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Highlander Romance: Claimed by the Enemy Highlander (Historical, Scottish, Medieval) (Historical Scottish Highlander Short Stories Book 1)

by Raina Wilde


War. Passion. Love…

War is everything to Aigneis McGowan. Since her father’s death, her life has been driven by one thing: revenge.

She is twenty-oneâ??a beautiful, fiery woman; leader of her clan and undisputed swords-woman. But when she comes face to face with the object of her hateâ??the heir to the clan who killed her fatherâ??the views which have shaped her life are challenged in ways she did not think possible.

On the battlefield, leading her clan against the man she has come to love, Aigneis finds that some questions have no easy answers, and sometimes vengeance entraps us.

Will she find the truth? Will she triumph? And, most important: will she follow her heart?

A tale of passion, love and war; set in the stark and lofty wild of the Scottish Highlands.

This is a stand alone romance.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mature themes and language intended for 18+ readers only.

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Miss Hewitt Investigates Chandlers Fork

by Linda Stephenson

Spring 1918 and Great Britain is still at war with Germany. Stylish lady detective, Miss Isabel Hewitt, is approached by a Mrs Avis Willow. Isabel’s lawyer friend, Hugh Bernard, has recommended her to this lady. Avis’ son, 2nd Lieutenant Billy Willow has been arrested for the murder of a 10 year old girl, Alice Magwood, down in the village of Chandlers Fork. Billy has been badly injured at Ypres and was the sole survivor when his platoon was attacked. The villagers blame him for the deaths of three other young men from their village. Billy is badly affected by shell shock and suffers from seizures. On the afternoon of the murder he cannot remember where he was. He was seen by the local Squire in Chandlers Chase, where the girl’s body was found. Mrs Willow believes her son is innocent and asks Isabel to look into it. Isabel agrees and travels down to the village, with Clarke and her friend Elvira Stone. She takes her pet pug Pastry with her. But once in Chandlers Fork, she find the locals are hostile and Alice Magwood’s father warns her off. But Isabel persists and begins a systematic investigation. It isn’t long before she unearths clues that lead her into danger and a web of lies. There is a dark secret at the heart of the case but one which she must use all her ingenuity to expose.


by Karen Charbonneau

A World War II romance, a rocky marriage, the births of a son and daughter, and a move to rural Idaho. Betty then recounts Mitch’s gradual spiral from being a man who could build or fix anything into the world of the mentally ill, obsessed with the Virgin Mary and extra-terrestrial flight. Betty relies on her love of the land for the courage to fulfill her marriage vows and protect her family. From a life of subservience to the family bread-winner, temptation, fear and love give a razor’s edge to a sometime funny, but often difficult life. It is also the story of the conflicting relationship between mother and daughter, Torie, and Betty’s pride and fears for son, Michael, who becomes a combat infantry lieutenant in Vietnam. The author drew on her observations of her father’s mental illness to give this novel authenticity.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Rescued by the Heartbroken Cowboy (Historical Inspirational Frontier Romance) (Western Pioneer Short Stories)

by Rachel Pratt

Going from one man to the next is not what Dahlia Lamb had in mind when she agreed to be a mail order brideâ?¦.

Dahlia would do anything to take care of the family she loved so dearly, even if it meant leaving them behind to become a wife to a man she’d never met.

Walker wasn’t looking for love, he was trying to mend the parts of himself he had lost so suddenly. But when Walker met Dahlia his past wouldn’t allow him to move on.

Without another option Dahlia found herself in the arms of the town’s respected doctor, but not all things are as simple as they may seem.

Would Dahlia end up trapped in a situation she could no longer control, or would Walker be able to confront the demons that kept them apart?

This is a short story that includes Sweet and Heartwarming BONUS BOOKS!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand-alone stories with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Stories contain mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Private Sam

by C. G. Richardson

Private Sam Woods was just an ordinary soldier in the 40th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Sam woke up one peaceful April morning in Tennessee camped near a log church building whose name meant “peace”. The day would be anything but peaceful for Sam and the rest of General Grant’s army. The next two days would mean the loss of life and health for many and the revelation that Sam’s real name was Samantha, a fact that she had successfully hidden for months. Sam and her friends, including the young man she was falling in love with, would wade through the bloodiest battle fought on American soil up to that point. They would never be the same after bloody Shiloh.


by Malcolm Aylward

Follow along in this riveting, fictionalized account with the heroic 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment after they’ve transformed from everyday farmers, tradesmen, and shopkeepers into one of the most hard fighting and formidable fighting units ever to walk onto a battlefield.

In the chaotic months after Fort Sumter fell to the Confederates, Union Army soldiers Lucas Bainbridge and his best friend Thomas Hobbs, as well as their friends and neighbors from Red Wing, Minnesota, are thrown into the chaos and tumult of the American Civil War. The brave men of Company F and the Minnesota 1st head for their first real taste of war at Manassas in the first Battle of Bull Run in July of 1861.

Willow Pond

by Carol Tibaldi

As the Roaring Twenties crumble into the Great Depression, Virginia Kingsley, owner of New York’s swankiest and most popular speakeasy, Bacchanal, learns her baby nephew has been kidnapped. Is she somehow involved? His movie star father and her niece must set aside their differences to work with Virginia and her shady contacts to find the stolen child. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who befriends the mother may hold a key to the mystery.

A Damsel in Distress

by P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse is at his whimsical best as the characters of Belpher Castle muddle through impending catastrophes and ill-considered love affairs in this comedy of errors.

George Bevan, an American composer of musicals, is in England to attend the performance of one. But when the Lady Patricia Maud Marsh slips into his taxi, he is drawn into the frivolous intrigues of Belpher Castle. George is mistaken for another American with whom Maud has fallen in love. Maud, in turn, is attempting to escape her aunt, Lady Caroline Byng, who is trying to marry Maud off to her step-son, Reginald. Meanwhile, her father, Lord John Marshmoreton, has fallen in love with an actress. As the Castle servants make bets on their Lords’ and Ladies’ capricious attachments, Wodehouse weaves a jaunty satire that will leave readers breathless with its twists and antics.

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