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Funny Books: 750 Funny Books: 750 WTF Facts about Weird America!: Cring, Laugh and be Amazed at these Facts too Weird to Believe (Oddball Interests)

by J. Pauly

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE fun facts! Useless facts, interesting facts, facts you interject at parties that people love, facts you interject at parties that nobody gives a shit about – I love them all! If you are somebody who likes to put your brain in neutral and would enjoy an easy, little-thought-required but oh so enjoyable book while waiting for a flight, sitting on the throne or just being lazy around the house, you need 750 WTF Facts about Weird America!

That is why I spent copious amounts of shameless hours “Fact Finding” to create this collection of the very best weird, useless but fun facts about Weird America! I have personally spouted off dozens of these weird facts to various bystanders in my daily life to great effect! The reactions range from eye rolls, to “Hmf, that’s interesting” to “I didn’t know that!” to no reaction whatsoever. I can personally testify that these facts are the bomb! So for less than the price of an organic, free range gluten-free no GMO double shot mocha served by a bearded hipster, you are going to get a nearly free course called WTF FUN FACTS 101, held at J. Pauly’s college of life (online courses available) Enjoy!

Your Friend,

J. Pauly, creator of the FunnyBooks Oddball Interests series.

P.S. If you like this book, check out my other book about wild America called “Funny Books: Crazy Craigslist True Stories: Cringe, Laugh, and be shocked at the WORST of Craigslist! ”

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Untolerated Rejection: A Short Satire

by Stephen Measure

Paul has slept with dozens of girls at his high school, but it’s the person he keeps rejecting that gets him in trouble.

A short satire (~2150 words).

Mishaps and Mayhem: A Laugh out Loud Short Comedy

by Sam Beany


Of course you have.

Well so has Morris’s wife Jane. Jane has a gift. Whenever she has a recurring dream they always seem to come true. So when she has a dream that she wins the lottery she wastes no time sending Morris on an errand to go and purchase a lucky dip ticket. But Morris has a terrible habit of forgetting things. Also to make matters worse, he is easily distracted and has a foul temper. What is supposed to be a simple trip to the local shop, ends up being and evening of mishaps and mayhem.

Will Jane’s dream come true?

Find out what happens to Morris in this comedy short with a hint of mystery.

Bed & Breakfast Bedlam (A Logan Dickerson Cozy Book 1)

by Abby L Vandiver

Book I in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series

A five-foot nothing, ninety-something, Voodoo herbalist and an archaeologist walk into a strip bar . . .

Meet Miss Vivee and Logan Dickerson. A funny, mismatched pair of amateur sleuths.

Logan, an archaeologist, feels she’ll always live in the shadow of her famous mother, so to prove her worth, she jumps the fence at a federally protected archaeological site. Not such a good idea. Now she’s on the run from the FBI. Ending up in a small, coastal town in Georgia, she discovers that one resident, Gemma Burke, has been found dead – keeled over in her bowl of bouillabaisse.

Miss Vivee, witness to it all, gets Logan all tangled up in the big mystery of who killed Gemma Burke. And no matter how old she is, Miss Vivee, with the help of her partners in crime (solving), including her ex-sweetheart, Mac, thinks she can solve the murder before the local sheriff.

Fun. Lighthearted. And a funny read!

Other Books in the Series:
Coastal Cottage Calamity Book II
Maya Mound Mayhem Book III

Coming Soon in the Series:
Book IV: Food Fair Frenzy
Book V:  Garden Gazebo Gallivant
Book VI: South Seas Shenanigans
Prequel: A Lesson in Murder

Stay tuned!

Mr Men Quiz Book

by Bernard Morris

The Mr Men books have been delighting children for generations.

Whether you’re playing on your own or testing your friends, this collection of 100 multiple-choice questions will bring lots of fun. Just how extensive is your knowledge of these classic characters.

Minecraft: Diary of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper – Book 1: Unofficial Minecraft Diary Books for Kids age 8 9 10 11 12 Teens Adventure Fan Fiction Series … – Fan Series – Steve and the Wimpy Creeper)

by Skeleton Steve

Steve was lonely.

Alex and the other Minecraftians just wanted to spend all of their time adventuring and fighting mobs, but Steve was happy to just stay home in his quiet village, tending to his crops and taking care of his animals.

But Steve’s calm, lonely life was in for a big BOOM of a change when he was approached one day by a gentle creeper that wouldn’t explode, who he named Cree. Would Steve find the friendship he was looking for in Cree? Or would the creeper coming into his life lead to too much adventure and excitement for him to handle?

**This Minecraft Diary book has over 11,000 words!**

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Book 1 of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper now!

Join the Skeleton Steve Club here:

(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!)

Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.

Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch



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Why God Hates the Aardvark: Essays, Book Reviews & Other Such Nonsense

by Quincy Graham

“Why God Hates the Aardvark,” is finally being released to the public -uncensored! After years of litigation, censorship, and suppression at the hands of various Yemeni and French Dictators, readers all over the world can now possess the unedited version of this classic work. The book reviews, essays, and articles contained in this anthology boldly provide definitive answers to hitherto taboo questions. Who among us has not wondered how Alex from “A Clockwork Orange” would have written “Hamlet?” Why is it that for centuries so-called “journalists” have avoided confronting such important universally applicable and vexing questions such as, “Which hell-born beast ought one be more afraid of – the Chimera or the Gorgon?;” Until now no critic has had the balls to ask what has been on the tip of the frontal lobes of all intelligent readers, “Is ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ a children’s’ classic or fascist diatribe? And a are these concepts mutually exclusive?;” Further, “Why God Hates the Aardvark, specifically reports what “words” ought to be in the dictionary and are not and why these words have been excluded. People who are familiar with the writer-editor of this masterpiece are the very same who are sick (and yes tired) of being told “Hey-that’s a fragment sentence!” and, “You spelled that wrong and, “Your grammar sucks-ass!” These loyal readers will find comfort and aid between the pages of this book.


by Jude Harrell

Danny Trog wants his name on the world’s tallest structure. Can he get the taxpayers to pay for it? The Russians want to control a U.S. President can they do it through his wife? Can the Chinese flip double and take control of the Russian-controlled U.S. President through cleaning up his misappropriations, and blackmailing him? The only one who knows the whole story is his pen, the device which sees, hears, and gets the graphology of his character. Read the entire tale in one short story of about 4,100 words.

How to Play Chess for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Playing Chess at the Right Way (Beginners Republic)

by Beginners Republic

Chess is the checkered game with two players, 32 pieces (16 for each player) and one chessboard with 64 squares which has caught the eyes of a variety of peoples all over the world. It has been one of the favorite games due to its interesting playing system as well as its short timing.

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