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How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books: A detailed step-by-step guide for helping writers become Bestselling authors

by Christian Grey

If you want to earn an income by becoming a serious Bestselling Kindle author, this book is the one you need!

This second edition of the ultimate survival guide How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books is a complete, detailed step-by-step guide for struggling would-be writers. This second edition contains even more helpful tips and tricks according to Amazon’s latest policies as well as in-depth lessons on grammar, spelling, and marketing.

The methods in this book are used by some of the most successful authors in the world. Inside you’ll find answers to questions such as:

How to clarify an idea you don’t quite have yet

How to structure your novel

How to efficiently get your ideas on paper

How to format for Kindle

How to promote your eBook for free

And dozens more!

This latest edition also provides seventy more pages of references to other noted literary works as examples, scholarly resources for further reading, and information on the latest industry trends.

For accomplished writers refining their skills, as well as those who have never brought their ideas to Kindle, How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books is an excellent reference book.

Once your ideas are written down and your story is ready to publish, this guide provides excellent marketing and publicity strategies that are taught in creative writing classes at some of the finest institutions in the country. Without the proper marketing skills authors have little chance of being discovered.

If you want to earn an income by becoming a serious Bestselling author, this book is the one you need.

Ultimate Reseller Hacks: 50 tips, tricks, and secrets to dominate the reselling game, reselling strategies for Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist (Sell on Eba, … Arbitrage, Thrift Stores, Flipping online,)

by Ethan Frost

Are you selling or planning to resell items?

In this book you will learn 50 tips to help you make profit from

-thrift stores

-retail stores

-garage sales

-online arbitrage

-as well as many other places.

There are many things that make for a great reseller. This book will bring your reselling to a new level!

STARTING A BUSINESS: SMALL BUSINESS: Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business (Home Business Start Up Business Plan) (Entreprenuership Small Business Make Money Online)

by Susan Kilmer


Free Business Plan Writing Guide Included

Do you want to start a business?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Are you confused on how to make it happen?

Want to make money online or from home or on the side?

Then this book is for you. This beginner’s guide to starting a business is the aspiring entrepreneurs first step to personal success and business ownership.

In this guide you will learn about:

– How to be prepared and ready to be a business owner

– How to build a strong business concept and why doing so is extremely important

– How to do preliminary market research

– Business Planning

– How to figure out how much everything will cost you

– and much more!

SIX FIGURE INCOME DEMYSTIFIED: Ultimate Financial Freedom Strategies

by sam akinpelu

This book is inspirational, motivational and instructive. It explains what it takes to live a stress free life while building your fortune legally, live a debt freed life, become financially freed person and ultimately a good success.

No more delay now you can become a six figure income earner even from the comfort of your home irrespective of age, experience, status, sex, background etc.

It provides practical guidance in making six figure income even from the scratch

It explains why people fail to understand the fact that living a financial freed life is a simple phenomenon and not as complex as they presumed and shed light on what they need to do to achieve the dream lives that seem to be practically impossible for them.

The six figure income demystified thought provoking and action packed process will definitely instigate, stimulate, invigorate and not only empower you but will also place you in a perfect position to leave a trailblazing legacy to the unborn generations.

This book is about making you to understand that you are the best person to live a financial freedom life and that any lesser choice is totally self-imposed limitation on your wellbeing and your purpose in life.

You don’t need to engage in hard work, get a prototype job, quit your job if you have one, sign up with unlimited club or trade membership in order to make millions. The major things you need are clearly outlined and explained in this book. You should count yourself lucky enough to have come in contact with this book which will definitely bring an outstanding turn around in your entire life.

All self-imposed embargos have been completely taken care of in this book. Are you trapped with the fear and being intimidated with such limiting beliefs such as: Working too hard in your life before you can make financial headways, setting limited goals, self-pity, world or national economic woes, government instability and unfavorable policies, thinking that your idea is too little, simple and insignificant, loss of job or being totally unemployed, feeling helpless and lack of connections, being too small to compete against the big ones, there are too much competitions, lack of education or required certifications, being easily influenced by people especially those who have a smaller vision than yourself, lack of focus and indecisions, spending most of your valuable time watching television, chatting or engage in time wasting activities. There is a great hope and you can be assured that following the simple principles laid down in this book will bring unprecedented breakthrough you can never imagine in life.

In this book I’m going to share with you the reality about how you can become a financial freed person in ethical ways without wasting your energy and resources on any unsustainable activities.

I am not here to give you vague advice or theory. They are all applicable and not beyond your reach.

I am convinced that your presence on earth is so important that the world will continue to suffer without you been successful. A lot of destinies are attached to your destiny and without you helping them they will never amount to anything in life.

The bottom line is that I want to help you to be a good success in life, become a channel of blessings to others especially in your finance. Thanks

Let’s enjoy the ride together!

Business: Network Marketing: Recruiting In Your MLM Business (MLM Passive Income Direct Sales) (Recruiting Business Home Based Business)

by Brent R

Discover How to Properly Find and Approach People Online for Your Network Marketing Company!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover proven strategies to grow your multilevel marketing business using social media sites and do network marketing for Facebook. More and more people are getting involved in network marketing, or direct sales but many aren’t able to earn a good income and quit within their first year. Most people know there’s a great earning potential in the industry, but they just can’t figure out why everyone they approach with their mlm marketing opportunity shuts them down.

The truth is, if you’re not making a significant income in your network marketing business, it’s because you’re lacking an effective marketing and sales strategy to bring new people into your organization. This recruiting books goes into a step-by-step process on how to use the internet to effectively recruit people into your mlm opportunity.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The MLM Essentials
  • Target Market
  • The Website
  • Setting Up Your Own Website Is Easy
  • The Message
  • Adjust To Your Target Audience’s Taste
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Building Your Audience
  • Much, much more!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“Useful for MLM’ers who want to keep away from the idea of ‘obnoxious’ selling,” — Barry Bede

“This book shares all the tools required to excel in whatever market you find yourself in with your MLM business. The author helps you get specific with your product, your message and your target market.” — We

“Networking marketing is an incredible industry, but the major hurdle most people face is they run out of people to talk to about their great opportunity. This book teaches us how to use social media and build a following people that have an interest in learning about your great opportunity.” — Xhen Magno

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7 day money back guarantee

BUSINESS: INCORPORATING: Beginner’s Guide to Incorporating (LLC S Corp C Corp) (Business Entity Incorporate Sole Proprietorship)

by Susan Kilmer


How to Write a Business Plan included!

10 of the simplest ways you can make money online right now, Tried and tested ways to make money online which have created thousands of millionaires the world over in the last decade alone.

Hello my friends, everyone it seems is making a few extra dollars online these days, while its true the internet has changed the way we shop and do business it can seem a daunting task as to where to begin when it comes to making money online, there seems to be so much to chose from and this in it self can be a problem. Well fear no more as we introduce you to at least 10 different ways of making money online. Please read through till the very end as we have some bonus material that you can get. With the accessability of the online market more and more people are becoming financially independant and every year we read about online millionaires in some trend or other, well lets start smaller than that and work up to the internet elite 🙂

What if I told you you could clear a credit card bill, car payment, mortgage payment and more by doing something you enjoy online, well read on and I`ll give tyuo 10+ ways you can acheive this.

Hope you enjoy

Establish and Attract

by Paul Adedoyin

Want to guest blog on major blogs?

Want 2 quick methods of getting clients?

6 expert freelance bloggers/writers show you how

As a newbie freelance writer or blogger, two of the most difficult tasks you face are being able to get published on major blogs and also get clients either by going to them or having them come to you.

If this has been your headache, then, sit back and study how these 6 established freelance writers/bloggers go about getting their clients.

See how you are able to adapt their strategies to your own.

How to Start a Payday Loan Business: Making Money Lending Money

Kick Start a $17,000 a month payday loan business even without an m.b.a. Discover a “Hold-My-Hand” Guide on how to turn your capital into a lucrative, six-figure Payday Loan Business.

– Step-by-Step Guide on How to Process Your Clients’ Payday Loans

– Practical Secrets to Save on Your Licensing Fees While Increasing Your Market Reach

– Little-Known, Legal Hacks & Detailed Walkthrough in Opening a Checking Account for Payday Loan Businesses

Disclaimer ( No promise are being made that you will make $17,000 per month, this is a potential amount and varys with each individual

STARTING A BUSINESS: FOOD BUSINESS: How to Start a Restaurant, Food Truck or Retail Food Business (Entrepreneurship Small Business Start a Business) (Food Business Start Up Plans Book)

by Susan Kilmer


How to write a business plan guide included!!

Have you ever wanted to start a business?

How about a restaurant or a food truck?

Or have you ever wanted to start a retail food business or produce food products?

Then this book is for you. This guide book covers a general introduction into starting a business especially a food based business. In this book you will learn about:

– Preparedness

-Concept Development

-Business Planning

-Financial Projections

-Funding Options

-Food Businesses

-and much more!

How to Run a Payday Loan Business: The Daily Grind

Learn how to run your payday loan business, from A to Z and make the money you deserve.If you ever dreamed of running a sucessful PAYDAY LOAN business but don’t know how â??this book will help you achieve that dream.This valuable eBook is loaded with tips, strategies, and best practices you can rely on to operate your business right. A Step-By-Step Guide That Anyone Can Use to run a payday loan business.

– 9 Things that will Help Identify Your Prospective Borrowers

– How to Ensure You’ll Get Your Money Back from Borrowers

– Tools & Resources to Kick-Start Your Payday Loan Business.

Income Source Outside Your Day Job: Make Extra Money Outside Your Day Job via the Webinar Formula & Sports Tee Selling (bundle)

by Steph Ernest

Choose a Business Idea That You Want to Start Today!

Attention: To People Who Are Tired of Their Jobs and Want to Quit This Year and Work at Home

In this bundle you’ll discover:


– Business models to follow if you don’t have a business yet

– A list of niches to go into this year…over 100+ niches

– The tools you need to sell on a webinar

– The exact step by step process on how to go from unknown to a solid expert

– 26 steps to a profitable webinar

– Some NLP tactics to convince your prospect to buy your products or services

– How to nix objections so they’ll convince themselves to buy from you

– How to transition from content to “buy my product”

– How to create an irresistible product guarantee

– How to end the webinar knowing you’ll get more sales


– A step by step method of making money via teespring

– How to get started and learn the basics of selling tees online

– How to find the best sports team or sports figures to promote

– How to find the best designers for as cheap as possible…without sacrificing quality

– How to set up your sales page

– How to advertise on Facebook without wasting money

– The best tips to follow so you can grow your business into a full blown full-time income source

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

How To Get Rich After 50: Making Residual Income For Your Retirement Years

by Alex Gadd

After working hard all our lives it is only right that we take a decent retirement to enjoy the fruits of our labour with our loved ones. Unfortunately when it comes to having enough to survive, most of the Baby Boomer population (those born between 1946-1964) are going to have strongly rely on the government and state pensions to help them financially.
Don’t be one of that numbers though – despite being over 50, you shouldn’t in anyway feel that you are too old to start considering the idea of becoming rich. With the advancement of the internet, it is becoming easier than ever to develop Residual Income (income from work you did once but still getting paid for). In this book, I will show you how to actually go about creating such income streams, including;
-The SHOCKING STATISTIC of the number of retirees who are government dependent for their basic survival!
-Why we could soon be on the verge of a financial crash brought on by the number of retirees needing government support
-How the internet has actually provided more ways to become wealthy
-Some of the easiest ways for you to create some online residual income streams
-And much more
It is not too late to prepare yourself if the worst to occur and your state pension were to suddenly cease. Use the wisdom and knowledge of your years to start earning you some residual income online today!

Online Startups: Creating Money (How to Design Your Ideal Job Instead of Looking for One. A Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Your Own Boss)

by T Whitmore

Creating Money

A Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Your Own Boss!!

Are you tired of giving interviews? Are you frustrated of finding no job according to your taste?

Or are you bored of the job you are already doing? Do you want a job that you’ll enjoy doing?

There is a job that will arouse passion in you and you’ll never get bored of it. Oh yes, there is. It’s fine if you are confused. We are here to eliminate all the troubles bothering you. We’ll help you in moving out of this dark cave of the passionless life.

Here are a Few Things You Will Learn From This Book:

  • Stop focusing on wrong jobs
  • Reflecting upon all your interests and talents
  • List of the activities that can be opted as jobs
  • Selecting an interesting work
  • Improve your skills
  • Sharing the gift with others
  • And much, much more!

Take action now! When you download Creating Money, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start earning a living from your passions. It’s time to build your own income doing what you truly love!

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You’ll be so glad you did!

Making Money Online SUPER BUNDLE: Amazing Tips and Instructions on How To Earn Money by Selling on Amazon (Money Making, Money Making ideas, Selling on Amazon)

by Samuel Davis

Why choose just one when you can have 9 in 1? Sit back and enjoy â??your free time with â??this â??sampler of the best Essential Oils books:

Amazon Selling Secrets: Sell Stuff on Amazon and Increase Your Allowances up to $1k in 1 Month by Samuel Davis

Selling on Amazon: 11 Top Selling Items on Amazon with Great Tips on How to Sell on Amazon For Achieving Success in Amazon Sales by Samuel Davis

Selling on Amazon: 22 Ways on How To Sell On Amazon FBA and Increase Your Amazon Sales Day by Day by Samuel Davis

Amazon FBA: Top 13 Products That Will Help You Make an Income of Over $70,000 in One Year by Craig Brock

Making Money Online: 23 Amazing Tips to Easily Earn Money From the Internet by Carl Ward

Etsy Business: 23 Useful Tips for Building a Successful Etsy Business and Earn Money From Home by Bobby Dixon

Amazon FBA: 7 Successful Products That You Can Sell on Amazon And Gain Over $66,000 in One Year by Samuel Davis

Amazon FBA: Step By Step Instructions on How To Earn Money With FBA by Samuel Davis

Photography Business: 25 Amazing Photography Tips On Digital Photography for Starting a Photography Business by Joshua Hunt


Download your copy of “Making Money Online SUPER BUNDLE” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Saving for Development: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Save More and Better

by Inter-American Development Bank

Why should people – and economies – save? This book on the savings problem in Latin America and the Caribbean suggests that, while saving to survive the bad times is important, saving to thrive in the good times is what really counts. People must save to invest in health and education, live productive and fulfilling lives, and make the most of their retirement years. Firms must save to grow their enterprises, employ more workers in better jobs, and produce quality goods. Governments must save to build the infrastructure required by a productive economy, provide quality services to their citizens, and assure their senior citizens a dignified, worry-free retirement. In short, countries must save not for the proverbial rainy day, but for a sunny day – a time when everyone can bask in the benefits of growth, prosperity, and well-being.

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO license.

The Fibonacci Dictated Trading Script

by Avinash Khilnani

The author builds upon his earlier two works on the Heikin Ashi Fibonacci trend trading system and the contrary positions rule strategy for trading futures and options. The very randomness and unpredictability of markets are exploited to the trader’s advantage in writing a trading script.

A stage play is set for playing index futures against index options, demonstrated as a real world example of the Dow E-mini futures and the DJX options. The reader is guided to write a trading script for the stage before the play actually begins as a simple Excel worksheet. Fibonacci ratios and numbers dictate the writing of the script and extensive use of the Black-Scholes option pricing model ensures that optimum exit points, reversal points, profit or loss, rolling up or rolling down figures are calculated well in advance of the actual play.

This book is a natural sequel to the earlier two books which form a necessary back stage for writing and playing out the trading script revealed here.

QuickBooks: The Complete Beginners Guide 2016 – Learn How To Efficiently Optimize Your Small Business Accounting Processes! (Quickbooks 101, Quickbooks 2016 Guide)

by Thomas Sanders


The Complete Beginners Guide 2016 – Learn How To Efficiently Optimize Your Small Business Accounting Processes!

Bookkeeping and accounting processes of a small business have never been easy without QuickBooks! Whether you are looking for an accounting software that will help you optimize your small business efficiently or one that will help you complete the simple accounting processes, QuickBooks is here to sort out your needs.

“QuickBooks: The Complete Beginners Guide 2016 – Learn How to Efficiently Optimize Your Small Business Accounting Processes,” offers you will all the important details that you will need to start using QuickBooks! The information herein has been written in an easy to understand language while still covering every vital detail of the software.

As a beginner in QuickBooks, you will want to know a lot of things – from how the software functions to how you can use it in carrying out your Bookkeeping activities. With this guide, you will find it easy to setup and use it for your small business. Information for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online has been provided.

With the QuickBooks software you will be able to record your business accounting purchases, sales, expenses, and as well manage your revenue, taxes, and many other common accounting taxes. All such vital details have been discussed in this guide. Your business operation will become easy and smooth to run.

Good luck and Happy Reading!

Download your copy of QuickBooks by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Flipping Houses for Beginners: How to Flip a House and Make a Profit

by Courtney Copeland

If you want to learn all about flipping houses, and how to flip a house and make a profit, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

When it comes to real estate, there are tons of ways to make money, and flipping houses is a great place to start. Flipping homes can be very lucrative, as long as you know how to go about it. If you’re serious about getting into the business of flipping houses, then this is the book for you. It’s designed specifically to help you avoid the dangers that could eat into your profits, and will teach you to recognize the more desirable properties so you can be the first to snatch them off the market.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding How House Flipping Works
  • How to Flip a House and Make a Profit
  • Where to Find Suitable Houses to Flip
  • Financing your House Flipping Venture
  • Final Pointers on Flipping Houses
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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jobs vacancies: The Best Strategy to Get A Job At Google

by Hemal Gandhi

Google is best known as the most broad web record on the Internet. Consistently, the Mountain View, California-based association has extended its part to fuse snap based advancing, online office gadgets, and other benefit programming and even its own specific web program. With such countless endeavors on the go, it’s nothing unforeseen that Google is one of the greatest Internet organizations in nearness. While livelihoods with the association are sufficient, finding a position with Google requires a not all that terrible resume and a considerable measure of homework.

Build Your Small Business Website Today: A Step-By-Step Guide to Setup a Small Business Website with WordPress

by Bob Creigh

Small business websites have gone from a nice to have to a necessity in a few short years. If you don’t currently have one, you are missing out on a bunch of potential customers. Lots of tech savvy folks will have you believe that it is too hard for you to do on your own. Of course they tell you that, it’s good for their business. I am here to tell you that you CAN do it on your own. This book provides you a step-by-step method that will ensure your success. Much of the simplicity of having and maintaining a website is owed to WordPress. This one free product has changed the landscape of website management and made it accessible to everyone. I not only show you how to setup WordPress. Lot’s of books do that. I teach you how to get your goals and requirements lined up to make the process of building your site easier. Too many business owners abandon their website before they even get it started because they did’t know what they needed to begin with. This book helps eliminate that risk. Do yourself a favor and learn the entire process and move your business to the next level.

The Simple Guide to Freelancing: Branding yourself for Success

by Wolfgang Matejek

Having been a freelancer myself for many years, in this guide I am sharing with you some great ideas of how to get started with your on freelance business.

You will discover how to brand yourself and what it means to become a brand in your own right in the first place. You will find advice and tips on avoiding common mistakes which could kill your freelance business start-up dead in its tracks.

Being a freelancer can be one of the best and most rewarding careers. But without dedication and the right approach it can take a long time to establish yourself.

Starting your own freelance business sounds easy enough – but starting your own successful freelance business is a lot more challenging.

‘The Simple Guide to Freelancing’ will make it easy for you to get started. Join millions of others who are already making a name for themselves in their own niche, while enjoying a better life with a high income potential.

Check out the book preview to see the exciting freelance business subjects covered in this ‘Simple Guide to Freelancing – Branding yourself for Success’ ebook.

If you prefer, you can also order this book in the paperback version.

The Art and Life of Negotiation: A Framework for Life Choices (Live Within Reason Book 28)

by Andrew Mather

A Guide to Making Choices in Life

Frugal Living: How to Save Money Now in 21 Areas of Your Life

by Mac Xavier

Are you constantly trying to find new ways to save money? Do your bills usually amount to as much or more than you make? What would it mean if you could take more vacations?

Frugal Living doesn’t have to mean being cheap. Inside you’ll find a myriad of ways to start saving money right now. Take a look inside and see for yourself. Each area of savings offers you multiple ways you can save money.

Grab your copy now and start saving money today!

Rat Race 101: Make Residual Income And Gain Financial Independence (passive income, retire young retire rich)

by Alex Gadd

If you are happy to love working in your job or business till the day you die, than this book is not for you. Yet if like most people you wish to attain some passive income and retire early with enough cash flow into your pockets without you having to ever work, than this is the book for you. Despite what you may have believed, a million pounds (or dollars) will not really make you financially free. Instead the way to become financially free is to attain passive income streams. And in Rat Race, you’ll learn how you can go about attaining such income streams.
Yet as well as learning about concept of residual income, you’d also learn;

-Learn the difference between assets and liabilities
-The difference between capital gains and cash flow (and why the latter will not give you a stress related illness like the former)!
-The difference between being rich and being wealthy
-How the internet has enabled many more ways to make passive income online (such as eBooks)
-Learn why it doesn’t take money to make money and how you can become very wealthy without million pounds capital

Despite what well-intention parents and teachers might have told you beforehand, you do not need to work in a job for the rest of your life – or be imprisoned in a business of your own making. It truly is possible to leave the rat race, retire early and earn passive income for life!
Your retirement planning will be sorted once you read this book!

Personal Branding for Everyone: An Expert’s Toolbox for Unleashing Your Inner Leader, a Successful Career, a Thriving Business and a Fulfilling Life

â??Personal Branding for Everyone’ presents the unique skillset of strategies tested and approved by author’s own experience and the positive mindset techniques to reveal the leadership potential for a professional breakthrough. A new practical model of soft leadership guides the reader to climbing their career ladder, provides with the key to personal branding mystery and puts anyone who feels like it up to life crowded with great successes and accomplishments. The guide is full of fresh ideas how to bring new life to you career and make your passions your career. Careers are like perfumes – you are not assigned one for your entire life. Sometimes it is necessary and a good idea to make a change and buy a new fragrance that suits better to your character and personality.

Don’t Worry About The Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance

by Darren Bilsborough

What if you could be convinced that the right choice of future office for your business could positively affect its accelerated growth, attract the best and brightest to your doors, directly contribute to reducing staff turnover, and improve your workplace productivity to the point that your office rental costs are completely offset? Would that be worth exploring?

Don’t Worry About the Rent: Choosing New Office Space to Boost Business Performance makes the argument that the workplace is not just a destination, but an important tool in the suite of instruments available to anyone seeking to improve the performance of their business. And although it is a resource that has been primarily written for tenants to assist them in navigating the complexity of commercial property, it has been written for anyone with an interest in commercial offices. Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, leasing agent, in sales, property management, funds management; or you are a tenant looking for their next workplace, this book will provide you with valuable insights, lessons and pitfalls associated with the evaluation of commercial office space.

Written by Darren Bilsborough, an engineer and property industry advocate nominated in the â??Engineer’s Atlas’ in Architectural Record as one of the world’s seventy greatest mechanical and structural engineers of all time, Don’t Worry About the Rent provides the reader with an understanding of how improved business performance can be leveraged through the right choice of office space.

Visit the Office Space Matters Website at for more resources, tools and free downloads to assist you in that search for the perfect office space

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