporary romance series featuring characters from the USA Today bestselling series The Keatyn Chronicles.

Fall Fast (SEALs Undone Series Book 5)

by Zoe York

just one night…

Navy SEAL Nathan Meyers and recent divorcee (as of an hour ago) Emme Ryan both want a night of escape from their real lives, for very different reasons. A chance meeting and a single drink at an airport bar turns into a night of unexpected fun when a freak snow storm keeps them on the ground. But when morning comes, will they stick to the rules they set out at the start of the night?

The first five chapters in this story were first published in the the LOL3 Anthology. It has been expanded significantly for single title release. Join Nathan and Emme for their long-awaited HEA!

The SEALs Undone Series

Fall Out – Drew and Annie

Fall Hard – Jared and Cassie

Fall Away – Trick and Gaby

Fall Deep – Miles and Piper

Fall Fast – Nathan and Emme

Fall Back – Cade and Mel

Fall Dark – Vince and Larken

Candid (True Images Series Book 1)

by Michelle Pennington

Life is simple for high school senior, Sienna Whitfield. With a few good friends, a camera, and a dream, she has everything she needs to be happy. But when Jordan Rubio, the most popular girl at Haskins High, makes her mad, she decides to use the power of photography to right a few social wrongs. As if that doesn’t cause enough drama in her life, she realizes she’s falling for the new guy, Lee Franklin. Strong and protective, he’s just what she needs to survive the craziness she’s stirred up at school. If only she didn’t have to keep her feelings for Lee a secret from her momâ?¦

Desperate for a Duke: Hot Historical Romance (Desperate and Daring Book 1)

by Ella J. Quince

*2nd Edition. Previously published under the title, Desperate and Daring. Same book, new title and cover!

Hot Historical Romance! Follow Ella J. Quince and never miss a new release! Sign up for new release announcements at the back of this book and get free books exclusive to subscribers!

Miss Heather Everly desperately needs to get married, but not just any suitor will do. Her family is on the brink of ruin, and only the Duke of Ablehill can save her. When he answers her letter and agrees to meet her, it’s the duke’s steward who arrives in his place. Heather must convince him that she would be the perfect duchess, but her attraction to him is clouding her mind. Her heart is pulling her away from what she must do, and toward the man she truly wants.

Fallon Calder cannot believe that the beautiful and vibrant Miss Everly wishes to marry a malicious old man like the Duke of Ablehill. It’s why he must hide the truth from her, the shocking truth that the old Duke of Ablehill is dead, and as his only heir, Fallon has taken his place. Moved by her letter, he is determined to find out all he can about her, but what he doesn’t anticipate is his own heart getting involved. The more he learns about her, the more certain he becomes that the only man Heather should belong to, is him.
Ella J. Quince has been in love with romance since she was a little girl. She spent her high school years and the years of her husband’s deployments escaping into the novels of her favorite bestselling authors; Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, Lisa Kleypas, and Julie Anne Long. She strives to reach their level of success and stand beside them in achievement.

The Fairy Tale Bride (Montana Born Brides series Book 1)

by Scarlet Wilson

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

Lisa Renee loves weddings. As owner of Marietta’s bridal salon, Lisa takes charge when a celebrity wedding rolls into town and does what she does best: hosting the fairy tale wedding her clients dream of. But the celebrity’s badly behaving bridesmaids shatter Lisa’s poise, excitement, and hopes of putting Marietta and her boutique on the map. The only place she can find peace is on the pediatric ward of the local hospital where she volunteers, a place that holds more meaning to her than anyone knows. Leave it to the handsome and charming new doctor to change all of that…

Dr. Adam Brady is enjoying his new job and anonymity at Marietta’s hospital, but he hasn’t been able to focus entirely since the gorgeous business owner and hard-working volunteer piqued his interest. As he spends more time with her, sparks fly, and he realizes that he’s not the only one in Marietta with secretsâ?¦

*Bonus story: The Runaway Christmas Bride by Scarlet Wilson included inside!*

His Wicked Sins (Dark Gothic Book 4)

by Eve Silver

If you love historical romantic suspense with a gothic vibe, don’t miss this thrilling read!

***His Wicked Sins is a stand alone story. The Dark Gothic series can be read in any order!***

Determined to help her impoverished family, Elizabeth Canham accepts a position at Burndale Academy, an isolated girl’s school filled with secrets and shadows. There she meets mysterious widower Griffin Fairfax, a man dogged by dark rumours, a man who both frightens and fascinates her.

But Beth has secrets of her own, nightmares that haunt her and fears that follow her into the light of day when a woman is found dead in the nearby woodsâ??the victim of a brutal murderâ?¦ a murder that bears terrifying similarity to others. Then Beth discovers that all the victims were intimately connected to Griffin. Beth’s past has taught her to be wary, but her heart tells her that Griffin cannot be the charming, seductive killer stalking the night, stealing women’s heartsâ?¦and lives.

“Silver expertly matches a brooding sense of atmosphere with a generous measure of suspenseâ?¦”â??The Chicago Tribune

Eve’s gothic romances include:

(Note: HIS WICKED SINS was originally released in paperback in 2008.)

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