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Encouragement of Woman’s Bushido

by Mikako Kitamura

It is a translated version of the original book which was published in Japan.

About this series.

*Some books are translated by professional translators, and some books by students. The quality of the translation may vary.

* The concept of this series is that the book can be read in a short period of time, thus there are not may pages in the book.

Explanation of this book

About 150 years ago, the world of samurai came to an end.

Samurai made a big swell of the times in about 900 years since they appeared as the vigilantes to protect their land in the Japanese history. The way of life like cherry blossoms to bloom beautifully and fall gracefully impresses to many people as the roots of the Japanese image.

Samurai with a sword as a sharp weapon to the waist and was higher rank in the hierarchy had common moral built up over a long time. That’s why they didn’t become the roughnecks only to have force and power.

The moral called Bushido consist of seven virtues “righteousness, courage, regard, courtesy, faith (sincerity), honor, loyalty” and supported their pride and unique feeling of life-and-death. At the same time, it was how to survive the controlled society and strict hierarchical relationship of the samurai culture.

The modern women have many worries. The hints to solve their problems have packed full in Bushido as know-how of the samurai.

I would think of the many women’s worries through this book from the point of view of Bushido.

The goal is the cool woman kept her back straight.

I would teach you know-how to live womanfully and gracefully though you are never influenced by the surroundings.



Are you influenced by the surroundings easily?

“Hey, what do you think?” Feature [1] She doesn’t have confidence.

What shall I do if everybody hates me? Feature [2] She is a coward.

Is it the kindness? Features [3] She is kind herself and others

Do you really think so? Feature [4] She agrees soon

What is the real coolness?


Success Box Set: 200 Ultimate Tips for Becoming Successful (Leadership, Leadership books, leadership skills)

by George Roberts

BOOK #1: Speed Reading: 33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed

33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed is a quick and powerful way to increase your capacity to assimilate and learn new information. quickly. The outstanding idea of speed reading is that you will read as normal, but faster, but this isn’t entirely correct. In this book we will explore techniques and learn from an authority on speed reading on how best to speed read.

BOOK #2: Critical Thinking: Learn How to Improve Your Intelligence and Make Clever Decisions

The fact that you are contemplating this book tells me that you are an intelligent individual looking to better yourself, yet looking for some support along the way and an idea on where to start and how you should progress on this journey.

BOOK #3: Leadership: 20 Qualities That Can Make You Become An Amazing Leader

This e-book includes helpful techniques as well as smart methods to assist you to develop your current leadership and managing expertise. It addresses you have to be an innovator that folks carry out, maintain informed, render well-timed choices and also seize useful steps. Essentially you have to manage the routines of your online business as opposed to being managed by all of them.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What is leadership?
  • Effective Delegating Strategies
  • Amazing 20 qualities to be a great leader
  • Leadership Tips for beginners
  • Effective Business Negotiation Techniques
  • Motivation from Heart and so on

BOOK #4: Leadership: 101 Tips to Better Elevate Yourself and the People Around You – Learn How to Influence, And Master Business Skills, Coaching and Communication

Issues of leadership have various exposures, understanding and relative capacities. Leadership comes easily to some people while some other people struggle with it. While some people are natural crowd pullers, some people struggle to come out of their shells when it comes to relating with people. Whatever level you find yourself, this book is what you need.

BOOK #5: NLP: 12 Outstanding Tips And Tricks to Understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is an approach to personal development and communication that you can use to both create and meet specific goals in your life. This is made possible by the connection between your language, neurological processes, and through your personal experiences and behavior patterns, otherwise known as programming.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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What to Say for Admissions: 200+ Words, Phrases & Usages!

by Edit-Assist

Be understood on your application to the school you want with the top words, phrases, and strategies designed for effective admission to college. The language in this book will empower you to speak and write confidently when voicing your mission for pursuing higher education.

This guide is your harness to climb the Ivory Tower!

In just one sitting, you’ll have a clear idea of exactly how and what you need to say to achieve your goals.

With over 200 examples of highly successful words and phrases to designed specifically for common applications, you will easily find a way to express yourself in exactly the way you want. This guide is quick enough to use now, and useful enough to memorize. Learn the best expressions in minutes!

The design of the language we offer is developed with an incredible amount of research. Hundreds of thousands of academically oriented words were distilled and sorted to find the most effective language for gaining admissions to any college. Unlike other communication guides, which are built around opinion, our guides use analysis to find exactly the best words for your goals. Study our guides to reach your communication potential!

Take a stand and commit yourself to success by learning the best language to be understood.

Part of sales funds the aid of international and internal refugees through our language guides. We help the displaced quickly learn new languages to establish their basic needs.

We update out lists every year! Your eBook is guaranteed to have the most recent findings from our research team.
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A Isn’t Just for Apple

by Barbara Woster

A Isn’t Just for Apple is a book targeted to pre-readers (infants) up to the independent preschool reader.It makes use of associative alliteration, so that children hear the varying letters sounds in conjunction with hand-drawn and/or clip art pictures. A Isn’t Just for Apple stands upon the foundation that children need more today than just simplified alphabetic associations in order to develop a stronger vocabulary; a base essential for reaching early reading and spelling targets. If this book is read from infancy and then turned over to the child when he/she reaches an independent reading level (approximately age 5), then that child will have a stronger foundation for recognizing letters and the different sounds that some letters make.

As as educator, mother, and a grandmother, I have both experience and knowledge in early childhood education; traits that should be required when compiling educational material for young children learning to read.

Moreover, upon the encouragement of my children, I hand-drew each page, combining clip-art for a more colorful & creative experience.

The Time the Flying Car and Inventions Around Us

by Aleksandr Anufriyev

The Time the Flying Car and Inventions Around Us.
3 books in 1.
Is it even possible?!
To travel in time?
You don’t know how to explain to your kids, your friends, your students what does Time mean ? In this book You will find the answers.
Book about the Time.
Book about the Flying Car.
Book about Inventions around us.

Pokeconomy: How to Cash in on the Biggest Mobile Game in U.S. History

by James Whittaker

#1 Best Seller!

Pokémon Go is big business. Very big.

If you’re an enterprising individual, you might well be asking yourself right now “Can I get in on all of this?!” Well I have â?¦and you can too, and this book will show you how. Welcome to the Pokéconomy.

This guide will provide step by step guidance on the common forms of capitalizing on the game, along with a few surprise opportunities that have yet to be tapped. This applies to both established businesses, who can turbocharge their marketing efforts in a single day, and to individuals, whether they have a few hours or entire lives to dedicate to making money from this phenomenon.

How to Interview 101: 33 tips to get the job offer

by Shalonda Degraffinried Whitmore

Get the inside scoop on how to have better job interviews! People hire who they LIKE, so learn quick tips & tricks for getting the hiring manager and interviewers to LIKE YOU! Plus, learn how to be more comfortable during the entire process!

Chapter 1 The Phone Interview

Chapter 2 What to Bring & Wear

Chapter 3 You’re Here, Now What

Chapter 4 Body Language 101

Chapter 5 Answering Questions

Chapter 6 Answering More Questions

Chapter 7 Asking Questions

Chapter 8 After the Interview

Get straight-to-the-point tips that ANY interviewee can use to stand out the RIGHT WAY and improve your chances of getting the job offer.

Dealing with People Box Set (4 in 1): Deal with Narcissism, Temperamental Kids, Communicate Effectively and Relieve Stress (Leadership & Non Verbal Communication)

by Keith Boyer

Dealing with People Box Set (4 in 1) Deal with Narcissism, Temperamental Kids, Communicate Effectively and Relieve Stress

Get FOUR books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Dealing with Narcissism
  • Dealing With Temperamental Kids
  • Living Loud Through Body Language
  • Meditation Basics

In Dealing with Narcissism, you’ll get a self-help guide to understanding and coping with narcissist people at home and work

In Dealing With Temperamental Kids, you’ll learn anger management for kids to understand their feelings

In Living Loud Through Body Language, you’ll learn actions that speak louder than words to effectively communicate and persuade

In Meditation Basics, you’ll learn 9 different ways to relieve stress and achieve zen and peace

Buy all FOUR books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

Language Builder Flash Cards: 95 Essential Nouns with Pictures (The Big Book of Sight Words 6)

by Suzy Morris

These fun and easy to use flash cards are designed for your Kindle device or the free Kindle app for your iPhone, Ipad, Mac computer, tablet, Android or PC.

Featuring the 95 essential nouns – these are the nouns most commonly used in preschool and kindergarten books. The electronic flashcards help reinforce phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations.

Text Chat Activities: A Resource Book for Language Teachers

by Mark J. Oliver

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, WiFi and 3G, text chat has become a common form of daily communication for many around the world. By bringing it into our language classes we can provide our learners with real world practice, giving them the skills they need to communicate in today’s tech-influenced society. And the benefits don’t end there.

In this book, I discuss the advantages of using text chat with language learners and how teachers can integrate it into their courses. I have also included a range of text chat tasks for pair and group work. Adapted from traditional communicative activities, and utilising a range of technology and media, these tasks are engaging, fun and effective ways for learners to practice their language in a text chat environment. Each task comes with clear instructions for teachers and students.

Although primarily aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language, teachers of other languages can also reap the benefits of text chat practice by adapting activities to suit their learners’ needs .

Includes link to printable PDF version

Bullies Victims and Bystanders

by Hemal Gandhi

In the lobbies between classes, on the play area, on the school transport, harassing can happen anyplace. Tormenting can be a ghastly, extraordinary affair for kids and teenagers. In the event that you are being tormented, there are a few moves you can make to shield yourself.

How To Pass IELTS Writing: 5 Steps To Write For IELTS

A simple and easy-to-understand guide that will show you HOW to write for IELTS. This book is different than many other IELTS writing books you’ll find available today as it explains exactly how the writing is graded for the test.

This book offers more than just sample answer, it shows you the structure for each task type for BOTH Task 1 and Task 2 and for BOTH Academic and General versions of the test.

This book will walk you through the key vocabulary for each task as well as a grammar review especially needed for IELTS, all in a simple and modern style.

What you get from this book:

-How the test is scored

-Academic and General writing instruction

-Task 1 and Task 2 structures

-Key Vocabulary

-Grammar Review

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