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Grand Theft Starship (The Adventures of Captain Jason Hunter and the Bandit Jacks Book 8)

by Shane Black

With the success or failure of Fleet Captain Jason Hunter’s gamble resting with one ship, the outgunned Strike Fleet Perseus continues its dangerous cat and mouse game with the heavy weapons and fighter squadrons of Task Force Hades and its heavy battleship escort.

Just as the Dunkerque and her skeleton crew are about to reach their objective, they are waylaid by an unexpected adversary intent on taking the nearly abandoned Strike Cruiser a prize!

Before Captain Hunter has time to react to this unexpected intruder, the enormous Sentinel opens fire on his fighters and starships!

Apocalyptic Fears II: Select Novels and Novellas: A Multi-Author Box Set

by Greg Dragon

A Multi-Author Box Set of Select Bestsellers! More than 3000 pages of apocalyptic fiction for a bargain price. This is Volume 2. Look for Volume 1 in the series for more great stories!

When the world falls apart, when civilization collapses, when life as we know it ends, our greatest terrors becomes real. Perhaps it’s nuclear war with its poisonous radiation, hideous plagues or chemical contamination, rogue artificial intelligences controlling killer robots, or zombies that turn our friends and neighbors into inhuman monsters. What can the common man or woman do in the face of apocalyptic fears?

Apocalyptic Fears I and II are collections of bestselling, award-winning or just plain exciting stories by some of the best independent authors of today.

Knights and Demons: Tanshuku by Greg Dragon

Surviving the apocalypse means staying clear of monsters. Alysia never dreamed her first years as an adult would be spent fighting demons. However, as the chosen warrior of the Turevila, she must defeat them in order to save the world.

Massacre at Lonesome Ridge: A Zombie Western by Samantha Warren

Sheriff Connor McClane would like the world to leave him in peace at the bottom of the bottle he’s crawled into. Unfortunately an army of the undead, led by Charity Banks, very unhappy transplant to the west, have other plans for him.

You Will Be Like God by Steve Stroble

In 2095, being a parent is complicated but eliminating grandchildren is profitable. Bud Lee believes he has proof that his boss is plotting to decide Earth’s fate by recruiting surrogate children into a think tank named The Club.

Ink: Red, by Al K. Line

The needle buzzed. The nightmare began. Strapped to a gurney, Edsel watched in horror as they tattooed his entire body bright red. His captors were overconfident; he escaped, only to be chased across the ravaged city.

Numbers Game by Rebecca Rode

Treena isn’t sure she wants to be Rated anymore. This number will brand her forever. But Rating Day comes and her number is announced-and it shocks everyone.

Swarmers by R. V. Doon

A lethal virus with no known cure is awakened in a secret lab and goes airborne. Their world is forever altered, and the stunned survivors must keep fighting for their very existence.

Thrown Away, Parts 1-3 by Glynn James

Among the remnants of mankind it is thought that the strangers who live behind the barrier, inside their protected city, may still hold that secret. But no one taken by the hunters from the city ever comes back.

The Flense: China by Saul Tanpepper

A fiery train crash in northern China. A sinking off the Libyan coast. Villagers vanish in Ghana. Each event is preceded by the sudden spread of a mysterious ailment and is followed by the appearance of a man dressed in black and silver who witnesses claim is the devil himself.

Zombie Maneuvers by Griffin Carmichael

Before the world fell apart, Janet’s life was already indistinguishable from Hell. In Connor, she’d thought she found a strong protector, someone who would take care of her. What she got was a brutal man who used and abused her.

The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

Seventeen-year-old Adele, a member of the middle-class moon dwellers, is unjustly sentenced to life in prison for her parents’ crimes of treason. Against all odds, Adele must escape and find her family while being hunted by a deranged killing machine named Rivet.

The Protectors by Ryan King

It’s been twenty years since the Great Plague. In a few months, Teal will turn sixteen and be able to Take the Chit from a Protector as so many have before her. But as Teal seeks to stand for truth, she sets off a chain of events that could destroy them all.

Reaper’s Run by David VanDyke

When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth’s blown-off legs begin to regenerate, she thinks it’s a medical miracle, but the breakthrough that heals her war injuries is exactly what the government desperately wants to quash – by any means nece

The Dead Room (The Dead Room Trilogy Book 1)

by Stephanie Erickson

From bestselling author, Stephanie Erickson, comes a new post apocalyptic fiction book.

“The story was absolutely amazing and a page turner for sure.” -Antoinette, on Goodreads

“Get this intriguing book and try to figure out the secrets!” – Lindy Lu Book Review, on Goodreads

* * * * *

322 years after the apocalypse, the world has changed, but her people have not. Secrets, lies, and manipulations endure among a small group of survivors taking refuge on an island in the Northern Pacific.

No one knows what claimed so many lives over three centuries ago, and no one asks, except Ashley Wortham. She can feel the secrets all around her, begging to be uncovered.

But the nine elders who govern the island guard their secrets jealously. They believe the islanders know what they need to, and they hide their secrets behind a ruse of peace. But when Ashley, and her best friend Mason, go down the rabbit hole, no one is prepared for the truths they uncover. What will they do when they discover the downfall of humanity lies within their own island, deep inside the dead room?

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The Pandora Chronicles – Book 1 (A Scifi Adventure Thriller)

by Ryan Attard

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Secrets Uncovered

A nomadic alien species found itself trapped on a new-born Earth billions of years ago. And they were here just long enough to leave a legacy behind – buried in our DNA.

1713 – Captain Jack Finnegan’s remarkable success as a privateer gets him the attention of the Order, a secret society with only one mission: finding an ancient alien artifact and hiding it away. Finnegan will need all of his wits, resources, and newfound mysterious abilities, to survive his quest.

2012 – Famous archaeologist Nick Solomon find himself caught in an NSA Black Ops investigation to locate an ancient and powerful relic that could potentially change the world as we know it. Blackmailing Nick into working with them, he has to face off against Astrid, a Spanish crime lord who will stop at nothing to get the artifact first.
Also helping Nick is the beautiful and deadly Agent Excalibur, a lethal secret agent from Nick’s past… a past he is trying so hard to forget.

Join Nick Solomon in his biggest adventure yet, as he explores ancient conspiracies, people with strange abilities, and mysterious alien technology.

Interview with the Author

Q – What makes The Pandora Chronicles so unique?
A – The Pandora Chronicles is primarily an action-adventure thriller series, with elements of science fiction sprinkled around.
The story primarily follows archeologist Nick Solomon as he hunts for clues to a mysterious location that houses a legendary artifact with mysterious powers. Along the journey he gets roped into helping a secret underground government agency and meets Agent Excalibur, a secret agent from Nick’s past.

Throughout the course of the adventure Nick explores his own past, his upbringing in a bizarre cult, as well as something that makes him special – something not quite human…

Q – What inspired you to create The Pandora Chronicles?
A – Each of the parts in the book take place in a different time. The Prologue, where the aliens show up to witness the birth of the planet, was inspired by a Discovery Channel documentary.

Part 1 of the story tells the story of Captain Jack Finnegan, a privateer turned pirate, and that was inspired by my own love of pirates (who doesn’t love pirates) and my university thesis.

Part 2, the main adventure, was inspired by Assassins Creed and Uncharted, as well as Tomb Raider, The Librarian, and of course, Indiana Jones. I think of Nick Solomon as a mix of all those, but with a larger ego, a dapper sense of fashion and more prone to sarcasm.

Q – Can we get more?
A – Sure you can! There are at least 5 books in series but while you wait for the next one, you should check out the link above or in brackets here ( and sign up to my exclusive mailing list. You’ll get TWO character profiles, one for Nick Solomon and Agent Excalibur respectively, and get to read all about their individual pasts.

The Pandora Chronicles Ebook Categories:

– Action Adventure

– Adventure Thriller

– Science Fiction Thriller

– Alien Technology

– First Contact Thriller

– Psychic Action Thriller

Thanks for reading!

Koadie’s Monster: A Ray Garret/Lifeline (Cyberpunk Detective) Technothriller

by Robert S. Wilson

Young Koadie Lawson is tired of Rudy bullying him on the bus. Every day the older boy picks on him, beats on him, and sometimes even spits on him. But today Koadie has a plan. He’s going to finally get his revenge.

Using a new Lifeline program called LifeCraft, he creates the perfect interactive perceptual trap for Rudy in the form of a fake porn file. But when Rudy takes the bait, Koadie gets more revenge than he bargained for.

Now it’s up to Ray Garret to go in and save Rudy from his own perceptual hell and bring the poor kid back to the real world before there’s nothing left to save. But first… he has to make it past Koadie’s Monster…

Fool’s Game: (The Strategy Series #1.5)

by J.C. Ahern

Glimpse behind the curtain to discover what the Illintians are up to while Rogue and company battle it out in the games: Betrayals run deeper than you know…As the Ilintian elite congregate to observe the preamble to the most anticipated match in millennia, it rapidly becomes apparent that more than Skaki is being played. The theater is thick with lies, schemes, double crosses and cloaked motives. At the center of it all is an unwitting Sapien pawn; the most controversial piece in living memory.

Platoon F: Pentalogy

by John P. Logsdon

Hilarity and absurdity on an intergalactic scale …

Not intended for children. Contains adult themes/situations/language and is positively not politically correct!

This bundle gives you missions 1 – 5 from the hilarious Platoon F series. You’ll get space ships, space marines, robots, androids, impossible technology, time travel, alien races, and good old-fashioned military insanity slapped together on a tapestry of futuristic mayhem.

Mission 1: The SSMC Reluctant
Lieutenant Orion Murphy is scheduled for execution due to a clerical error. His only out is to undergo a complete physical makeover, get a rank and name change, and agree to take over a new platoon in the Segnal Space Marine Corps (SSMC). Seeing that it’s a case of comply or die, he accepts the offer. A week later, he finds himself standing on the bridge of The SSMC Reluctant with a misfit crew, an insane special agent, an antiquated robot mechanic, and his updated identity.

Will the newly-named Commodore Don Harr be able to get control of the ship and crew? Can they all survive their first mission, especially since they’re not really supposed to? And who came up with this mission, anyway?

…it all makes Harr wonder if execution may have been the better option.

Mission 2: Angry Robots
A group of antiquated robots have decided that they’ve had enough of being treated like second-class citizens. Working together, they take over the sewage plant on Segnal Prime and start pumping the sludge back up into the buildings. Captain Don Harr and his team of misfit androids must traverse the underground tunnel systems, take on dog-sized sewer rats, and wrestle control of the plant back while trying to maintain a semblance of sanity as they slosh through loads of crap.

Sometimes it’s abundantly clear what the “F” in Platoon F truly means.

Mission 3: The SSMC Voyeur
A space probe that was sent out 500 years ago has returned…sort of. It’s actually a copy of the original model of The SSMC Voyeur, which begs the question: What happened to the original craft?

The crew of The SSMC Reluctant is dispatched to learn about the originating planet that sent this cloned vehicle. And, if Rear Admiral Conster gets his way, they’re also to blow the entire planet that it came from to smithereens.

Mission 4: Earthlings
After their last mission, the Segnal Space Marine Corps (SSMC) saw the value of the GONE Drive. The ability to move through space in a blink of an eye would be highly appealing to any military body, but specifically to Rear Admiral Parfait who has a bit of a thing for military bodies.

Follow the crew as they hit the Middle Ages, the Mesozoic era, the 1940s, and 2400s of Earth.

Mission 5: Synthetic DNA
After a close call in the year 2440 at the planet called “Earth,” the crew of The SSMC Reluctant makes a quick escape back to their home of Segnal. However, Geezer didn’t have time to set the clock on the GONE Drive to return them back to their own era, and things have changed greatly in the Segnal System over the past 500 years.

The system is ruled by Synthetic Lifeforms now, and they find humans and standard robots an affront to their intellectual capacity. From their perspective, only Synthetic Lifeforms should be allowed to live.

Platoon F gets its influence as a hodgepodge from Monty Python, National Lampoon, Family Guy, Red Dwarf, Phule’s Company, Robert Asprin, Airplane!, Naked Gun, Douglas Adams, Harry Harrison, and countless other comedic mediums. Readers will find a new, fun, comedic SciFi world to play in. Aliens, robots, androids, space marines, time travel, galactic mayhem, and more fill the universe of Platoon F.

Evolution of the Dead

by R. M. Smith

Since the beginning of time, an unknown life-form has been trapped inside every single human cell. Nature blocked it, denied its growth, denied its life.

Now, in a small lab, two scientists have stumbled upon this odd anomaly. One scientist believes this is what human life should have evolved into; and normal human life was a mistake.

The scientist’s colleague, greedy, set on self gain, allows the oddity to be cut loose. This sets off a string of events allowing the living infestation to ravage life as we know it, taking revenge on human kind for being locked inside a cell for eons.

Set in current day Orlando, Florida, before the long Fourth of July weekend, the Evolution of the Dead begins.

Apocalypse A.I. – The Seven (Apocalypse AI Book 1)

by A.J. Ramsey

Redemption comes from unexpected places…

Five years of fighting against the machine army of D.A.N.A, has left Apollo craving peace… and maybe a small hope of redemption. It won’t come easy. Officially, Apollo is one of the finest soldiers the Elite Special Forces unit has in its command. Unofficially… he’s suspended.

But when the council offers him the chance to lead an infiltration unit against D.A.N.A, Apollo realizes that this death trap of a mission might just cost him more than he’s prepared to pay. This last ditch effort could end the war… but how much can he possibly accomplish with a unit of untrained civilians against the war machines of D.A.N.A.

Time is working against them; the machines have already implemented an assault that humanity will not survive… And the clock is ticking…

Will Apollo be forced to give up everything for the sake of humanity? Or is there more to his team than meets the eye?

Apocalypse AI: The Seven, is a fast paced Sci-Fi action adventure with no shortage of edge of your seat suspense. If you like the Robopocalypse by Daniel H Wilson’s and the Terminator by William Wisher, Jr then you won’t be able to put down A.J. Ramsey’s new Series Apocalypse AI!

Authors Note: Apocalypse AI contains adult language and situations. Reader discretion is advised.

Parno’s Company (The Black Sheep of Soulan Book 1)

by N.C. Reed


The world died long ago, leaving only a few here and there to rebuild. Their world had once been grand and magnificent, but too much was lost in the years after the time known as the Dying. Knowledge that had been gained over centuries disappeared from the world, lost when those who carried that knowledge died with it.

The population has grown again over the last centuries, but the world has not regained its lost knowledge or former glory. A few things survive, here and there, and scholars seek to uncover more of their Ancients lost technology. But in the midst of that comes the threat of war with a rival nation. The latest in a long line of such wars for the Kingdom of Soulan.

Enter Parno McLeod, third son of King Tammon McLeod, who is unloved by his family and laughed at by the nobility. A brawling, drinking, womanizing playboy still in his teens, the common soldiers and people love Parno because he doesn’t preen and pretend and Parno loves his people and his Land, even though he doesn’t love his family.

When sent away by his family on an impossible mission, can young Parno overcome the odds and become the prince that destiny intends him to be?

Strange Works of a Strange Dreamer

by S.J. Moyer

From stories about cats with the ability to teleport themselves, then to hell found in an old wooden box, enter the mind of S.J. Moyer with this collection of nine original short stories. Follow a man who can talk to the dead, but avoids them all if he can. Find out about the tragic fate of Butch Robbins and the strange events that followed his untimely demise. Then into a dark, unexplored jungle for terrors unknown to the world. All this and more to finish out with a brief conversation between the Devil and God in a small coffee shop.

Written with the intent of publication in the pulp fiction world, but rejected due to a desire or editors for positive endings in the publishing world, this collection has an older, pulp sci-fi and horror feel that seemed to have been forgotten about in the publishing world.

A Cull of the Wicked: Part 1

by Mike Gaston

A father and son must cope with the fallout of their world turned upside down by a devastating attack that changes the course of human history.

The Vorkian [a dystopian novella]: The 2250 Saga

by Nirina Stone

The year is 2250. The nation, Apex.

And Mazz is a regular fellah with a regular job, â??livingâ?? a quiet life in Citizen City.

That iâ??s until he is compelled to head to a â??mystery secretâ?? facility far from his homeâ??, where he learns that he will be trained to be a Death Doctor. Where he will live, for the rest of his life, as a Vorkian.

But how short will Mazz’s life be in this new, deadly job?â??

Take a quick journey with Mazz, to understand just what it takes, and everything you must give up, to become a Vorkian in Apex.â??

This is a short story of about 15k words and is set in the world of The 2250 Saga.

The Window Girl

by S.J. Moyer

Adam’s world was filled with people who were bored with life. Unlike most of the overpopulated world, Adam knew he was bored. But recognizing the boredom was not enough for Adam.

Inspired by a woman he watched from his apartment window, Adam wrote books that no one would ever read. He lived with a wife who he rarely saw. He worked at a mindless job that had only been created to employ more people. And then thing changed in Adam’s life.

The Girl From Space (1+1)

The story is about an amateur astronaut, Yolanda, and a Xapien warrior, Gabriel. Whose paths collide in a mysterious portal buried under a mine, as both try to survive the devastation of mass extinction of human race and Xapiens respectively.

Yolanda Roberts returns from a successful space mission â??Black Hole 2018′. The moment the spacecraft lands on earth, she discovers all continents have sunk under the sea except North America and the year is 9999 (Y10K). No one recognizes her and is suspected to be a dangerous extra-terrestrial. She fights tirelessly to clear her name. Her humanitarian efforts increases her popularity from the slum dwellers and the masses encourage her to run for the presidency in the general elections. Her political opponent tries to damage her reputation by spreading rumors; she is an alien on a mission to set a colony on earth. After a hard fought battle, she is elected to be the president of Appian. Her first 100 days in office start on a wrong note and realizes all her policies have failed.

An earthquake erupts and sends a wave of panic around the country. When it subsided, the miners discover a portal buried underground and realize it is the cause. The portal vibrates until it people’s faces appear on the other end. The military and Yolanda rush to the scene. They introduce themselves as the Xapiens. They request to visit planet earth as tourists and are interested in learning about new planets and cultures. In addition they show and offer their unlimited mineral wealth, oil, gas, gold, diamonds, emeralds at Planet Gadju. Skeptical, Yolanda is overruled by her cabinet and citizens in parliament and referendum respectively.

“I’m caught between a rock and another rock, the offer is too good to be true. We could use their mineral wealth to transform Appian, but who are the Xapiens and what is their real purpose of their visit on planet earth?”

No one predicted the events that unfolded next.


by Robert S. Wilson

Ever since the local factory was destroyed by the meteorites, Edgar’s been down on his luck and drunk. Marilyn wishes he’d just quit moping and look for a job. But that rock he brought home from the debris, it’s got a secret. A creepy crawly secret with 15 pairs of legs.

As the town is taken over by something not of this world, Marilyn is the only one in her right mind to witness it. Can she do anything to stop them?

***This short story is an ode to the pulpy science fiction/horror stories of old. Not for the squeamish when it comes to bugs, particularly centipedes.***

The Man Who Rocked the Earth

by Arthur Train

“I thought, too, of the first and most significant realization which the reading of astronomy imposes: that of the exceeding delicacy of the world’s position; how, indeed, we are dependent for life, and all that now is, upon the small matter of the tilt of the poles; and that we, as men, are products, as it were, not only of earth’s precarious position, but of her more precarious tilt.”â??W. L. Comfort, Nov., 1914

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