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Zika Virus 4 in 1 Box Set: All about Zika Virus Infection Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment + Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals (Zika Virus Symptoms, Macrocephaly Symptom, Microcephaly)

by Max Miller

Book 1 – Zika Virus

Zika Virus Infection: Everything you need to know about Zika Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment (Microcephaly Symptoms, Treatment of Zika Virus, Prevention of Zika Virus)

The Zika virus was very uncommon, until recently. Zika virus has been in the news for a while now, especially this year. This has been due to the recent widespread infections in parts of America, mostly South America. This has led to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention issuing travel alerts to anyone who wishes to travel to exercise extra caution while travelling to these countries until the situation is contained. Well, probably this is how you came to find out about the existence of this virus, few people know about it. There are many reasons why people in South and Central America and some parts of North America are freaking out because of this virus. This leads us to the more frequent questions in so many people’s minds; this book will answer these questions in a brief but in an all you need to know way. The following chapters will be used to provide an in-depth analysis of this virus.

Book 2 – Zika Virus

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Zika Virus infection from effecting you and your loved once. All about Zika Virus Infection Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment and much more

It is always a good idea to ensure that you prioritize your health and by this I mean getting to know of every single thing regarding the existing things that may put our general health and well being at risk. So much has been going around regarding the Zika virus and am sure a part of you must be worried about everything that has to do with it. This book will cover all that you need to know as every chapter of it is very much detailed.

There is so much more to every chapter and I believe that by going through the book you will have an open mind on how to best prevent and treat the Zika virus infection. Take this opportunity to keep yourself, family and friends healthy and safe.

Book 3 – Zika Virus

Cracking the Zika Virus Code: Zika Virus Biological Species – Mosquito-borne Illness: Zika Virus Symptoms, Macrocephaly Symptom, Microcephaly, Treatment and Prevention of Zika Virus

The Pan American Health Organization alerted American citizens and the world in May 2015 concerning the Zika virus. This was after the confirmation of an infection from the virus in Brazil that was discovered around that same time. During this period of the outbreak women in Brazil it was reported that a number of Brazilian women gave birth to infants with deformities.

The Zika virus outbreak period was characterized by cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome and multiple cases of complicated and poor pregnancies. The virus in question is known as Zika and is transmitted through mosquito bites. Research has indicated that the Aedes mosquito species is responsible for the spread of Zika virus from one person to another.

Book 4 – Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Antibiotics – Homemade Herbal Remedies that Kill Pathogens and Cure Bacterial Infections and Allergies. Prevent Illness, Cold and Flu.

More often than once you have passed through a vegetable market and/or your own garden and seen these beautiful fresh vegetables, herbs or even weeds of varying colours, texture and shapes. Chances are you are looking at a powerful antiviral or antibiotic natural substance that could be the answer to an illness you might be suffering from. Bacteria and virus caused illnesses and diseases are sometimes hard to prevent and treat due to their rapid regeneration in the host’s cell. Severe cases of Bacterial and viral infections are bound to recur from time to time. This makes it expensive and annoying. Good news people! There may be a cheap, easy, homemade solution to your problem which you may not even know exists, nature’s own gift to mankind.

PTSD: Self Help: PTSD Recovery (Trauma Depression Bipolar) (Borderline Personality Disorder PTSD Mental Illness)

by David Walker


Discover How To Overcome PTSD

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You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to overcome PTSD so you can live a normal, happy life. There are many people that suffer from PTSD and the emotional pain can be overwhelming and this pain can overflow affecting the people closest to them. Most victims realize how much of a problem this is, but are unable to overcome this problem.

The truth is, if you’re suffering from PTSD and haven’t been able to beat PTSD, you’re simply lacking an effective strategy to control it and ultimately beat it. This book goes into a step-by-step strategy that will help you overcome PTSD once and for all.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is PTSD?
  • Causes of PTSD
  • Symptoms of PTSD
  • PTSD Treatment
  • Self-Help Treatment
  • Most Common Myths about PTSD
  • Physiological or Biochemical Causes
  • Traumatic stressors
  • Much, much more!

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“Very helpful” — Sarah Mcdonald

“Post­traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops after a terrifying suffering that involved physical or psychological harm or the threat of physical or psychological harm. Persons suffering from PTSD experience recurrences of the terrifying situation. Educating yourself with this book is something I will highly recommend to anyone particularly for people suffering from PTSD or have family members or friends suffering from PTSD.” — Ivan Jerk

“This book is a great guide for those out there trying to overcome a serious problem that they’ve once experienced in their lives. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) should not be overlooked. I’ve known someone with this disorder, and trust me, all is not well with him. The strategies and guidelines that this book presents will surely help out with reducing the effects, but it’s best to seek professional help. Still a great book though – recommended!” — Jack Black

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Tension Headaches: Headache Pain Relief Using Fast & Effective Home Remedies

by Dr Jim Kyle

Rid yourself of tension headaches TODAY!

Ditch drugs…..and choose an ALL natural, homeopathic way to eliminate the pain caused by tension headaches

There are many different kinds of headaches. One of the most common and nastiest kinds of headaches is the tension headache.

Tension headaches can often persist for days at a time. Talk about frustrating! But how do you treat a tension headache in an effective way? Is it really possible to live pain free?

Yes!….Pain free is possible!

Tension Headaches: Fast & Effective Home Remedies for Tension Headache Relief will teach you step by step methods that are all natural, to help you get rid of the pain associated with tension headaches.

In this book Tension Headaches you will learn many natural and effective ways to live pain free using all natural products, including essential oils, plants, and herbs.
A tension headache is defined as “A mild to moderate pain often described as feeling like a tight band around the head.”

Millions of people suffer from headaches every day. One of the main causes of headaches is stress. This book will give you techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle which in turn will reduce the amount of headaches you suffer from.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…

  • Understanding the different types of headaches
  • Symptoms and causes
  • Aromatherapy for tension headaches
  • Plant and herbal remedies
  • Pain relief through lifestyle changes, good habits, and alternative treatments
  • And much more!

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Your Own Weight Watcher: Weight Watcher’s Recipes Quick Reference: Simple Start Plan To Lose 21 Lbs in 2 weeks (Weight Loss For Beginners, Simple Weight Watcher’s Cookbook)

by Tina Moore

Your Own Weight Watcher

Weight Watcher’s Recipes Quick Reference: Simple Start Plan To Lose 21 Lbs in 2 weeks (Weight Loss For Beginners, Simple Weight Watcher’s Cookbook)

Are you currently trying to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight in the past but struggled? Have you lost weight but are trying to lose more? Are you curious about Weight Watchers and how you can use it on your own weight loss journey? If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely you answered “yes” to one or more of the previous questions and if you did, then this book can not only help you but be a great educational tool to help you lose weight!

Weight is such an important issue in our everyday lives. So much of what we wear and eat as well as how we think of ourselves is based on our weight and how we look. Weight (and how it makes us look) is important to us because how we look and therefore, how we feel, relays a message to everyone who sees us throughout our daily life.

If you are feeling or have felt, uncomfortable with your weight and are looking to make a serious life change, then this book is a great choice for you! Losing weight and keeping it off is an extremely difficult thing to do! It is always easier when you have something or someone to help you stick with the commitment. This book can not only help you preserver but it can also serve as a guide to educate you on what to eat, when to eat it and how this will affect your weight loss. This book includes:

-Helpful information that can assist you in losing weight

-An introduction to Weight Watchers

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a smart breakfast

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a healthy lunch

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a satisfying, yet nutritious dinner

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for desserts

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