Free sports Kindle books for 06 Aug 16

You Wanna Bet?: Beginners Guide to Online Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports

by Josh Setien

This is a short, easy to follow guide to online betting and fantasy sports for anyone that wants to start betting on their favorite teams. I cover basics of betting sites, what types of bets you can place, tips and strategies and much more. Lots of examples to keep it simple. You will learn the lingo, feel more comfortable talking to your friends about sports betting and maybe you’ll even win some money! Good luck!

Pinstripe Abyss: Baseball’s Most Famous Franchise at its Worst in 1990

by John Domenick

The New York Yankees won five out of seven World Series in between 1996 and 2009. This book is not about those glory years but about the terrible 1990 team. Losing nearly 100 games, this team was possibly the worst in franchise history. Designed for busy readers (at roughly 15,000 words/50 kindle pages), this is the only book that explores the key moments of the 1990 Yankees season. Included are accounts of: George Steinbrenner’s relationship with a gambler and its aftermath, Andy Hawkins bizarre entry into history, how the Yankees were dominated by an A.L. opponent, the rise of a young slugger named Kevin Maas, and more.

Sailing with Sam

by Barbara Jones

Discover the thrill of learning to sail. Celebrate the joy and freedom of Barbara’s sailing adventures with sail master Sam. You will tune into the natural world by sharing the intricate skills of reading the weather and the ever changing patterns of the sea. Appreciate the challenges of learning to sail as they explore together the stunning coastal waters of south western Cyprus on Toppers, a Hobie Wave and a Hobie 15 catamaran. This is a journey of breaking through personal barriers as they evolve from teacher and student towards becoming an experienced sailing team.

Have you ever dreamed of learning to sail?

Follow Barbara’s enthralling adventures as the alchemy of the wind and sea create magnificent, exhilarating and sometimes dangerous conditions along the Mediterranean shores of Cyprus.

Inspired by her initial sail on Sam’s catamaran, Barbara is determined to learn to sail. As Sam’s flotilla grows Barbara is presented with exciting opportunities to expand her experience. With Sam’s sailing guidance Barbara learns to navigate her life in a new way as she increasingly explores her inner self.

This evocative journal will excite those ready to begin the journey and stir the memories of seasoned sailors. This is a journey which will deeply affect all those with the courage to undertake it. Our lives take on a deeper meaning as we begin to connect with the flow of nature.

You too can begin to live a life beyond your expectations.

Survival Prepping: How To Survive The Extreme Conditions Of A Survival Situation And Protect Your Family When Society Collapses And Dangerous Thugs Roam Free!

by Jeff Garrett

After society collapses, only those that are prepared will survive.

Will you and your family be one of them?

Download this prepping survival quick start guide and discover…

* 2008 wasn’t that long ago…what you must do so everything during the next major economic depression.

* How to avoid losing all your money when the government confiscates the wealth, like in Cyprus and in other countries.

* Why you will be in deep trouble in might even end up in prison unless you take care of this one big financial mistake.

* How not to get intimidated or overwhelmed by prepping for SHTF, even if you are just starting out and people tell you it’s not worth it.

* How much water per person per day, non perishable food items, first aid supplies, packs of medicines, and pet food you should have when you are starting out?

* The simple and low cost ways to help rescue workers to identify you if you are injured and give you proper care.

…and many more survival prepping secrets you must know.

IÅ¡mokyk mane! Dievas suteikia man jÄ?gų laimÄ?ti! PradÄ?ti OlimpinÄ?s Žaidimai Rio de Žaneiras, Brazilija TEACH ME! God grant me strength to win! Start Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Å i tema yra labai asmeniÅ¡ka man ir milijardus žmonių visame pasaulyje. Yra ne daug knygų Å¡ia tema . OlimpinÄ?se žaidynÄ?se Rio de Žaneiras, Brazilija gali pakeisti pasaulį įvairiais bÅ«dais. OlimpinÄ?s žaidynÄ?s yra labai įdomu pamatyti. LaimÄ?tojas! KÄ? reikia bÅ«ti tikra laimÄ?toja pasaulio renginį? Kokios charakterio užtrunka bÅ«ti olimpinis Žaidimo nugalÄ?tojas? Tai įkvepiantis žodžius pergalÄ?s, pergalÄ?s , ir augimui knyga. Tai speciali olimpinis leidimas knyga. Gauk savo kopijÄ? Å¡iandien. Atsisiųskite jÄ? dabar! TÄ?sti svarstymÄ? knygoje.

(Afrikaans Uitgawe) Leer my! Hoe om te kweek met ‘n beter omgewing, geduld, studie, en meditasie Afrikaans Edition TEACH ME! How to cultivate with better surroundings, patience, study, & meditation


Hierdie onderwerp is baie persoonlik vir my en om miljarde mense regoor die wêreld . Daar is nie baie boeke oor hierdie onderwerp. Is jy gereed om balans in jou lewe te bring? Vind uit wat kan werk vir jou en bring jou kernwaardes om vandag jou lewe verander. Is jy gereed om kalmte in jou lewe te bring? Is jy gereed om te kyk na jou omgewing met noukeurige waarneming? Is jy gereed om diep in jou hart en maak ‘n groot verskil in jou lewe? Die deur oopmaak vir nuwe moontlikhede. Bestudeer en verhoog jou kennis oor die lewe. Is jy gereed om jou lot te verander en bring groter vrede en kalmte om jou wêreld vandag? Neem beheer van jou lewe nou en verwyder die afleiding wat nodig mag wees in die pad van jou geluk, liefde, groei, studeerkamer, doelwitte en lewensdoel! Kry jou kopie vandag. Nou af! Lees verder in die boek.

Amazonian Train

by Garry Fritch

Our hero is fed up with this ordinary world. So he leaves all his friends and work and goes for an adventure. Maybe he predicted that after that he will never back to the normal life, bur maybe he did notâ?¦

Foods to Stockpile for SHTF: DIY Survival Foods You Need to Survive Long Term and Bug Out If You Need To

by Jack Smith

A food crisis can happen anytime, anywhere.

Sure, you can live without three meals a day but when stretched longer it is devastating.

Symptoms such as hunger, fatigue, dizziness and malnutrition start showing.

If the situation does not change one might end up with a disability, illness or death.

In most cases one cannot estimate how long the food crisis will last so it is good to be prepared with a stockpile which can last a few days as you consider your options.

Download this practical prepping survival stockpile guide and discover…

* The essential foods you should stockpile to prevent illness or death.

* How to prepare a stockpile that will last for several days so you have time and energy to recover from a disaster.

* How to choose foods that won’t cause you to be thirsty.

* Easy to make, nutritious snacks for when you are trapped.

* Quick foods you can use in the absence of fresh bread.

* Long lasting energy foods that give you protein, good fats, and carbs.

* What to stock to fight bacterial infections when access to medicine is limited.

* Ancient herbs that can enhance your immune system and serve as herbal antibiotics.

* The short term survival foods you should – and should NOT – stock.

* Long term survival foods that can be prepared and cooked with less water and fuel.

* Survival foods when you need to bug out and evacuate your home.

…and many more SHTF stockpile secrets!

Pokémon Go: Top 25 Tips and Tricks for Pokémon Go Players: (Great Pokemon Go hints and strategies for advanced players)

by Alan Kava

Are you ready for Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has been a great hit ever since it got released. More and more people are getting curious and want to play the game too.

If you are planning to download the game and get started this guide presents you with the top tips and tricks you will need to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer. The useful information and screenshots in this guide book will help you master the game, save a lot of time when you play and your gaming experience will be a lot better.

This guide will cover:

How to catch Pokémon

Best places to look for Pokémon

Getting items

Leveling up

Capturing and defending gyms

Matching Pokémon

Lures vs. Incense

Saving battery tricks and so much more!

Wilderness Survival Box Set (10 in 1): Your Guide to the Essentials of Surviving Outdoors (Sustainable Living & Homesteading)

by Lonnie Carr

Wilderness Survival Box Set (10 in 1) Your Guide to the Essentials of Surviving Outdoors

Get TEN books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Foraging for Beginners
  • Prepper’s Pantry
  • Bushcraft Survival
  • Prepper’s Guide
  • Hiking Gear Essentials
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Tiny House Living
  • SHTF Root Cellar
  • Greenhouse Gardening
  • Urban Homesteading

In Foraging for Beginners, you’ll learn Your Simplified Guide to Foraging Edible Plants for Survival in the Wild

In Prepper’s Pantry, you’ll learn Prepper’s Survival Guide with Hacks and Tips on Emergency Food, Water and More!

With Bushcraft Survival, you’ll get The Pocket Bushcraft Survival Guide for Beginners, Essential Skills to Survive in the Wild

With Prepper’s Guide, you’ll learn how to Think Like a Prepper, Quickstart Guide to Survivalism, Food and Water Storage, Self-Sufficient Living Plus DIY Prepper’s Projects

In Hiking Gear Essentials, you’ll learn how to Fill the Traveling Pack from Top to Bottom

With Wilderness Survival, you’ll get Essential Survival Skills and Strategies, from Orientation and Fire, to Fishing and Foraging, that Will Save Your Life in the Woods

In Tiny House Living, you’ll learn Your Mini Guide to Making Best of Your Tiny Home with Building Tips and Decorating Ideas

In SHTF Root Cellar, you’ll learn Essential Tips on Building Your Natural Refrigerator and Food Storage

In Greenhouse Gardening, you’ll learn Secrets of Building a Perfect Greenhouse, Tips for Growing Vegetables and Flowers All Year Round!

With Urban Homesteading, you’ll get Introduction to Organic Food, Gardening and Sustainable Living in Urban Homes

Buy all ten books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

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