Free poetry Kindle books for 06 Aug 16

The Prince of Words Collection.: contemporary poetry

by A. Hedley.

This is a collection of British contemporary poetry aimed to cater for people of all tastes and ages. It contains everything from romantic poetry, to humour, and other life observations. The author is well known in both the world of poetry and crime fiction, all of his work attains very high star ratings and reader reviews. All of his previous books have been very well received. This particular edition is a collection of his best loved poetry, plus a whole new array of his most recent work.

Lumination: Selected Poems

by Connie Marotta

Be prepared for a unique experience in this small volume of poems. Deceptively simple, these lyrical songs have a structure all their own that reaches deep inside if you let go and let them in.

The Sacred River of Consciousness

by Tom Hibbard

Eco-poetry collection: An unrelenting core sample of a world bent on its own destruction. Intensely moral and idealistic, Hibbard’s The Sacred River of Consciousness is political and pragmatic, beautiful and ultimately encouraging. Hope surfaces from the wreckage.

To Give Thanks (Poems Book 8)

by Yoav Aharony

30 new poems about the modern life
Good for the soul, Great for the heart
Now available at
as well as in the U.K and Germany.

To give thanks
Some days you’ve got to give thanks
maybe to god or to your common sense
For making the right decision
for choosing your own way
Sometimes you’ve got to give thanks
to savor the moment, to pray.

Enjoy the book.


by Geanne Amir

Welcome to a life of lovers, painted on pages. In Love From the Inside Out’s confessional poetry, Geanne Amir leads you on a romantic escapade into the secret and not-so-secret loves of her life. Enjoy the following excerpt: Count Dracula.

Count Dracula

I can’t count on him…He comes to me by night light

A springtime moon

By day break he’s gone.

Leaving lingering daytime memories

Of delectable bites on my neck

As his well-trained fingers

Reach my fantasies

As the midnight hours bend toward morning

We explore the cravings of comfort

The used-to-be’s

And we make believe

We’re homeâ?¦

I can count on him to hold me till sunrise

Then he blocks his memories to tenderness

Putting on a suit of armor

He slides back into his world

Leaving me to wait for darknessâ?¦

The Adventures Of A Diner Poet: A Mack Capped Romp Through The Canadian Dinerscape

by Jaybo Russell

Like a good journalist, a diner poet actively seeks an engaging story. But instead of creating cynical narratives filled with grim statistics from leading experts, a diner poet gleans the thoughts of regular folk – the kind who frequent the cafes, truck stops, and doughnut shops of the nation.

Whatever is on their minds becomes the canvas for diner poetry. Relationships, faith, politics, dreams, history, and even the Constitution are fair game. God often shows up in Diner Poetry, by reaching down to stir the pot of our corporate slavery or our narrow provincialism.

Filled with political insinuation and historic references, the rhythms of Diner Poetry often skips and dances – breathes – and then gallops.

Cracked Lips

by Martin Cooper

Cracked Lips is a collection or words from the brain of Martin Kevin Cooper II. This book contains thoughts written while under the influence of various brain altering drugs. It also contains thoughts written completely sober.This book is meant for those who are interested in the open mind, letting your brain talk, and writing down the truth. This book is filled with writings from 2009-2010.
This is to let people know its ok to tell the truth, and to say what you want.

40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed

by Geo Davis

Are you 100% content with middle age?

Geo Davis’s visual and verbal mash-ups explore midlife’s merciless mockeries, paradoxes, baits and booby traps, veering erratically between hubris and humility, trepidation and temptation. Unflinching. Self-deprecating. Slightly unnerving.

This is middle age lived inside out.

Equal parts anesthetic, narcotic, stimulant, and placebo, 40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed just might offer an alternative to the train wreck waiting around the next bend. Then again, it just might hasten the train wreck!

Warning: If you’re living a kickass midlife â?? meeting or exceeding your goals and thriving emotionally, physically, sexually, financially, professionally, and creatively â?? this book is not for you. Kudos! And if your middle aged skin is thin or you’re searching for a step-by-step guide to midlife self-improvement, this book is definitely not for you either. Sorry. And good luck.

Snapshots: An On-Growing Collection of Poems

by Sam West

This is a book of modern poetry about Black Lives Matter, Immigration during the time of Trump, and Faith.


by Stanko Natzev


The Wisdom of Trainspotters

by Ben Macnair

My Surrealist poetry from the past few years.

A Thousand Riders in a One Horse Town

by Ben Macnair

A volume of my earlier poetry

Red in Awe: Life in Poetry

by Christa Kleynhans

Red in Awe is a brutally honest portrayal of one woman’s life, lived and survived, through poems. Interlaced with commentary from the author, the poems are beautifully written with humour, sadness, deep regret, but above all, with love and experience.
Life is not an easy lesson, and in this book the reader not only questions society, but the role it plays in directing their own life and the subsequent events which led to the person they are today.
Red in Awe is an inspiring, thought provoking, honest reflection of the life of a woman growing up in South Africa.
There is not a woman who won’t identify with one or more of the these poems, and not a man who won’t see either a reflection of his own mother, sister, wife, or daughter, among these pages.

The poems aim to have one re-evaluate some of the decisions one made in one’s own life. This book is a true reflection of the difficulties we face everyday just to survive this thing we call… life
â?? Kim Theron, Johannesburg

Introspection + Equilibrium

by Jessica Fuqua

Introspections + Equilibrium is Jessica Fuqua’s second poetry collection which takes you on a journey of pain and hope featuring themes both spiritual in form (the things you cannot see) and the natural world (which can be seen.)

Frustration Flowers: Poems of Growth and Change

by Amber M. Thille

A new and unique book of poetry, Frustration Flowers is a journey through phases of life that are integral to the process of becoming a complete person. The reader is lead through an ongoing metaphor comparing the human heart with that of a special breed of flower that sprouts, grows, and blooms only when nourished by frustrations. Structured around a single series of nine poems that describe this cycle, the 174 poems in the book fit rather well into categories entitled Flower Chant,Insanity Flower,and Dying Flower to name a few. A new author, Amber M. Thille has no trouble proving her prowess in both prose and poetry in this debut publication. While the poetry speaks for itself, her ability to weave a web of words is also illustrated in the section introductions where the significance of each section to her is explained. Both Frustration Flowers and Ms. Thille are sure to have a promising future.

NEW in Kindle edition ONLY: 14 new poems and bonus material not available in print edition. Enjoy!

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