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Children’s Books: ONE GREEN OMELET, PLEASE! (Adorable Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, About Discovering, Appreciating, and Mindful Eating, for Beginner Readers, with 30 Illustrations, Ages 2-8)

by Sally Huss

There is magic in a meal when it is loved!

Great fun with food! Who knew what lay within Jenny’s green omelet? Not Jenny, until she gave it some thought. Fields of green, chickens laying the eggs, cows providing milk for the cheese – all this and more went into her tasty brunch. She came out of the restaurant with a greater sense of appreciation for what she had eaten and what she will eat in the future. What will dinner hold?

Be sure to take a peek at WHO TOOK MY BANANA? another adorable book by Sally Huss.

Snow White And The Dwarf Prince: A Fractured Fairy-Tale

by Angela Stefanacci

Are you still fascinated by the unique fairytales and folklore that once dominated your childhood? Have you ever thought about what they’d be like with a different perspective, and a certain twist to them that made them seem more adventurous and better than ever? Well, even if you don’t like fairytales or were expecting better endings and uniquely diverse characters, then this is still the perfect book for you!

Want to have an insight into the death of Snow’s true mother, or find out who the prince really is? if you’re looking for a good book to read, then this is the perfect one to pick. It suits all readers of all ages and was written by a twelve-year-old in an extremely captivating language and descriptions.

Lost on the Road to Nowhere

by Scott Fowler

“Lost on the Road to Nowhere” is a family-friendly adventure, recommended for anyone ages 8 and up. In this fast-paced story, four children are stranded all alone in the North Carolina wilderness. They face an untold number of miles of deserted road between them and the medical help they desperately need to find for their parents, who have been badly injured in a wreck on Christmas Eve. As the three brothers and their baby sister climb out of that wrecked car, leave their trapped parents behind and begin an unforgettable journey, they must rely on one another more than they ever have before. They must plan together. They must improvise when they encounter dangerous bears, nightfall and a mysterious old woman. With snow on the ground and time running out, the four children must find a way off the road to nowhere if they are going to rescue their parents – and save themselves.

The No B.S. Buddhist: A Guide to Practical Spirituality

by Bruce Kelly

The world today is confusing as heck. There are countless distractions, stresses, and a million people around us with different needs and goals. Finding steady ground in our own lives can be difficult. And there can be no steady ground without a clear mind. Through years of searching, I came across Buddhism as the best path to a clear, happy mind. The problem is, Buddhism is old, dusty, and sometimes un relatable. In this book, I aim to translate lessons and philosophies of the Buddha into language anyone can understand. Each chapter is framed by a quote from the Buddha, to put my writing into context within Buddhist teachings. I hope you can learn from this book, because I sure learned a lot on the journey to write it!

Animal Kingdom: 20 Creative Patterns to Explore the World of Animals (Relaxations & Stress-Relief)

by Heather Bells

Coloring books aren’t a new trend, but the increasing popularity of adult coloring books may have you asking what on Earth is going on. While you may be tempted to think that this is a fast passing fad, you may be surprised to know that there are a vast number of benefits to be had from joining in on the adult coloring book trend.

Our exclusive adult coloring book shares just about everything you ever wanted to know about the budding adult coloring craze. In addition to learning more about the benefits of adult coloring, you will find unique and creative coloring pages so that you can try your hand at this new hobby!

Whether you are looking to understand the adult coloring “fad” or whether you are looking to understand just why you love this new trend so much, this book explains it all!

Forget the books that contain generic coloring designs and a paragraph about the benefits of coloring, this book delves into it all!

Inside you will find plenty of amazing adult coloring designs as well as explanation of some of the benefits of adult coloring including:

  • The increase of sociability
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • An increase in focus
  • An increase in fine motor skills

After getting started on these unique adult coloring book patterns, you will find yourself spending more and more time enjoying the benefits of coloring!

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A NEW BOOK. – EVER WONDERED Are We Truly Alone?: Ghosts. – Angels. – Aliens. – And other Life Forms. REVISED

by John R A Smith

In this Book I mention about the military investigating invisibility. In the edition of New Scientist 9 May 2015, they have an article about The Invisible Soldier, and the article from one of the most respected magazines on science, backs up all I said, and states as I did that Chameleon suits are in use and further investigation is in progress.

Follow the below Links and it will take you to direct web related articles to enable your research.


Within this book like my much shorter book GHOSTS AND LIFE AFTER DEATH – IS IT TRULY REAL? – RESEARCH FOR YOU TO INVESTIGATE. – By Simon Culvate. I will later give you a list of web sites to research for yourself as you make your journey through this incredible subject and undertake your research. Yes some of the web sites can be found within the shorter version book. However far more research and subject material is included in this much larger version and will give you a multitude of sites to investigate.

You decide upon this incredible subject, I can only promise you some amazing facts, websites and research, and it would be interesting to hear of your thoughts, and remember this is your research, I am simply giving you a starting point, especially with the opening BBC documentary: The Day I died: BBC 2002 ARTICLE:

You simply cannot begin your investigation without considering this ground breaking documentary from the BBC.


Many of us have at one time or another seen something that your mind could not explain, something strange, or different, possibly even unusual, or you were not quite certain if you truly saw what was before your eyes. I know I have, and if you are truthful so have you and millions upon millions of others.

What I have here is both documented evidence and records of case files where over the history of time there have been reporting’s of unknown and unexplained events, even the world famous Arthur C Clark dedicated his life to such events.

Now you can read about some of these and even research for yourselves by simply entering the website addresses I have included, and even progress further simply by following links. But understand I only am touching the tip of a huge metaphorical iceberg, as there lays far more still as yet unknown. Yet evidence is now continue to grow, and we are seen documentary type TV programs with professional investigators, can so many truly be wrong, is the evidence presented before our eyes all a hoax.

I can assure life does exist outside our little world, and even after physical death, it might not be as we know it, but it is life, and appears to live within a dimension of space that can and occasionally does transform itself into our time and space.

You become the judge, you prove me wrong, or better still those who like me and millions of others who have themselves experienced such unexplained, I ask you to contact me so we can collectively put together yet another fascinating book. [email protected]

Minecraft: Nether Enemies 6 in 1 (Minecraft Creature, Minecraft Enemies, Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Bundle, Minecraft Childrens Books, Minecraft Monsters, Minecraft Nether)

by Billy Miner

For the Minecraft fans who love the creatures from the underground; the Nether!

Book 1: In this pigman Minecraft diary, you will be surprised when events unravel and all come together to be explained halfway the book. The pigman Jerome has an interesting personality, and he is somewhat confused about his identity. He wants to know if there is a cure, and if his malicious behavior can be stopped by healing his brain. Fortunately, there is an enchanted golden sword that works miracles. Now it’s just a matter of finding out what’s wrong with him and how to get to the sword. A fun, humorous, psychological, and adventurous Minecraft book you should definitely read.

Book 2: Skairdor is a skeleton who should have passed on to the other realm. However, he finds himself stuck in between worlds, with a mission in mind, annoying voices in his head, and the challenge to overcome evil with good. Moreover, enemies from outside of town are a severe threat to the ones he wants to protect. Self-sacrfice and courage are themes in this short story. This Minecraft diary will be another psychological, thrilling adventure by the talented author, Billy Miner.

Book 3: Carson and Melvin are warriors for the king. The Great White Palace regularly has assignments for them. They complement each other, going on adventures in the mountains and in swamps, but when the king requests that a dangerous wither be slain, they kind of turn against each other and start competing for the reward and the diamond sword. Follow these heroes to the snow peaked mountain tops and the depths of the Nether.

Book 4: When Gavin the ghast finds himself in a dilemma, he has to muster the courage to save his female friend, Gaia, by seeking out a witch for advice. Next, he faces extreme difficulties and hardships to find a ghast tear and create a potion of healing for the one he loves. Read about an adventurous journey by a Minecraft ghast who writes his experiences in this Minecraft diary.

Book 5: When Vicar and Aelis get married, everything seems peachy. Vicar continues his job as a cobbler, and the villagers accept Aelis into their circles. But suddenly, a blaze attacks their town and burns down their house. Desperate for protection and a little bit for revenge, the two decide to go against the popular opinion and set out on a quest to kill the blaze once and for all. Find out more about their adventures by reading this dramatic, thrilling Minecraft story.

Book 6: When his daughter, Daphne, gets sick, the doctor tells Avery that his only hope is to find a medicinal herb down in the depths of the dangerous Nether realm. Avery heads down there and is confronted by a bunch of magma cubes, who threaten to jump on him and kill him. Moreover, his search for the cure doesn’t seem as easy as it looked at first. And what is up with that strange neighbor of his, who won’t tell what kind of profession he has? Find out more about Avery’s adventures in this fun and somewhat dramatic Minecraft story.

Life, Universe and Everything Else: The Answer’s Not 42

by Spartan Kaayn

The obfuscation of the rational had to be a given.

Why did the irrational gain in popularity? Why did these temples of rational obfuscation garner so many followers? What did they have to offer to people? It wasn’t something the people embraced for the greater good of the society. It wasn’t something that people did for a good harvest or for rains or to get rid of a drought. It might have been those things in a small measure but by and large it had to have been much more personal than that.

I think the greatest trick these priests and popes played was giving people a chance to escape their conscience. All of us have an innate conscience that tells us whenever we do something wrong. The power of that conscience is really strong and it takes years of aggressive bullying on our part to get our conscience to keep its head down. It is a difficult battle and the charlatans of organized religion offered people a chance to redeem themselves in their losing battles against their conscience. Organized religion with all its mysticism and all its tomfoolery offered people a chance to atone their sins. That was the biggest incentive to come to a religion – it offered them immunity against their conscience. You do something wrong and feel bad about it – come to us, offer a donation/sacrifice and our Gods will forgive thee your sins.

The situation grew worse each passing century and has brought us to where we are today.

People saw through the game of these charlatans and revolted against these organized religions. These people exhorted their fellow brethren to base all their interactions on a simple message of love and respect for each other. But the charlatans of religion subsumed these messengers into their foul system, erecting cults and edifices around their name. Their simple teachings were convoluted, dogmatized and written down as edicts to follow with consequences if you do not.

Their teachings were once again usurped by charlatans who divided the society into sects and religions for their own ends. They have fostered innumerable wars and untold misery on their fellow human beings in the name of protecting and safeguarding religion. The simple message of love as the key to being and becoming has been subverted time and again.

The Sunset Eve

by K. Anderson Yancy

The speed of the Earth’s rotation has been gradually slowing to zero and on the eve it’s expected to zero out or forever slow to one rotation every 365 days with catastrophic upheaval, the night of “The Sunset Eve” a woman, choosing to do the thing she loves, takes her shift as a radio DJ, while awaiting the end of the world and through the callers and fellow DJ’s we hear for better and for worse how they plan on spending “The Sunset Eve”.

Orphan Mage: Wren

by Windfall

Follow Wren, a thieving orphan, as she becomes apprenticed to a powerful mage who offers her a different path.

MY NAME IS CHLOE: My Life With Addison’s Disease

by James Renken

Chloe’s story is told in a dogs perspective by Chloe and her friends. Some who are still with us and others who have gone on to Doggie Heaven. Chloe is a rescue dog who is 4 years old and living with Canine Addison;s Disease.

It is a Children’s picture book to help educate all about this rare canine disease. Chloe and her friends thank you in advance for your support. Being the Dog lover you are, it is great story for you, your children or grandchildren to teach them about this terrible disease. I hope you enjoy the story with the photos of Chloe and her friends.

Box Boy

by Nathan Touchstone

For fans of the hilarious Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing comes Box Boy.

Life for nine-year-old Clayton isn’t all that simple. When he isn’t spending time creating a science project that explodes in his face, riding a rollercoaster that plunges him to his doom or visiting a pumpkin patch where a troublesome scarecrow is watching his every move, he has to put up with a mother and father that are quite unpleasant. And when I say unpleasant, I mean unpleasant.

When Clayton wakes up one morning and discovers his cat Diggers has gone missing, he realizes he’s had all about enough of his family and their careless ways- but when Clayton uncovers a box hidden in his father’s woodshed with eighteen really specific instructions on how to build a magical box of his dreams he will do everything in his power to make his dreams come true.

Commandments to Happiness

by Kerry Girling

Commandments to Happiness

Kerry Girling is an Amazon Bestselling author, motivational speaker and film producer. Early in life he discovered an intense passion for inspiring youth. At the pinnacle of his career Kerry was faced with a life altering experienceâ??an early life crisis. While going through a divorce that shattered his confidence, his business took the same downward spiral. He speaks in-depth about the obstacles he faced that led him to his breaking point. Kerry brings you on a spiritual journey of acceptance while sharing the most pivotal answers to finding happiness in all areas of life.

Reliving his most heartfelt memories from the past three decades, Kerry learns to understand himself on an entirely new level of conscious; spiritually and mentally. His memories serve as inspiration to move forward in life through forgiveness. His spiritual transformation serves as a life coach to finding happiness.

Find your own happiness!

About the Author

Kerry Girling is a man of many motivating words. He grew up in central Canada with the mindset that he could achieve anything. He chose to pursue a lifelong career as a youth motivator due to his passion to create a better world. While searching for his own passions in life he remained committed as a public speaker geared to enhance the quality of youth across North America. Having spoken to over one million students in over five hundred communities on bullying, goal setting, and finding passion, his ultimate goal is to continue his inspiration to teens, parents, and adults worldwide.

Over One Million have experienced Kerry Girling’s message

Minecraft: Children’s Diaries 3 in 1 (Minecraft Kids, Minecraft Girls, Minecraft Boys, Minecraft Bundle, Minecraft Childrens Books, Minecraft Diary Books, Minecraft Girl Diaries)

by Billy Miner

For the Minecraft fans who love kids and their adventures: 3 Minecraft diaries in 1 book!

Book 1: Trish and Tracy seem to be two opposites. One of them likes fast, powerful stuff, while the other is more sensitive and detailed. They get alongâ?¦ most times; and they decided to keep the same journal together but not to read each others’ entries. In this funny compilation of journal entries from two very different personalities, you’ll read about their opposing emotions and laugh your head off when you learn of their contradicting views.

Book 2: In this Minecraft world, Josh and Kimberley meet. They become best friends, and they work well together, but when one of them gets a crush on the other, their friendship is in danger. Can they continue to be friends without having feelings for each other? As time elapses, they have fun together, talk together, and share time in a school project, but when zombies attack the village, their faithful friendship is severely tested.

Book 3: The fun story of the Minecraft boys, Steve and Steff, includes soccer games, mooshrooms, and chess matches. They do all these things together, but because their personalities differ, they both have a different view of what happened. One is happy, the other sad; the one having a blast, the other bored. It goes on and on like this, but they learn to deal with each other in the right way.

Keywords: Minecraft, Minecraft boys, Minecraft children, Minecraft childrens diaries, Minecraft childrens books, Minecraft kids books, Minecraft kids, Minecraft girls, Minecraft girl diaries, Minecraft boys, Minecraft boy diaries, Minecraft funny, Minecraft adventures

Book for kids : Unlikely Friends, the Owl and the Cat: Rhyming Books For Kids (Childrens Picture Book,Bedtime Story, Beginner reader, Emotional and EQ, Social skills for kids)

by Amma Lee

Children’s books about animals(Cat and Owl) & picture books for kids

This is a read aloud kids book that is written in an easy to read rhyme style and is ideal for children from preschool to little kids.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a pet owl and a little girl who had a pet cat. The boy and the girl were neighbors, but when they got together they would always fight. The owl loved to sleep during the day and didn’t want to hear them fighting, so, being wise as owls are, he decided he would try to solve the problem. Along the way, everyone learns about the power of friendship in this delightful rhyming story for parents to share with children 3-8 years old.

Ask Dog Today: Staying Focused (Reading 3)

by parama k. williams

“Ask Dog Today: Staying Focused (Reading 3)” is one of seven intuitively channeled readings by author and therapist Parama K. Williams (and dog); providing insight, guidance, and solutions to many of today’s most challenging issues, questions, and struggles.

Unprecedented, never-before-unveiled, heart-opening, transforming messages directly from a collective of angelic “ascended masters” whose role is to appoint chosen representatives on Earth – “self-made warriors for Christ” – to act as sacred vessels for high-frequency teachings:

– Importance of staying focused on one’s mission of service in spite of many worldly distractions and sensationalized, compelling media

– Unprecedented epidemic of disabilities among our children and how we must immediately address the issue using natural means

– The urgency to save our future generations

As Earth-bound representatives of the New Culture, the mission of the “warriors for Christ” is to be ready and willing to receive ongoing instructions for how to prepare humanity for its upgraded instantiation of a new and improved race on Earth during the End Times – the return of Christ, awakening consciousness among all people at once

Uplifting and life-changing messages for those of us who are brave, for those of us who are chosen for revival to guide humanity through the process of self-transformation in the midst of a momentous cultural and global transition from which no human being can be exempt….

The Adventures of Narendra: Volume 1- The Biggest Mistake

The world is shaken for a boy called Narendra who lives in Ancient India in the Indus Valley Tribe, when he comes to know that he has the blood of the Godly Annunakis(Extraterrestrials) in his body. Everything begins with his finding of a crown belonging to the extraterrestrials.

Eat Me

by K. Anderson Yancy

Locked in a losing war with an alien race that regards humans as a delicacy, a military strategist learns revenge is a dish best shared.

Ask Dog Today: Suffering (Reading 2)

by Parama K. Williams

“Ask Dog Today: Suffering (Reading 2)” is one of seven intuitively channeled readings by author and therapist Parama K. Williams (and dog); providing insight, guidance, and solutions to many of today’s most challenging issues, questions, and struggles.

Unprecedented, never-before-unveiled, heart-opening, transforming messages directly from a collective of angelic “ascended masters” whose role is to appoint chosen representatives on Earth – “self-made warriors for Christ” – to act as sacred vessels for high-frequency teachings:

– Suffering as a necessary and essential part of revival, preparation, and training to be a “warrior for Christ”

– Mass reckoning at hand and how forces of darkness must be evicted from the earth realm

– Strength to overcome obstacles and stay dedicated to a mission of service

As Earth-bound representatives of the New Culture, the mission of the “warriors for Christ” is to be ready and willing to receive ongoing instructions for how to prepare humanity for its upgraded instantiation of a new and improved race on Earth during the End Times – the return of Christ, awakening consciousness among all people at once

Uplifting and life-changing messages for those of us who are brave, for those of us who are chosen for revival to guide humanity through the process of self-transformation in the midst of a momentous cultural and global transition from which no human being can be exempt….

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