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Straight From the Abyss: A Compilation of Short Stories

by Jenna Elizabeth

A compilation of the most twisted psychological thrillers. It will have you wondering what’s next. This compilation of short stories brings you into a dark world of romance, mystery, and horror. Read various stories told from different points of view. With characters like Daniel, who is having a hard time grieving over his deceased wife but finds a mysterious house that changes his life forever. Will he find the truth of what happened to his wife or will it drive him insane? If you are looking for thrills of the dark mind these stories just might be for you.

True Horror Double Feature #3

by Jason Wallace

Get 2 bone-chilling stories for the price of 1!
Eternal Desire: Eloias has waited centuries for his beloved and will stop at nothing to have her and, with her, conquer the world, enslaving all of mankind. Cheri/Erzebet must decide if she can sentence the world to this torment and slavery, becoming Queen of the bloodthirsty, or if she can destroy the only man to ever evidence real love.
Hammer of the Witches: In 1518, a group of women was to be sentenced for witchcraft, but, in the dictated penance, 1 of these women became what she was accused of being, summoning the very culmination of all wrath to sentence her accusers and tear them apart, feeding them to the pit to which she’d been condemned, setting the course for the troubles of Salem, MA, 174 years later.

Dead Town Series 1: The Scripts

by Peter Mckeirnon

It’s the end of the world. The dead have risen and humanity is crumbling. In the small town of Runcorn, England, John Diant, his survivalist brother Butty, and his retro chain smoking best friend 80s Dave are doing what needs to be done to survive; from both the living and the dead!

These are the complete scripts for series 1 of Dead Town. the critically acclaimed horror comedy web series from Death in a Northern Town author Peter Mckeirnon.

Arkhetype: When Earth’s Past and Present Meet To Decide The Future (Arkhetype Series Book 1)

by Charles David Grotsky


Nuri Eski awoke with a start as a roaring sound rang in his ears and the ground trembled and shook. He hung onto the sides of his cot and screamed in terror as the tent walls buckled.

The floor swayed back and forth for what seemed an eternity. He heard his clothes chest topple over with a crash. With a final sickening jerk, the earthquake ended. He lay in utter darkness. His heart pounded and his body was drenched with sweat. Nuri suddenly felt very cold in the pre-dawn hours so he wrapped himself tightly in his blanket and curled into a fetal position.

Although he had been through quite a few earthquakes in his fourteen years of life, they’d never failed to cause him great fear and sadness. His mother had died in the great earthquake of 1999 while visiting her sister in Izmit. The entire apartment building had collapsed. Rescuers found her body and those of her sister’s family three days later. Nuri missed her so much. He placed his hands over his heart in an effort to quell the pain that he felt. He cried out with despair as hot tears rolled down his face. Then Nuri thought of Musti, his donkey. He got out of bed, located his flashlight and switched it on. Placing it on the table, he used the light beam to put on his shirt, pants, and tennis shoes. He slipped on his Seattle Mariners jacket and baseball hat. Next he grabbed his canteen and ran out of his tent. Nuri quickly walked down to the spot where he’d tied up Musti for the night. His donkey was gone and the rope hung limply against the post. “He must have panicked during the quake and run off”, Nuri thought. “I’ve got to find him”.

Mohammed Eski shouted out loud as the earthquake struck. As he gripped his blanket, memories of his wife, Ermine, engulfed him. He pictured her sweet face. The quake that had taken her life had been one of the strongest in Turkey’s history. The ground continued to move violently beneath him and he felt sick to his stomach. Then the shaking ceased and Mohammed cautiously got out of his cot. He found his desk in the darkness, righted the fluorescent lantern, and turned it on. He dressed and walked rapidly to his son’s tent. Holding the lantern up he yelled out Nuri’s name. No response. Great fear gripped him when he saw that the back wall of the tent had collapsed. Mohammed entered Nuri’s tent and searched it thoroughly. To his great relief he found it empty. “But where is he”? he asked himself. He turned and walked back outside. The camp was full of running figures. Dr. James Rogers approached him.

“Have you seen Nuri?”

“No, I haven’t” answered James.
Mohammed was frantic. Mehmet, the cook, ran by and he blocked his way. “Stop! Have you seen my son anywhere?”

“No, but I’ll help you look for him.” “Me, too,” said James.

Together they walked the length of the camp calling Nuri’s name. There was no sign of him. James wife, Helena, joined them and suggested that they drive around the perimeter of the camp. The sun was just beginning to rise behind Mount Ararat.

About The Author

Charles Grotsky has had a lifelong interest in unexplained mysteries, alternative history, archaeology, ancient aliens, and new science.

The concept for a book caused him to leave an active life in the San Francisco Bay Area twelve years ago and move to the peaceful island of Kauai in order to write his first novel, “Arkhetype” and its conclusion, “Triple Heaven”.

The story is based on the writings and research of the late Zecharia Sitchin and weaves military weaponry, lost civilizations and scientific fact into a spiritual science-fiction, action-adventure novel.

When not working on his latest book Charles works as a photographer on Kauai.

Time Clock Hero

by Spikes Donovan

Phoenix Malone â?¦ always one step behind, but still alive.

An action-packed, pre-apocalyptic story combining elements of the thriller, detective, and horror genres. Spikes Donovan explores a new, end-of-time theme set against the backdrop of the complete social de-evolution of humanity. He tells a story with unique twists and takes on what the near future holds for the minds and souls of humans. He tells a story that is possible.

Phoenix Malone â?¦ a man marked for death, but also marked for life.

Phoenix Malone wakes up in a strange bed, hungover from the effects of a date-rape drug known as Psyke. A woman, June Buckner, wife of a locally prominent Nashville banker, had quite a night with him – but now she’s missing. One by one, others disappear – and Phoenix becomes suspect number one.

Time Clock Heroâ?¦ a story that begins before Phoenix Malone is born.

A well-known scientist has plans for the world, plans formulated forty years earlier with the invention of a date-rape drug and the fateful commission of a rape/murder/suicide. A voice from the grave intervenes, and Phoenix Malone and Alaia Jenkins, two at-odds Nashville detectives, must unite against overwhelming forces, testing their faith in themselves, in their fellow men, and in each other.

Premise – When a selfish detective with moral issues is framed with a crime, he learns that even the smallest choices, whether good or bad, can affect the the destiny of the world.

Designing principle – Force a man to confront and pay for his own crimes.

Genre mix: Thriller – 40%, Horror – 25%, Detective – 20%, Love/Drama – 10%, Science Fiction – 5%.

The Novice Ghost Hunter

by Martin Best

Malachi Hunter’s abiding passion for the occult and supernatural has made him a loner and social misfit. Unfortunately, his lack of self-confidence has always prevented him fulfilling his ambition to become a ghost hunter. That is until he meets Anna Spalding. In a misguided effort to impress her, he agrees to investigate a property managed by her Father’s letting agency. His investigation has consequences that none of them could have anticipated…

Before the Clock Strikes Six: A Horror Short Story

by Justin Tate

“For fans of Alfred Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone”

PLOT: A kitchen-confined housewife has frightening revelations while preparing dinner for her husband.

GENRE: Creepy Short Story

READING TIME: 30-45 minutes

Erik & Derik: The Homicidal Twins (Part Two)

by James C. Westly

Erik & Derik are 14-year old twins who just killed a man in their hometown. It is 1957, and their idyllic life in Carvertown has a dark side including abusive parents, bullies and a school principal that impregnated a student.

During Part 2, Erik and Derik learn that they are not the only pair of male twins in their family. And they begin hearing whispers in their minds’ from the previous set of male twins, who fought in and died around the time of the Civil War. And these whispers are only encouraging more violence from Erik and Derik.

Carvertown, like other small towns, has a Train Station with freight trains passing through the town at all hours of the day and night. Homeless drifters ride these trains from town to town, like gypsies. One of the drifters is murdered in Carvertown and Erik begins to wonder if Derik went on an adventure without him.

Also during Part II, Sheriff Tucker begins investigating the disappearance of one citizen of Carvertown and the murder of drifter. While walking home from school, the boys see the Sheriff parked near their home and watching kids walking home and folks returning from work.

Suckers: A Short Story

by Keishi Ando

One day “I” encountered an unusual box beside a road. A bizarre animal was in it. In the silent residential area, what starts out as an interesting mystery quickly becomes a surreal horror.

A short story of about 2300 words.

Double Value Deal – 2 Chilling Thrillers for the Price of One!: Two Unputdownable Psychological Thrillers

by Mike Wells

These two books (The Drive-By Wife, Books 1-3 and Baby Talk 1-2) normally sell for $4.99 each and are being offered at a special discount price together, for a limited time, for only $4.99. Both sets are full stories.

1. The Drive-By Wife, Books 1, 2 & 3 (Full Story)

In this explosive psychological thriller, Allen and Cynthia Hunt are an upper middle-class San Francisco couple who make one small but serious mistake. This momentary lapse in judgement plunges them into an endless nightmare that threatens to destroy not only their marriage, but their very lives.

From Rabid Readers Reviews:
The Drive-By Wife is a wonderful psychological thriller in the vein of “Cape Fear” and “Misery.” If you like Stephen King, Dennis Lehane and Gillian Flynn, you will like Mike Wells.

“This book is a gripping, absorbing and disturbing portrayal of domestic strife leading to a violent nightmare.” – Emma Hunneyball, Book Reviewers (UK)

“Excellent character development, plot line is through-the-roof original, and the whole premise is marvelously bizarre and intimidating.” – The Word Verve, Alpharetta, GA (USA)

“If you are into psychological crime thrillers grab this book.” – Reviewer CristiAk, Juneau, Alaska

“I have read most of the great thrillers and this is right at the top with them. Wells does not disappoint.” Sheena Jennings, Butte, Montana (USA)

2. Baby Talk, Books 1 & 2 (Full Story)

In this creepy horror novel, Neal Becker is convinced that his 5 month old baby daughter can talk. But that’s impossible…isn’t it? Except that Neal didn’t really want to get married in the first place – the pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand, and he preferred an abortion. Now, Baby Natasha knows it, and she’s out to get him! Or so Neal believes…join the two in a terrifying battle for survival that will make your blood run cold.

Review By Adventures in Reading Blog (Book 1)
After recently being disappointed with a book that had claimed to be of the horror genre,I was a little apprehensive about picking this one up. However,once I did pick it up,I couldn’t put it down. It was everything I could ever want in a horror book. It had that creepiness factor that I love…I will be buying book 2 in this series because I am dying to see how it turned out.

Review by Before It’s News/Books4Tomorrow (Book 1)
I finished this book in about three hours, and loved it from start to finish. The prologue gripped me and the rest of the book had me turning the pages as fast as I could…. There are quite a few shocking surprises in this story and even though it’s a quick read, it is apparent that the author put in effort to create characters with depth and keep the suspense building throughout the plot… I’ll definitely be reading more books by Mike Wells!

Excerpts from Reader Reviews

“A fantastic book, but don’t read it at night. It gave me some very
weird dreams.” — Theresa K., Boston

“Any parent who has ever reached his wit’s end with a toddler will appreciate
this terrifying story!” — Jennifer W., Atlanta

“A nanny’s worst nightmare!” — Veronika P, Manchester, UK

Signal Failure

by David Wailing

It’s four in the morning and Emily is heading home on a London Underground train. But the Night Tube is running slow tonight – delays caused by a signal failure, as usual.

The train stops again, stuck in a tunnel between Tube stations. And then the lights go off. The motors cut out. Silence from the driver.

All the doors slide open at the same time, exposing the passengers to the tunnel.

To let them out?

Or to let something in?

Signal Failure is a 12,000-word short story set in the London Underground. It is a standalone story and also a prelude to the forthcoming novel Under.

Cover image: copyright © tubesnaps 2016. Reproduced with kind permission.

Veterans’ Affairs

by Joseph Hirsch

Joey Sullivan, a veteran of the Iraq War, just got his nursing degree and is ready to start working with vets at a local hospital. Things go wrong from day one, however, as he’s contacted by the spirits of dying vets who torment him in his dreams with memories of their horrific war experiences. The spirits won’t leave Joey alone until he agrees to help them check off the last items on their bucket lists. In the meantime Joey continues to struggle with his own memories of war, grappling with the aftermath of that fateful day when his friend triggered a bomb that blasted him to bits, and gave Joey a traumatic brain injury that might be responsible for the second sight that lets him commune with the spirits of the dying vets.

War may be hell, but things only get worse when you get home.

86 Short Horror Stories

by Zahid Zaman

Horrors freshest voice welcomes you to ’86 Short Horror Stories’, There are 86 stories amounting to over 1500 pages brought to you from the darkest depths of the human psyche. Once you start reading you might not be able to stop. If you like Stephen King then you will love Zahid Zaman, for such a small price, why don’t you see for yourself?

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