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Mail Order Bride: Missionary Lawman Seeks Adventurous Maiden (Wholesome Western Historical Romance) (Clean Christian Inspirational Short Stories)

by Abigail Buckley


Tess was a pretty, twenty-two year old Methodist minister’s daughter from Atlanta, Georgia. Attractive, intelligent and educated, she was dying for some more excitement in her life when, one day, she came across some ads that were requesting “mail-order-brides.” She was amused by the ads, but while she has always wanted to marry, had never considered a life outside of Atlanta.

Dan was a law-man and missionary in the Pecos country of Northern New Mexico. Tall, lean, godly, and deadly with a six-gun, Dan was called to serve God as a missionary to the Jaramillo Apache.

Can the adventurous, “can’t sit still” Tess make a life with the dangerous missionary? Can she let go of her own trauma to let him in to her life? And can Dan make enough room in his heart to finally settle down to be with the girl of his dreams? This all hinges however on whether they can even survive a brutal attack at the hands of the Comanche? Discover all these answers and more as you get lost in this romantic love story, set in the late 19th century!


Twin Flames:The Soul Journey Back to Oneness (Twin Flames, Soulmate, reincarnation, love yourself)

by Paul Kain


However you feel about your life, there is always room for love. If there’s someone with whom you’re already sharing your life, there’s certainly room to make the connection deeper. Finding your twin flame isn’t about trying to have the perfect life with the perfect person and it doesn’t mean your current situation or relationship is lacking.

With solid, real world analogies and a realistic perspective on today’s relationships, Twin Flames: The Soul Journey Back to Oneness offers fresh ideas on how to find, keep and cherish your ideal partner.

As you explore the meaning of Twin Flames and all the experiences that lead up to having the deepest of spiritual connections, you’ll also find how to live up to your own potential. This journey will teach you how setbacks become stepping stones, failed relationships become sign posts that point to the person you were meant to be with and, most of all, the greatest gift you can give your soul is unconditional love.

What You Will Learn From Reading Twin Flames

– The difference between soul mates and Twin Flames

– How to tell if someone is your Twin Flame

– What the chances are of finding your Twin Flame

– Can you find a partner first and then work on loving yourself

– Do each of us only have one soul mate

Some Enchanted Evening: Christian Contemporary Romance (Men of KWESTT Book 1)

by Clari Dees

Kellan Campbell, principal singer with chart-topping musical group KWESTT, longs for roots and a family to call his own, but he’ll settle for a vacation from the fast-paced, demanding life of touring. Shedding his well-known stage persona to avoid recognition, he heads for a backwoods Missouri campground to rest and recuperate in the great outdoors. But his attempts at avoiding people are stymied by the campground’s energetic, quick-witted manager. He’d be annoyed if he wasn’t starting to look forward to her company and crazy sense of humor.

JoyAnne loves her job as manager of the flourishing family campground. After being tossed upside down and shattered, her life is finally feeling safe, predictable, and secure. And she’s determined to stay right where she’s at, doing what she does bestâ??ensuring guests enjoy their camping experience.

The sassy, fascinating woman soon reignites Kellan’s desire for a home and family, and he tempts JoyAnne’s scarred heart to risk love again. But when mishap strikes and Kellan’s full identity is revealed as a result, JoyAnne pushes him away to protect what remains of her heart. Will she release her tightly-gripped control to God so that a future with Kellan is possible, or will the music that brought them together ultimately rip them apart?

Amish Horse Whisperer (Amish Romance) (Amish Broken Hearts Series Book 1)

by Esther Weaver

Elizabeth Glick’s husband David had died helping Irma, a mother horse, give birth. Every morning when Elizabeth goes to work on the buggy drawn by Irma she can’t stop thinking about her husband. In these trying times Elizabeth feels fortunate to have Paul Esch in her life, who owns Irma and has always been close to her and David since the three were young.

When Paul offers her Dorothea, Irma’s baby horse, Elizabeth declines at first; however, after finally giving in to his insistence, she finds a newfound solace in taking care of David’s legacy to this world.
Then one cold winter day, Dorothea runs out of the barn in front of Elizabeth.

Having already lost her husband, would she lose even what her husband had left her?

The World of Animals: The Stress Relieving 35 Detailed and Ornate Animals Designs

by Anna Wilton

This is great for those times when you need to chill.

Everyone will benefit from the stress-relieving effect that increased focus and creativity can provide.

There are no rules or complicated step-by-step instructions in these pages and no need for craft supplies and expensive art. Enjoy and relax coloring in this various designs.

You can also get a PDF version of these amazing animals so you can print them out and get coloring.

Want to print this book? Click the link in the end of this book.

Harnessing Water Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)

by Viivi James

What would you do, if you could harness the power of Water?

Most books about magic give you instructions. Few of them tell you how to take components and make your own spells.

This one does.

Harnessing Water Magic will lay out exactly how to call the elements or bend them to your will.

This book is unique in that it will tell you the components you can use to create your own magic and call the elements in a way that is personal to you.

Viivi James will tell you which deities, and even pop culture icons, you can use to harness Water to create powerful magic and bend the world to your will.

If you want to connect with this element more deeply, this book is a must in your magical library.

You’ll find the following topics in this in-depth book on paganism and witchcraft:

  • Things that are associated with Water
  • Deities, including gods, goddesses, Lovecraftian monsters, and things from pop culture (for Pop Culture Pagans)
  • Herbs and plants
  • Spells
  • Plus, tips on how to make your own spells!

  • Meditation, Mind and Body: Find Your Center and Enjoy Stress Free Relaxation (Meditation, Mindfulness, Zen)

    by Tatiana Mirza

    Are You Trying to Relieve Stress and Improve Your Ability to Relax? Keep Reading to Find Out How You Can..

    In today’s world our lives are filled with a never ending list of things to stress about. Health, work, money, relationships, and the list goes on. Not to mention, the ever nagging updates from our cell phones and various technologies. It can be very difficult to find a moment to relax. Practicing meditation can help with all of this. Once you get the hang of it meditation will allow you to quickly release from the stresses in life and enjoy inner peace.

    Many people realize the need for mediation in their lives, but have no clue where to start. This book has step by step instructions that will teach you everything you need to know about meditation so that you can find zen in your life.

    A Preview of What You Will Learn

    â?? Exactly What Meditation Is And How It Helps

    â?? The Effects of Meditation on The Body and Mind

    â?? Step by Step Meditation Techniques

    â?? How to Set Up the Perfect Zen Environment

    â?? Why Meditation and Spirituality Are Linked

    â?? Much, Much More!

    Download this book today while it is being offered at an introductory price!

    The Message: A Critical Review Of End Time Events

    by Bill Boozer

    This book is about End-Time prophecies and how they relate to current world conditions. It is a testimony of my recent encounters with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and the resulting message. I believe it to be the inspiration and revelation of God regarding this present time and what is soon to come upon this generation. My prayer is that all who read the pages of this text will listen intently to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to share His message with you.

    90 Days of Intimacy: A Devotion of Love

    Our hearts long for True Love; we crave to fill that longing with somebody who will show us true love. But the only answer to that longing is intimacy with Jesus. Jesus’ Deep is calling to your deep.

    In this devotional, Jesus will wash over you with His Love and Presence.

    WESTERN: The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride (Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance) (BBW Alpha Male Cowboy Short Stories)

    by Vienna Ashwood

    Every heart deserves a second chance…

    I was alone in the world. My no good, drunk of a husband had made my life a living hell for so long that now that he’s gone, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. That is until I realize that he left me with a pile of debts and the prospect of being ruined, maybe even going to debtor’s prison, or ending up on the streets, homeless and begging, or worse.

    That’s when I meet Augustus Wilder, the richest man in the west, and he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Marry his disreputable son, or have my worst fears become a reality. Little did I know that his son, Luke Wilder, was exactly who I needed.

    We were two hearts that had been broken and beaten, but together, we have the chance to become whole once more. We just have to be brave enough to take the risk, and make the gamble that just might save us both.


    Free Bonus Included!

    “Visualize yourself in the best relationship possible and that’s what you shall receive.”

    Restoration (The Lakeville Series Book 3)

    by D.H. Barbara

    Two Brothers, two paths.

    “I know what’s going on. What are you going to do to make it right?”
    Jude barked out a laugh…he was prepared for every argument. His stance declared he would have none of what Silas had to say.
    “Who says we’re not right?”
    Praying for the right words to be spoken and a fertile heart to hear them, Silas reached for his brother, plunging into the discussion he knew they needed to have. “Jude, you know the right thing. I don’t need to spout off a list of Scripture. What can I do?”
    “Mind your business.” Jude shook off the hand on his arm. “That’s the first thing. No, that’s the ONLY thing.”
    “My brother walking in sin isn’t my business?”
    “We’re not kids anymore; you can stop looking out for me, it’s getting old. So, mind your business and go home. I don’t need Jiminy Cricket hanging around the door…”
    “Jiminy Cricket? How about the Holy Ghost? Don’t be a fool, Jude. You’re not hiding anything from Jesus.”
    “You’re boring me, Si. I pray every night and I haven’t missed church. All is well on that front. Now, go away.”
    Silas adopted a stubborn set to his face. The fabric of their relationship, worn to tatters from recent strains, tore apart.

    The impasse reached could destroy their close bond.

    If You Claim to Be a Christian

    by Alexandru Horatiu Mesesan

    Find out exactly what your purpose is, get right with God, increase your blessings tenfold and reserve your one way ticket to Heaven!

    Learn the twenty two letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, decipher their hidden meaning, and find the secret path that God left for you before creation.

    Each letter contains a hidden mystical instruction, and acts as a guide back to our glorious maker.

    Have you ever felt like there was more to it? Then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

    Your life will never be the same!

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