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Mystery : Cozy Mystery: On the Stroke of Midnight (shocking, short stories, mystery, thriller, cozy) (short stories, murder, thriller)

by Dorothy Devine

Agent Martinez waited for a moment and went through the evidence once again. For some strange reason, she just wasn’t satisfied even though they had already busted the real culprits. As far as she was concerned, all that she wanted to be done was to get down to some serious business that will see to it that the right culprit was caught and charged.

And just like that, something ticked. The gold watch that the beggar was wearing looked like the exact semblance of the one that Mr. Howard was wearing and just like that, it seemed as though everything was now starting to make some serious sense. And without wasting any time, she put her coffee mug down and went back to her office. It was about time that they knew whatever the heck was going on.

The Five (The Vulca Detective Agency Book 1)

by Vic LeClair lll

When five employers from a small Midwest county are assaulted, each losing one of their physical senses, a police detective learns that life is not as it seems.
Lt. Jay Barthus uncovers a secret society of community leaders called The Five. Can he restore the lost serenity of Green County and unearth the cause of the methodical attacks? 

The Girl from Her Mirror (Mirrors Don’t Lie Mystery Series Book 1)

by Becki Willis

A good deed gone dangerously wrongâ?¦.

Kindred spirits Makenna Reagan and Kenzie Reese have been best friends since college. There is nothing one would not do for the other. So when a car wreck lands Kenzie in the hospital, Makenna agrees to pose as her friend on a photo assignment for Now Magazine. Skeptical at first, she is quickly enchanted by the beautiful White Mountains and the captivating man she meets on the plane. This crazy scheme just might work!

But impersonating her friend comes at a price. A car tries to run her off the roadâ?¦ a stranger delivers cryptic messages for â??her father’â?¦ an armed assailant follows her. Kidnapped, Makenna realizes her dearest friend has dark secrets in her past. Long before learning of the connection to organized crime and political corruption, Makenna knows they are both in serious trouble.

No one is who they claim to be. Not Kenzie, not the handsome and charming Hardin Kaczmarek, not the odd couple who has befriended her. Not even Makenna herself. Determined to protect her friend at all costs and get back home to Texas, Makenna knows trusting the wrong person could prove fatal.

Interwoven with mystery and intrigue, this powerful saga of best friends, loyalty, love, and belonging is the first book of the Mirrors Don’t Lie Mystery Series. A clean romance full of danger and delight.

What Readers are Saying about The Girl from Her Mirror:

“I absolutely loved this book. It was fast-paced and almost impossible to put down. The main characters are appealing. This is the first book in a three book series. You could stop with just this book. It wraps up most of the plot lines. But if you’re like me, you are going to want to find out what happens to Kenzie. Give it a try. Bet you can’t read just one.

“There are very few authors that grab my attention and make me hate having to put the book down. Becki Willis is now one of those authors for me! The book was so well written and it grabs you from page one until the last page. I was thrilled when I found out that the characters would be continuing in a second and third sequel.

“Great book! By the end if the book you will feel like you know each character personally.”

“A thrill ride that will have you gripping the edge of your seat.”

“This is a must-read. The characters are amazing.”

ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Addicted (MC Biker Pregnancy Romance) (Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Military Romance) (Contemporary Suspense Romance Crime Thriller)

by Tia Parker

I will have her…

I spend most of my time making money and sampling women. I never have them more

than once, tasting as many as possible when the gang didn’t need me. Life was perfect or

as perfect as it was going to get

Then I got in a bad situation and got caught at the scene of a crime. I was locked up and

had to get out. I told my second to do anything, just find a way.

He did. Now there was Mara and I was released. Mara was different than the rest. She

looked like all the rest, young, blonde and stacked, but her mind was quick.

I had to have her, no matter the cost. Her reluctance only made it that much sweeter

when I took her. Her resistance made the screams even louder.

She became mine for a time, but too soon she was gone. Mara is hiding something from

me, my own child. I can’t let it go, I can’t let her go.

I will have her, one way or another…

This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Following this MC Biker Standalone, various short story bonus books are included! Enjoy!

ROMANCE: Rationalization(Bad Boy MC Biker Romance)(Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Crime Romance) (Contemporary Mystery Thriller And Suspense Romance)

by Tia Parker

Lance was bad newsâ??With a boyish grin that could charm the pants off of

any woman and a body that demanded attention, inked and hard for all to


He was the leader of a rival motorcycle gang, Black Riders and he was off limits. I knew

about him from all of the tales of his barbarism and he seemed to live up to his name

when I finally met the infamous man. I had been warned about him, knew that he was

no good for me, but when he smiled at me, I forgot how bad he really was.

Lance took a shine to me, convinced that I was to be his and to hear him talk, I didn’t

have any say in it. I tried to ignore the way he looked at me or the way my body felt

around him, but then we kissed.

After that I had to have him, no matter how wrong it was or how much it was not

supposed to be. I didn’t care. I knew that Lance was just what I needed, but I wasn’t sure

if I was ready for a man like him. He was overwhelming and each moment I spent with

him, made me fall that much harder.

Lance was not the type of man to fall though and I didn’t want to get hurt. I had to fight

the butterflies in my stomach and the need growing inside of me. No matter how safe I

felt with him, men like him hurt everyone who loved them and I didn’t want to be

another statistic.

Rationalization is a full-length, standalone romance novel hot steamy sex, no cliffhangers and HEA ending. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

This stand alone contains various bonus short stories for a limited time only! Enjoy!

The Case Of The Lincoln Imp (Small Town Murder Bureau Book 1)

by Issy Brooke

Three academics, two sleuths, one impâ?¦

Historical facts and local Lincolnshire legends collide when a respected researcher into mediaeval myth is found dead.

It looks like a tragic accident but an anonymous client contacts Bill Travis’s new private detective agency. Unfortunately, his strengths lie in graphs and data and brute force, not tact and diplomacy. He needs someone with better people skills.

Someone like Penny.

But peeling back the layers of secrets is hard, and hunting for a killer is even harder when you can’t believe the evidence of your own eyesâ?¦

This is a quiet and gently-paced novel; it’s clean, sweet and suitable for all readers. Don’t expect big drama and car crashes, just a warm community and lots of cups of tea.

No cliffhanger. The Small Town Murder Bureau books can be read in any order.

Mystery: Dark Maple – As Much As: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, Collection)

by Sara Banner



Lyra’s mother just passed away and she felt she didn’t give enough effort to open up her life with her mother. Her mother was diagnosed having cancer three years before her birth which is why she thinks that she was the cause of her death. Because of too much stress and depression, decided to go at his Uncle Jones ranch.

Lyra and her father was invited to go to Vermont. They stayed at the beautiful Maplewood Ranch for the rest of the year. Lyra was successful in her goal of forgetting all the things that happened; she spent her days riding horses, including a strong horse named April. Soon, she will discover that the ranch is being torn down and the horses are in danger as well.

Will the beginning of life changing decision arise in here? Will she chose to be herself or will she shut everybody out of her life yet again?

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