Free world literature Kindle books for 06 Aug 16

THE CRUSADES – The Jewish World of the 12th Century

by Othniel J Seiden

The twelfth century was a wonderful time of cooperation between Muslims and Jews, which led to amazing advances in math, science, astronomy, and world commerce. Then came the Crusades…

The Crusades started the bloody plunge into the dark ages. This historical novel tells of the Golden Age of Muslim and Jewish partnership that benefited all from Europe to China and into Africa. In their religious zeal the crusades brought an end to further achievements for the several centuries of the dark ages.

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A soldier within: English translation of Vietnamese songs written during and post war time (Misty learns to write Book 2)

by Trang Thanh Nguyen

This book is written in remembrance of my grandfather, a late soldier of Republic of Vietnam. He instilled in me the love for Vietnamese golden music and its silver lyrics.

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