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ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Texan Tycoon’s Bride (Secret Baby Cowboy Billionaire Romance) (Inspirational Western Single Parent Arranged Marriage Romance)

by Piper Sullivan

She had what he wanted, and he was willing to pay for it.

Hunter Stanton needs to buy out his competitor to be the largest beef exporter in Texas. But to seal the deal, he needs a family.

He just needs a woman with a child desperate enough to take his money and comply.

When he meets Paige, he is shocked to learn that she is the same woman he fell in love with six years ago.

And then walked out on.

Paige Carr is a working mom, with barely enough to make it by.

When she receives an unexpected message on a dating website, she hesitates at first, but no harm in a bit of online flirting right?

That is until she is offered the most unusual proposal – his boss needs a wife.

With few other options, she takes the chance hoping for a better life for her son. Arriving on the ranch to meet her contracted husband, she collides with a blast from her past.

Not only is Hunter Stanton the man who broke her heart years ago, he has the means to take the most precious thing away from herâ?¦their son.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 10,000 word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Historical Highland Romance: Highland Rapture (Scottish Steamy Highlander Warrior Protector Romance) (Medieval Second Chance Pregnancy Scotland Romance Short Stories)

by Kyra Johnston

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

A peaceful trip through the Northern English countryside to a quiet town on the sea turns into a bath of blood when the band of soldiers accompanying Isabelle Wharton and her new husband Captain Alan Wharton are attacked and massacred by a band of Scottish outlaws. The men take Izzy hostage, and she finds herself the prisoner of one Owen Chester, the very man directly responsible for her husband’s death. Held captive whilst waiting for ransom, Izzy finds herself wrestling with her undeniable, fiercely strong attraction for Owen and her guilt against feeling anything but contempt for the man who killed the one she thought she loved.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Romance: Clean Love Story Romance Collection Box Set – A Path of Love (Westerns First Time Love Inspired Regency Holiday Romance) (New Adult Billionaire Victorian Scottish Duke Collection)

Collection of 10 Clean, Warm-Hearted Romance Stories.

Enjoy over 90,000 words of 10 clean, sweet romance stories that will surely warm your heart!

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This collection includes:
– Golden Cage
– Hoofbeats as Heartbeats
– Journey Back Home
– Pieces of a Heart
– Satin
– Betsy
– Ray of Hope
– Rustic Love
– Prayerfully Yours
– Crime of Love

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Western Romance: Surprise Baby Romance: Perfect Rebound (BBW Billionaire Pregnancy Romance) ((Contemporary Cowboy Romance))

by ML Michaels

Madison Stone is enjoying her new life as a high-powered public relations executive when she finds her boyfriend, who also works at the firm, cheating on her with a size 2 blonde model. Instead of wallowing, the advertising executive throws herself into a new account that revolves around a new brand of country western-themed sportswear. Madison is surprised when she hits it off immediately with Luke McCade, the handsome celebrity rodeo cowboy set to appear in ads. Luke brings more to Madison’s life than she had ever dreamed possible. But can their blossoming love withstand two major complications that will change everything?

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older. It is a short storyâ??a complete romance with NO cliffhanger. The publisher has included several bonus short stories as a thank you for downloading this book!

You will love this story if you enjoy:

– Cowboy Romance

– Contemporary Western Romance

– Billionaire Romance

– Pregnancy Romance

– Surprise Baby Romance

– BBW Romance

– Comedy Romance

– Women’s Fiction

– Country Romance

– New Adult and College Romance

– Steamy Romance

In Time to Love: Time Travel Romance (Sci-fi Paranormal Alpha Male Second Chances Romance) (Fantasy Science Fiction New Adult Pregnancy Short Stories)

by Gloria Martin

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Caleb was just having a smoke after watching a basketball game at one of his favorite sports bars. That’s when he saw the beautiful, red-haired Melina. She was like a dream to him as she walked down the sidewalk. But then, her scarf flew into the street. She chased it, and was hit by a semi. Melina was dying and the only way anyone would be able to save her was by traveling back in time. Caleb was able to do that; he had the unique ability to teleport and even travel through time. Before Melina took her last breath, Caleb jumped back in time, intent on saving her. Though he hadn’t realized just how quickly he would fall for Melina.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Menage: FIRST TIME TRADE (Alpha Male Threesome Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Short Stories)

by Kalena Lyons

They were starting to think that they’d been missing outâ?¦

After entertaining the notion over several weeks, Emma and Benjamin find what they’re looking for on a website and set up a date to meet with a gorgeous African American couple visiting from out of town who are looking for a good time. They’re experienced and ready to share!

Neither Emma nor Benjamin had been with anyone other than his or her spouse in ten years! Could they actually go through with it?

Bonus stories included.

WARNING! This eBook contains super hot and explicit scenes and is intended for adult readers only! Discretion is advised!

Beguile Me Not: An Atmospheric and Emotionally-Charged Colonial New Zealand-Set Victorian Romance (19th Century Love Stories (historical romance fiction for the discerning woman))

by Odelia Floris

Mr Ivanovsky disturbed her. She felt like an explorer who had suddenly found themselves face-to-face with a strange, never-before-seen creature.

It happened one night. One hot, moonlit midsummer night at a ball in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1884. Miss Anna Brown walks out onto the terrace and into arrestingly beautiful Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky. He is unconventional, unfettered, adventurous, dangerously bohemianâ??everything she is not, everything she fears. But she is bewitched. His eyesâ??dark, mysterious, smoulderingly passionateâ?? burn into her mind, into her heart, into her very soul. Unthinkingly, she dances the night away with him.

But when dawn breaks, it brings with it the cold light of reality. Anna’s carefree exhibition on the dance floor has set the tongues of society wagging, and she cannot bear it. Ivanovsky is dangerous, unsuitable, forbidden. She is determined not to be consumed by fire. She must do the only sensible thingâ??cut herself from him. She must extinguish the only warmth that had ever touched her and let cold, lonely unhappiness once more be her world. Respect and duty doneâ??they were the things that would define her life. With one glance from his dark eyes, he stole her heart away on that fateful midsummer night. She is desperately determined that he will not steal away her body and soul too. A resistance must be mounted. Her rebel heart must be subdued, and all thoughts of doomed, dangerous loves locked away.

But how cold and bleak it is; so cold that she cannot make herself kill the last remaining spark, the ember that still smoulders deep inside her soul… Drop by drop, she feels herself melting away. Soon there might be nothing left of her. But she will not yield. Nothing will prevent her living the life her family and her society demand, however much it hurts, of that she is certain.

But the sea has something for Anna. Something dangerous and forbidden. Something she does not want. Something she loves and fears above all things. It is coming closerâ??closer to tempting her, closer to burning her, closer to shattering her. A storm that cannot be weathered unchanged. A storm that could wreck her…

Content: No strong language or graphic sexual content – but not always sweet and clean. Sometimes bitter and slightly smudged.

Length: 62,000 words

In a book from the 19th Century Love Stories series you will find:

    A swoon-worthy hero who knows how to treat a woman right

    Real woman with real issues

    Truly meaningful romance

    Atmospheric, enticing settings lovingly rendered in poetic, image-rich language

    Fresh, original writing, plots and characters

    A rich and zesty mix of wit, irony and slightly quirky humour, contrasted with poignant, heartfelt emotion and involved drama

    A lively, dialogue-focused narrative style

    An uplifting and entertaining read which will also leave you satisfied on a deeper level

Break Point: (Lesbian Romance) (The Other Side Of The Net Book 3)

by S. B. Sheeran

The Last Book in the Series of: “The Other Side of the Net”

“Her bare skin was touching mine, I didn’t even bother denying this. I wanted this. She trailed kisses on my neck. I realized I had never felt this much lust for anyone as her hands roamed all over my back, waist- neck. “

Other books in the series:
#1 Rising Shot
#2 Second Serve
#3 Break Point

The Other Side of The Net Series eBook Categories:

FICTION > Lesbian
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks > Romance > Lesbian
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Lesbian Fiction

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