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Lords of Circumstance

by Mike Leach

Lords of Circumstance is a story of tragedy and redemption that spans two generations, extraordinarily connected by the whims of fate. It examines the shrinking proximity of unspeakable disaster that we all suppress for the sake of sanity.

Between the Korean War and the killing fields of Vietnam, the Cold War Era becomes a proving ground for increasingly complex, engineered viruses. While the world focuses on nuclear threats, our enemies are rapidly developing alternative methods of achieving world domination. One man has peeked inside Pandora’s Box and discovered a soulless aggressor.

On the opposite side of the world, the lives of best friends Matt Garrett and Bill Hunter follow widely divergent paths after high school, only to be reunited as adults in pursuit of a common goal. With the formation of the elite, U.S. government “LOC” team, the characters are swept up in a global search for the ultimate biological weapon, developed by a Russian scientist whose research was decades ahead of its time. Deadly secrets lead to incredible revelations, leaving us to question the tenuous fabric of our daily lives.

Folville’s Law (II): Conquest

by David Pilling

England, 1330. The young King, Edward III, is a virtual prisoner, locked out of power by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover, the power-hungry Roger de Mortimer. Determined to rule, Edward gathers a band of loyal followers and plots to reclaim his kingdom.

Meanwhile war rages across the Channel in Gascony. Sir John Swale, forced into exile to escape his enemies in England, is caught up in a war for control of the province. Captured and ransomed by the French, he is sent back to England to restore his fortunes as one of King Edward’s household knights.

Yet Swale’s former enemies have not been quiet. The outlaw Eustace Folville is still at large, and joined by the equally ruthless James Coterel. Together the Coterel and Folville gangs roam at will, robbing and slaying innocents. While they sow chaos, fresh war erupts between England and Scotland.

As a loyal King’s knight, Swale must face these dangers head-on. From pitched battles with outlaws in the heart of England to the hell of the Scottish March, he fights to a cruel finish for land and king and family…

DRAGONSEED: Five Stars against Fifty

by Nick Stein

If you like the novels of Tom Clancy, “Dragonseed” is a book for you.

To win the ultimate fight for global dominance, China has to gain access to the world’s oceans, and to the resource-rich South China Sea. In order to achieve this goal, the country has to weaken and cripple the United States; it has to win the ensuing battle.

After the dragon seeds, long-term Chinese sleepers in the US, have acted, America is on the brink of collapse. It still has the nuclear advantage; but will the president, infected with dangerous bacteria, make use of his deadly arsenal?

When your arms are broken, your body is shattered, you cannot see clearly, and the ugly fiend in front of you is initiating an all-out nuclear war – what do you do?

CIA director Mac O’Clynt follows his nose, literally, when fighting the ultimate Chinese villain in his underground Beijing bunker to prevent the final onslaught.

The Chinese Communist Party, with Mao gone, had begun its preparations early in the eighties, able to make long-term plans for many decades to come, both economically and strategically.

As CIA director, Mac O’Clynt – which is an anagram in honor of Tom Clancy – is confronted with a series of asymmetric war assaults on the United States. These include biological attacks hitting the US, apparently Muslim strikes at American cities and symbols of freedom, the forced breakdown of the networks, and a total crash of the stock exchanges. None of this seems connected to China. But China has planned all this for decades, and is timing all these attacks unerringly, in order to destabilize the US. A weakened and helpless America makes victory easier.

At the same time, military conflicts between the US and China in and around Taiwan and the South China Sea emerge, initiated by the sinking of a Chinese submarine. This makes the US look like the aggressor, not like the victim of this conflict. China wins the hearts of the masses and the media; this strategy seems to work perfectly. The maritime conflict slowly turns into a full naval battle which the US loses. Has it lost the war, too? Has it just been put into second place?

Already fallen out of grace with the CIA, Mac is the only one left who may yet prevent the villain behind all the aggression from taking over the world. His mission is doomed to fail â?¦

The book is set against a very realistic and authentic background. Today, China establishes naval bases on atolls in the South China sea and US warships patrol the area. Over the last decades, China has built up its military capabilities, including stealing tech from the US, to such an extent that it is now able to deny the US access to its waters. The story in the book could turn into reality in this or similar form in the very near future.

The Last America: The Kingdom

by L.M. Cook

The Last America 

The Last America is a gripping government conspiracy about how America was almost lost forever! A small family in Texas survives a world wide catastrophe and has to avoid being captured by a corrupt military that has infiltrated and taken over America. The Kowach family survives the initial attacks on America only to have to try and outrun a foreign government on American soil that is trying to capture and kill all who remain! Will Kowach and his family are running for their lives. Their family has to be strong and find a way to survive.

An American Lakota Indian by the name of Dakotah Darkwolf is in the United States Marine Corp. Can he rise to the challenge of saving his beloved country? His loyalty is to this land that his Lakota people owned before the government took it away from his ancestors. Now he is a General for that same military that brought his family to the brink extinction, just to blame the Christians. Only God designed friendships were brought together to save America and turn the tables on the people responsible for bringing America to her knees.

The Rebel Patriots are a Special Black Ops Unit put together by old war buddies. Their pursuit to expose the evil that this shadow government has become has put the cross-hair’s on their own center mass. This is a new war on a group of people deemed unfit for society by this governments standards. The Rebel Patriot’s are the only one’s brave enough to stand in the way of their plans to destroy what’s left of America. 

The Rebel Patriots are going to do everything within their power to stop the lies with the help from Almighty God! This is an epic battle between good and evil pure and simple! Do you have what it takes to become a Rebel Patriot? If you do, then this epic adventure will leave you wanting more!  Action, adventure, conspiracy with love and friendship you won’t soon forget! 



Romance: Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret: (Bad Boy Alphas Military Romance) (Navy SEAL Pregnancy Billionaire Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

People like me never got guys like him.

Hayden was an incredibly carved piece of muscular art and I was more of the large cushioned blow up doll you use for one night and never look back.

But Hayden was about to become the best stepbrother I could have ever asked for, and in more ways than one. I know that sounds strange, but it didn’t feel strange at all. It felt right.

It was right.

It scared me alright, but it excited me even more.

But what would happen when he would leave again for six months? My Navy SEAL lover would surely forget about me.

And when he gets back and sees my pregnant belly ready to pop? I’m sure he will wish he never even knew me to begin with.

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret includes 20+ BONUS ROMANCE BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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