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How To Trump SJWs: Using Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ Against Liberals

by Manon Welles

Are you tired of how pushy liberals have become with their agenda? Are you scared of losing your job for saying something construed as “sexist” or “Islamophobic”? Do you have to hide facts you’ve researched from friends and family for fear of being called a “racist”?

There’s a name for Left-wing activists who use bullying tactics to force others into submission: social justice warriors. They’re mainly found on college campuses, but as we saw with Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the 2016 Democratic primary, they’re trying to take their ideas mainstream.

Social justice warriors, or SJWs, advocate for “hate speech” laws, rules against “microaggressions” in schools, and diversity programs at the workplace. All of these are part of a deliberate agenda to take over institutions and eventually the government itself â?? an agenda that started back with Communists.

“How to Trump SJWs” takes a step-by-step look at Saul Alinsky’s 13 “Rules for Radicals,” the textbook of Left-wing agitation that was admired by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Welles examines how liberal SJWs use techniques like ridicule, calling out hypocrisy, and keeping constant pressure on their opponents â?? and gives tips on how you can use these tactics against them, with plenty of examples from Donald Trump.

Are you a Christian who’s tired of liberals quoting Bible verses at you and demanding you change your opinion? That’s just Alinsky’s fourth rule, calling out hypocrisy. Are you frustrated by how conservatives are portrayed as ignorant, low-information voters and rednecks? That just Alinsky’s fifth rule, ridicule.

In “How to Trump SJWs” you’ll find out how to recognize Left-wing tactics when they’re used against you, and how to fight back! The current insanity carried out by SJWs is just a final attempt to grab power since the Left knows it’s about to be defeated. As a conservative, you’re too close to winning to stop the battle now.

Teaching Resentment

by Russell Madden

An 1800 word essay examining the problems created when the government interferes in education. The federal government has no delegated authority or enumerated power â?? and no government has the right â?? to inject itself into the educational system of our country.

Not only does State direction of schooling directly and indirectly violate the First Amendment, such destruction actions serve primarily to breed resentment among those who are forced by others to do what they do not want to do. Government should protect our rights, not violate them.

True Paranormal Hauntings: Bloodcurdling Stories Of Haunted Houses, People And Unknown Creatures: Unusual And True Paranormal Hauntings (True Ghost Stories And Hauntings, Haunted Asylums)

by Joseph A. Mudder

Bloodcurdling Stories Of Haunted Houses, People And Unknown Creatures: Unusual And True Paranormal Hauntings

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As humans we have a fascination with the unknown. Our minds naturally drift towards finding out what we do not yet know. In the history of human civilization this desire to know the unknown has molded the thrust of progress. Our desire to explore the boundaries of our knowledge and experience have led to us setting foot on the moon, and on trying to figure out how the universe itself works, and how it all came about.

However, the desire to understand what has not been understood, to experience what has not been experienced and learn what is unknown, is most truly realized in us in our deep fascination with the paranormal. The word is a combination of the root words â??para’ and â??normal’, with the understanding that anything that is â??above’, or beyond our conceptions of normality, is paranormal.

The word supernatural has also evolved from a similar context, coming from Latin and meaning â??above nature’. Paranormal is different from a hypothesis, which, while also beyond our understanding are nevertheless based on scientific observation. Paranormal, on the other hand, refers to a more instinctive and imaginative understanding of what cannot be explained.

This book aims to do something similar to the anecdotal approach of analyzing the paranormal. In keeping with the anecdotal approach, I do not intend to question the veracity of the following events mentioned in this book. Such a line of questioning ignores the purpose of the paranormal, its effects as well as the organic way in which the story about the supernatural grows to become a legend.

The paranormal is often derided as untrue or full of falsities, but in my opinion it is actually a keynote to human progress. As humans we have a fascination with the supernatural, which draws us to our primal instincts to keep surviving and progressing as a race.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Zvicov Castle – Czech Republic
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Vulcan Hotel – Otago, New Zealand
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Kamchanod Forest – Udon Thani, Thailand
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Chase Vault – Christ Church, Barbados
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Princess Theater – Melbourne Australia
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – The Ye Old Man and Scythe Pub – Bolton, UK
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Villa Dunardi – Sicily, Italy
  • True Paranormal Hauntings – Koh-i-Chiltan – Quetta, Baluchistan
  • Much, much more!
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Godly Politicking for World Peace.: A Study of Political Science in Biblical Perspective.

by David Olufon

The aim of the author is to project, expose and establish biblical truths about politics as it relates to government, governance and accountability to the governed and to God, in order to motivate and encourage Christians to take up the gauntlet, invade the political terrain, armed with the Word of God and usher in a new era of politics of righteousness and visionary leadership. Though the philosophy of governance constitutes the science of politics, the art of politics consists in the application of that science to the separate and unique circumstances of particular states. The ancient Greek writers treated politics with reference to an ideal perfect state, an â??Utopia’, which each propounded according to his own speculative views, pointing out the variation of every existing government from his stand point. The political strategy of a country should emphasize articulate policies of government, more especially in areas of relationship with foreign powers in order to be relevant among the comity of nations. With the technology of internet, the world has become a global village, thus making developmental interactions between States more desirable and accessible, since no nation can be an island unto itself.

The Lion The Witch and The Whitehouse

by Dr. Brenda Kay Winters

This book is about many of the candidates, their view and biography.I found many interesting facts on Clinton and Trump as I did the research to write this somewhat unbiased book.The Lion The Witch and The Whitehouse is full of facts.This book is not affaliated with any candidate and is my own opinion.

Survival Box Set: Survival Lessons That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes (ultimate survival handbook, survival tips, survival preparedness)

by Paulina Cross

BOOK #1: The SHTF Stockpile: Don’t Waste Time! Go One Step Further and Be Ready to Respond: Emergency Preparedness and Protection Planning

This book will help beginning preppers to advanced preppers with tangible concepts and ideas for excellent preparation when SHTF. Increase your chances of survival with the idea of

the survival pyramid, a perfect foundation to rely on when the global situation begins to diminish. Stuffed with knowledge from cover to cover, you’ll keep referring back to this book


BOOK #2: The Ultimate Survival Manual: Essential Checklists and Concise Instructions That Will Get You Out Alive When Disaster Strikes

The Ultimate Survival Manual will put you in good stead when a disaster arrives. It is a succinct guide to preparation for the worst and how to prevail when the unforeseen and

unthinkable happens. Several scenarios are outlined. Plus, the book covers the nature of survival and the steps necessary to increase your odds of conquering the worst possible

conditions. With the right mindset, as outlined in the book, you can purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for that dreaded “rainy day”.

BOOK #3: Survival Gear: 53 Valuable Types of Bartering Gear You Must Have in Your Bug Out Bag to Save You From Potential Economic Collapse

This eBook contains some important guidelines and informative chunks for a Survival situation. There are different types of situations that require planning and stockpiling. In this

eBook, you will get to know to how to prepare for economic recession. It is not just a simple eBook, but it is based on the idea of developing a strategy for a situation when paper

currency won’t be worth anything. It an interesting book that will help you in getting prepared and surviving.

BOOK #4: Prepper’s Cookbook: 25 Incredibly Useful Survival Food Recipes for Easy Meals Cooked With Your Emergency Food Supplies

This book will show you how to cook 25 simple, healthy and tasty dishes that you can prepare anywhere, at all times and moreover that can be eaten on the move in the event of

emergency if you have to evacuate, move into a shelter, or face a power outage or water supply problems in your own house.

Learn how to alleviate the consequences of a devastating disaster by cooking delicious food and thus providing comfort and boosting the spirits of your dear ones in times of trouble.

BOOK #5: Off Grid Living: Introduction to Alternative Off-Grid Lifestyle. 35 Steps to Build Your Own Backyard Homestead

This book contains amazing steps and strategies on how to choose and decorate your small house to make more attractive and cherry. There are 5 chapters in this book present as

â??Guide’ that clearly shows and guide you about it. You need to read all chapters to make out the secrets and to apply as well. You have to read all the chapter carefully for better

understanding of the book. This book based on “Off grid living” and also contains “35 amazing steps” for building you backyard homestead.

BOOK #6: Building Chicken Coops: Simple Lessons on Building Chicken Coops and Raising Backyard Chickens as a Great Way to Start Your Self Sufficient Living

In this guidebook, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about off the grid living as well as how to create a suitable environment for the chicken that you will be raising.

One that will also allow you to take care of them for the years to come.

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Curious Alignments: The Global Economy Since 2500 BCE: The Global Economy Since 2500 BCE

by John Sase

Curious Alignments explores the history of inter-connected, ancient urban development around the world using Google Earth, the popular, free mapping program to explore curious connections between the sites of ancient temples and cities. Related videos can be viewed at of the Playlist–Curious Alignments: The Global Economy Since 2500 BCE. In the ancient and medieval world, the divine often inspired urban and regional site selection, planning, design, and the construction of edifices. Even the placement of fountains and altars in places of worship have held great significance to humans since ancient times. The sacred seometry that produced pleasing aesthetics for the and perfect acoustics for the ear often mirrored the planets and stars in the heavens–as above, so below. This human desire to understand the cosmos extends back to ages for which we possess no records except the ceremonial sites and the Sacred Geometry reflected within them and among them. Considering the known or estimated dates at which sacred sites were constructed, it appears that the use of Sacred Geometry by humankind has waxed and waned multiple times over the millennia of our epoch. In various regions of the world, the construction of pyramids, stone circles, mounds, and temples sometimes transpired concurrently, and sometimes did not. Furthermore, the use of Sacred Geometry has focused on the movements of the sun, moon, starts and planets for reasons extending from the purely pragmatic to the completely spiritual.

UFOs And Aliens: A Stunning Look At UFO Sightings, UFO Encounters, UFO Abductions And Whether You Should Be Worried (UFOs And Aliens, Alien Abduction, Bizarre True Stories, Conspiracy Theories)

by Janet Rushmire

An Amazing Insight Into UFOs And Aliens And Alien Abductions!

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You’re about to discover the amazing stories told by people who have had UFO and alien encounters in their lifetime. To think there might be other life forms out there is what makes some people wonder; “Are we alone?” UFO sightings and abductions have always been a hot topic but why have alien and UFO sightings become less and less reported over the last decade?

Does the government have anything to do with it? Have they found something that they don’t want to let out? The government has always been tight lipped about UFOs and possible alien abductions, but why? In this book we go through multiple stories from people that believe they have been abducted by aliens or have seen UFOs and whether you should be worried yourself…

If you want to know the mind boggling stories of people who have been abducted by aliens and what roll the government has in the sightings of UFOs and aliens, then grab this book now!

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