Free world literature Kindle books for 05 Aug 16

Romance: Regency Romance: An Unexpected Noble (Clean Historical Victorian Duke Noble Chronicles) (Romantic Suspense Mystery Fiction)

by Mary Johns

Forced to marry a man she has nothing to do with, Nadine Egerton reluctantly packs her things and says a tearful goodbye to her parents as she’s packed into a coach bound for the estate of Seth Carrington, a powerful duke with eyes only for her. On the way, her coach is beset upon by a band of highwaymen, who rob her at gunpoint and take both herself and her jewels to a secluded lodge in the middle of the woods.

Her captor, who introduces himself as Gabriel, is kind, charming and handsome beneath the mask that covers half of his face. As the days pass, Nadine finds herself wondering who the man behind the mask is, and why he’s so interested in her betrothed.

As a token of our appreciation we’ve included three bonus stories for your enjoyment.

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