Free science fiction Kindle books for 06 Aug 16

Yesterday Makers: Stories from a Time Machine

by Russell Kightley

I made a time machine and I made a yesterday. And look what happened.

A multi-layered time travel story that starts with Paxton delving into his past. He wants vengeance, and his time machineâ??which he barely understandsâ??can give it to him. And all without the paradoxes. But there is less to Paxton’s world than he realises. Much less.

Entrance to Saturn

by Jesse Claymon


“FROM the first shocking glimpse of him, I knew that the man was dangerous”

Black Kell Redahin had escaped in a rοcket sled! Nοtοriοus space pirate, he had lain fοur years in the death blοck οf the prisοn οf the Interplane­tary Cοmmerce Cοmmissiοn, at Kenya City, Africa, while lawyers squabbled οver divisiοn οf his recaptured lοοt. In the rοcket sled he had cοmman­deered, it was just pοssible that a man οf Black Kell’s metal cοuld have flοwn frοm Africa tο the Mοοn. He had been an earlier Pοddard man.

Invοluntarily, my dry lips whis­pered, “Redahin!”

Sardοnically, my captοr bοwed. “I’m gοing tο Saturn. As cο-pilοt, οr”â??and his weapοn made an οmin­οus gestureâ??”pilοt!”

The Cycle of Violence

by Nathan Allen

Sometimes the punishment does fit the crime.

Privileged rich kid Fraser Jaensch faces a twenty year prison sentence for a shockingly violent crime. His attorney advises him that his only other option is to become a subject in a top-secret program of radical therapy.
Fraser thinks it’ll be a breeze. He thinks he got off scot free.

But he has no idea what he’s in for.

Fleetfoot Interstellar: Fleetfoot Interstellar Series, Book 1

by P. Joseph Cherubino

It’s another day of work at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.

Captain Drexler Fleetfoot just wants to haul freight between the stars, pay off his debts and one day, retire. When a rival crew of Reptilians tries to kill his Insectoid crew members and muscle in on his operation, Drexler tries to get even. Instead, he stumbles headfirst into a Reptilian plan to invade the Trade Union.

Now he is on the hook for starting a war, and on the run from the Reptilian battle fleet. Caught between a Galactic conflict and an unhappy crew he can’t afford to pay, Drexler will have to use all his skills to save his ship, his comrades and his business.

Sherlock Holmes Killer of the Pandora Box

by John Pirillo

Sherlock Holmes faces a fiendish plot of murder that goes back to his past and a man he dearly loved and was most horribly murdered. Now Sherlock has a second chance to avenge the murder and to bring closure to a dark part of his past. But can he do so without more innocent people dying? Maybe even he this time.

Far Out

by Fiona Faith Ross

Saffron’s father has been grouchy since her mother died of fever after they moved to the Seaweed Slum. Life there could send anyone of the cliff edge, but Dad is all Saffron has in the world. She prays to Infinity the patrols won’t catch him when he sneaks off on his secret missions. Dad was an astronautics engineer in his heyday, and his obsession with space junk gives metal fatigue a whole new meaning. That stuff is a waste of space. Dad could be doing better things with his time. At least Saffron has Nigel her puppy for company.

Hippie Hermione scrapes by with her quack medicine and her stinky meat pies, but Saffron has ambitions. She will qualify as an herbalist and create delicious cosmetics and perfumes for the rich people in Server City. Hermione offers to coach Saffron for the exam, but Hermione’s methods don’t ring true. Her strawberry dreadlocks, black fingernails and pothead lifestyle are vile, and her recipes stink like rancid rats tails.

Sophisticated Marianne the master herbalist is the new neighbour. Dad invites her to tea, but for Saffron the tea party is a disaster. First Marianne steals Nigel’s heart and he squirms round her ankles like a pole dancer; then the woman tells her she won’t pass her exam under Hermione’s tuition. Saffron’s father has no resistance to the woman’s charms. Their cosy hearts-and-flowers club leaves Saffron out in the cold. Dad and Marianne? At their age? It’s disgusting.

Student Nate the astrophysicist seeks the engineer’s help to rescue his space probe, snagged on a defunct satellite in the junk orbit. Unaware the servants are watching him, Nate brings trouble and the three of them have to leg it to Astro Station in Cornwall, where Saffron discovers what is running rings round her father. Curly-haired Nate makes Saffron’s head spin and her stomach fizz and it’s obvious he’s starry-eyed about her. Grumpy old Dad might not approve, but he’ll just have to grow up. For Infinity’s sake, she’s not a child anymore; she’ll turn eighteen in December.

When Astro Station becomes too dangerous he sends her to the slum for safety, but he won’t tell her why. Instead, he’s arranged for her to stay at predatory Marianne’s; the last place in the universe she wants to be. Nate has dumped her. Life is as sparkly as a soggy biscuit.

Titan sends a bouquet of flowers as insipid as a cup of seaweed tea. Who would send anyone dead flowers, Saffron wants to know, but she learns flowers have a language and they bring a coded message. Nate is trapped and the servants have arrested her father. Marianne and Saffron venture into the deadly city to discover what they can, but the plan goes wrong.

Wandering the metropolis at night and evading the robo-guards, Saffron risks talking to Nate on his contact disc. He is thin and exhausted. She asks about her father, but Nate says he is on the machines and he can’t tell her any more. If Saffron wants to see Nate and her father alive again, first she must survive the dangers of the city and find them.

Planetfall: Entrance to the Soul Maze

by Chogan Swan

The year is 1800 (Gregorian calendar) and no one knows the seeds of Earth’s destruction have just fallen from space.

The Corvette Valishnu has tracked the last ship of the NiaH menace across the galactic core to prevent the rebirth of the Tyrant Empire that enslaved countless worlds for centuries, but now the NiaH are loose on Earth, all Tiana’s symbiotic partners are dead and she is the Valishnu’s only survivor.

Unless she can find new partners and eradicate the NiaH, the Earth will be doomed and perhaps the galaxy not far behind.

Planetfall: Entrance to the Soul Maze introduces the Soul Maze series – an epic struggle against tyranny across generations and worlds.

33,000 word Novella for 18+ audience

Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma

by H. L. Burke

Being framed for murder and forced to flee the country sort of takes the fun out of vacations.
Reformed cat burglar, Nyssa Glass, wants to lead an honest life as an electrician’s apprentice. Instead, she’s on the run with her new friend, Ellis, implicated in a crime she didn’t commit. The pair ends up stowing away on a zeppelin and meeting Renard and Amara, two teens running away to be married. But the mysterious couple is hiding somethingâ??and it might get Nyssa and Ellis killed.

Apocalypse Hill (Apoc Hill Miniseries Book 1)

by Matthew Stott

The end of the world is just a game.

The Hill arrived in Apoc, in the far north of England, during a storm. The soil was soaked in ancient blood and the grasses that clung to its slopes were slashes of vicious crimson. The Hill did not arrive by chance. The Hill came for a reason.

There’s Mary, who saw her mother murdered when she was still in single digits and is now being pushed to do something dreadful by forces she can’t understand. There’s Bill Reed, trying to distract himself from worrying about his daughter by focusing on his latest novel, who finds himself waking to a world of familiar faces turned monstrous. And then there’s Alice, a horror movie loving young girl sat in a car alone in the night as she awaits her Dad’s return, trying to ignore the unnatural noises creeping from the shadows outside.

Dark forces are at play in Apoc Hill. The inhabitants will become unwilling pawns in an ancient game between the darkness and the light. An ancient game that could see the entire world laid waste.

‘Apocalypse Hill’ is the first part in author Matthew Stott’s thrilling new supernatural fantasy miniseries.

Receive a complimentary copy of Book 2, ‘Apocalypse Hill Cracks’. Details inside.

Gladiators vs Zombies

by Sean-Michael Argo

Roman gladiators and the ravenous undead clash in this thrilling ‘sword & sandal’ zombie apocalypse.

Lanista Laeca is the master of a gladiator school in Rome that has fallen on hard times. His business of providing skilled fighters for the Coliseum has begun to fail, and he is desperate to find a new spectacle of glory and battle to please the bloodthirsty crowds. He finds his answer in the cannibal corpse creatures brought to him from a distant land by a retired soldier, and soon the gladiators of House Laeca are being pitted against ravenous beasts that once were men. Will sword and shield win victory over tooth and claw?

Power Struggle (The Power Struggle Series Book 1)

by Brian Douglas

When a terrorist attack knocks out the power grid on the East Coast of the United States, an average American family struggles to survive in a darkened City of Boston.

As society collapses around them, Alex Stone and a small group of family and friends must adapt to their new lawless world. They quickly realize that the real struggle has less to do with the lights being out and more to do with the true darkness in the heart of mankind.

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