Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 06 Aug 16

Ephebophile’s Web

by Aaron Colombo

A young man’s journey of self-discovery, survival and redemption set against the backdrop of the gritty inner city and the AIDS epidemic of the1980’s.

To Pimp A Butterfly: Short Bio

by Rock Lee

A true riches to rags, rags to riches biography. Child to adult, one man perseveres through unforgiving conditions and circumstances to reach the pinnacle of the mountain, called freedom. Once Used up like a washcloth the drive to achieve one’s higher calling in life pushes ones mental state to the limit. The back and forth of a father and son who views the universe from two different telescopes, but When the time comes you cant give a bird its wings, and teach it how to fly.

Patrick Kearney: The True Story of The Freeway Killer: Historical Serial Killers and Murderers (True Crime by Evil Killers Book 18)

by Jack Rosewood

Patrick Wayne Kearney had a grudge. The American serial killer had been small and scrawny as a kid, and his classmates bullied him mercilessly. As a result, Kearney took his rage out on young men who either made the mistake of hitching a ride with him or catching his eye at a gay bar or bathhouse. In the process, he became one of the most prolific serial killers in California history.

This serial killer biography goes behind the scenes, exploring the background that led to Kearney’s horrific acts as well as the swath of death that the man who would become known as the Trash Bag Killer would carve across California.

In the world of true crime murder, Kearney was a monster who preyed upon unsuspected boys and young men, and after they were dead, he used their bodies for sexual satisfaction before dismembering them and bagging them neatly up in industrial-size garbage bags.

With the innocent looks of an accountant, Kearney seemed like a normal guy, if you didn’t hear the gunshots – or happen to look out your window while the serial killer was taking out the trash.

In the 1970s, this serial killer had California on edge. Today, Kearney’s true crime story will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how one man could so easily conjure up the devil and bring him so dreadfully to life.

Becoming Lola

by Harriet Steel

“What a cracking subject: there’s no other way to put it.” London Matron.
The gripping story of Lola Montez, the notorious Victorian adventuress who rose to become for decades the most famous woman in the world after Queen Victoria.
The story of how she did it ranges from the exotic lands of India to the rough-and-ready Australian Outback, taking in the glittering courts of Europe, the razzmatazz of New York’s Broadway and the California goldfields on the way.
This true story of a remarkable woman will fascinate all those who love to discover history’s less travelled roads.

“Throughout Becoming Lola I had to remind myself that the story was based on historical fact. It is a fascinating journey following a woman’s single-minded determination to get the very best for herself at all costs.” Historical Novel Society

“A fascinating read. Lola was such a gutsy character, and Harriet Steel has captured her times and adventures very vividly. It’s a must read if you like wild women and strange adventures.” Beth Webb, Author of the Star Dancer trilogy

A Stiff Sentence: The Memoirs of a Sex Drug Smuggler

by John Keenan

Meet John Keenan: just your average hardworking entrepreneur faced with the daily gind of earning himself a few bob. A man who always had opportunity knocking at his door – unless it was the police instead.

But after elevating himself to the financial big-leagues only to be brought to near-ruin by the collapse of the dot-com bubble, it would be in the unlikely setting of a faraway Mumbai market that John Keenan would discover his ultimate opportunity – and perhaps his ultimate downfall.

Just an obscure patent-medicine and a tiny loophole in British law were the only things that this more-than average entrepreneur would need to create a vast and complex smuggling operation that would bring him wealth beyond his wildest dreams – and consequences beyond his worst nightmares.

In this gripping, and unflinchingly candid true story, an ordinary man with extraordinary ambitions takes us on a breathtaking and revealing journey through his chaotic life; uncovering everything from India’s seamy sexual underbelly to corruption amongst the very guardians of British law itself. There’s even time for a spot of porridge along the way. But even in the confines of prison, a hardworking entrepreneur might still find ways of earning a few bob …

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