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ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Major Chance at Love (Vampire Shifter Army Bad Boy New Adult Romance) (Paranormal Military Fantasy Romance)

by Rebecca Thorne


Major Dirk McDonald joined the US Army as a cadet and worked tirelessly to reach the rank of Major which he held with pride next to his love for mountain hiking. On every vacation that came his way Dirk McDonald would head for Mountain Fairway, his favorite haunt. His batch mates were always petrified as he negotiated the mountain and its jagged edges as if he was driving his 4-wheel on smooth terrain. They could never decipher how he did it, but Dirk McDonald did it, no matter what. He had asked Ellen his wife to join him several times, but she had always refused and he always ended up disappointed.

Dirk didn’t know how empty his life was until his new neighbor moved in next door. Will she be the answer to his prayers or will she bring more hell into his life?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

The Mountain Town

by Josh Olsen

In an isolated town, far within the icy mountains, an unspeakable horror roams the woods.

A dark past drives wedges between the people who must unite if there is to be any hope to save the town and its isolated inhabitants.

A horror novel about the monsters we must face and the monsters within.

The Ghostly Passenger

by Olga Chalykh

Tom Walters – player owes a great deal of money to serious people. Having realized that to pay the debt too much for him, the young man on the run. Moreover, in his own city did not holds: the girl learned about addiction Tom dumped him. And everything would be nice if on a deserted road in the car not gasoline has ended…

Broke Down House

by C S Hughes

From poet C S Hughes a collection of tales of torment and trepidation, some more terrible than others. We begin with Cave Canem, a shaggy dog story, with a twist in the tail worthy of Hitchcock. Next a story about a Phantom that should not be read by pregnant women or the overly sensitive, or perhaps anyone. Then follows a peculiar exploration featuring the musings of two old soldiers, now gravediggers, and the philosophies that pull their strings while they contemplate a Ferris Wheel at a funeral. In quite a different vein follows Natalie, La Luna and I, the monologue of a monster, sex, surgery, murder, strange voices and a fire on a ghost train. Not to be outdone, Darkest Matters is a tale of an insane scientist that sets out to destroy not the world, but himself, becoming almost immortal in the process. In the title piece, Broke Down House, the reader becomes the malevolent spirit, haunting itself. Sad Susan follows some classic tropes of monsters, haunts and madhouses down well trodden but still eerie paths. The Empire Of Broken Eyes sees a con artist photographer in 1930s Sydney get his just deserts, and will perhaps leave the reader reluctant to cross that particular bridge again. The final story is one of everyday madness on a drought stricken outback farm. Then, for atmosphere, a few poetic pieces, including the Poe inspired tale of a graveyard dancer, Lord Bonyfoote, whom we can only pray will remain behind those gates.

The Witch Wars: Jacoby’s Revenge (Sons of Death Book 1)

by Jack Crosby

**Warning – much like this father, Oz Grimm’s tales involve a lot of sex, swearing, violence, and keep a loose grip on actual historical facts. Oh, you were hoping he’d be a more upstanding citizen than Derrick? Sorry to let you down. Reader discretion is advised**

The Grimm family name – some wear it proudly while others shed it as soon as possible.

Oz Grimm has returned to Earth to find his wayward brother Jacoby. Before his adventure can even get started, he runs into the Zane twins who have been awaiting his arrival. Things quickly go from a simple manhunt to an apocalypse that needs diverting called The Witch Wars. Wasn’t this kinda stuff supposed to happen only to his dad Derrick (aka the Horsemen Death)?

Time travel, long lost demons, love triangles, and a seriously horny mermaid await our new hero as he tries to save the world and knock some sense into Jacoby while doing it. You came along on Derrick’s journey, now it’s time to join Oz’s. The Witch Wars have begun and Jacoby’s Revenge is not to be trifled with.

Author’s note – This is a continuation of the Grimm’s Reapers series. The Sons of Death can either be read before or after Derrick’s previous adventures, but some spoiler points will be given away from the first series.

The Mirror

by Tiffany Hunter

After a girl and her family inherit her grandparents’ old estate, the girl finds that there may be more left behind in the house than a few boxes and old clothes when the mirrors in the house begin reflecting more than what they see.


by JR Whitmore

A small town is ripped by a series of savage murders. While the local police chief tries to find a missing woman, the FBI sends a beautiful female agent to assist. When a large terrorist attack leaves Agent Nicole Chattum alone in the town, a Vatican envoy arrives to aid her. As the gruesome murders continue, Nicole is forced to confront the impossible truth; an embodiment of evil has come to terrorize this once peaceful town.

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