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Essential Oils: Productivity Hacks and Relaxation Techniques Using Aromatherapy: (Essential Oils, Essential Oils Recipes, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medications)

by Rachel Gemba

Essential Oils: Productivity Hacks and Relaxation Techniques Using Aromatherapy

Ever since I was introduced to the magnanimous uses of essential oils, I have been incorporating them in almost every aspect of my life. Whether it is to help deal with sickness in my family or to just de-stress when I have had an absolutely crazy work week. Just like me, several others in my friends and family circle have also experienced the wonders and magical powers essential oils have.

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Herb Gardening: 25 Best Medicinal And Culinary Herbs to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve + 10 Bonus Herbs: (Gardening, Gardening Books, Herb Garden, Gardening … Gardening, Garden Ideas, Indoor Gardening)

by Pamela Benton

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Herb Gardening: (FREE Bonus Included)

25 Best Medicinal and Culinary Herbs to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve!

In this book you will gain a wide range of knowledge of herbs used in medicinal and culinary recipes. Many people today are turning to healthy choices in life and one of those is growing their own organic foods. Also more people are using medicinal herbs for treatments of basic ailments rather than using synthetic drugs that often come with many bad side effects. People are becoming more aware that the natural choice is certainly the healthier choice over synthetic options.

The wonderful part about growing your own herbs is that you do not need a standard size garden to grow them in. Herbs can be grown in containers of all shapes and sizes, get creative and refurbish containers such as coffee containers making them into your new herb garden. You can grow them on your windowsill in your kitchen within nice easy reach when you are cooking up a culinary delight that needs a sprig of basil to give it that perfect flavour to add into your dish! You will learn about:

  • Medicinal Antibacterial Herbs and Their properties
  • Culinary Herbs
  • Herbal Gardening
  • Harvesting and Preserving your Herbs

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Lovely Birds: 33 Amazing Bird Designs for Relaxation and Relieve Stress

by Anna Wilton

100% original illustrations

33 unique hand-drawn illustrations

This book is perfect for adults who want to relax, stress relief, or amuse themselves after a long day.

The world needs more anti stress methods. Coloring is the new way for relax and stress relief.

Coloring enthusiasts claim that coloring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed. Some therapists believe that coloring provides the added benefit of taking us back to the simpler times of our childhood. They help us escape from the difficulty of daily life and worries.

You can color it anywhere and all you need is a design and some colored pencils. Just do it and let loose. Let coloring be your calm and have a great time!

Unique Stress Relief Designs For Your Coloring Enjoyment :

– 33 designs with birds zentangle art

– Arouse your senses and creativity

– Funny gift idea for your friends

– Buy one today and get started!

You can also get a PDF version of these animals so you can print them out and get coloring.

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Human Anatomy: 30 Fun Human Body Parts for Learning and Enjoyment (Meditation & Relaxation)

by Bobbie Taylor

Coloring books aren’t a new trend, but the increasing popularity of adult coloring books may have you asking what on Earth is going on. While you may be tempted to think that this is a fast passing fad, you may be surprised to know that there are a vast number of benefits to be had from joining in on the adult coloring book trend.

Our exclusive book shares just about everything you ever wanted to know about the budding adult coloring craze. In addition to learning more about the benefits of adult coloring, you will find unique and creative coloring pages so that you can try your hand at this new hobby!

Whether you are looking to understand the adult coloring “fad” or whether you are looking to understand just why you love this new trend so much, this book explains it all!

Inside you will find some of the benefits of adult coloring including:

  • The increase of sociability
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • An increase in focus
  • An increase in fine motor skills

After reading, you will find yourself spending more and more time enjoying the benefits of coloring!

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Knotting & Braiding: Step by Step Guide To Knotting. Including: Kumihino & Macrame

by Doris Barnes

Knotting & Braiding Book Description

Making knots and braids,

and especially unique ones can be complicated to most people.

Making the right choice of tools to use in knotting and braiding can also

be cumbersome.

Wrong choice of tools leads to knots and braids of poor quality.

There are various knotting and braiding techniques such as

macramé and kumihimo which should follow

so as to get products of high quality.

It is also good for you to ensure that you make a professional

finish to your product.

This book is a guide or you on how to make best knots and braids

using the various available techniques.

The tools which are essential for you to make these have been discussed,

and you are guided on how to use them.

These include the basic tools such as:

  • cords,
  • threads,
  • fastenings,
  • findings,
  • and others…

The most common types of knots,

such as macramé,

and the basic ones have been discussed.

You are guided on a step-by-step manner on how to make such knots.

The process of braiding has been discussed in a detailed manner.

The tools used for braiding are a bit complex

compared to the ones used in knotting.

This book guides you on how to use such tools.

You are then guided on how to make the various

kumihimo braiding patterns.

Note that pictures have been

used in this book to enhance the ease of understanding

even for beginners.

Crochet and Knitting Box Set: Amazing Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Beginners (how to crochet, knitting for beginners, knitting)

by Karen Edwards

BOOK #1: How To Crochet: The Ultimate Crocheting Guide To Help You Start Crocheting, Easily Master New Stitches and Make a Collection of First, Unique Crochet Projects

Crochet is a great hobby. If you’ve been looking to learn or if you know how but it’s been a while since you’ve done it, this is a great ebook for you. We discuss everything you need to know about yarn, hooks, and accessories to get you started. Then, you’ll learn all about the basic stitches and we’ll even walk you through some decorative stitches. Finally, we’ll give you a ton of patterns to help get you started.

BOOK #2: How To Knit: Knitting for Absolute Beginners With Easy to Follow Instructions and Helpful Hints Including 35 Adorable Knitting Projects

Knitting is cool, easy, therapeutic, relaxing and an awful lot of fun. Don’t take my word for it, with this in-depth guide to beginners knitting you can find out for yourself.

This book takes you through all of the terminology, describes stitching, patterns, yarns, and so much more that if you didn’t think it was a pastime for you the chances are you will have changed your mind by the end.

BOOK #3: One Day Crochet: 23 Amazing and Unique Afghan Projects for Absolute Beginners

Crochet is a great way to pass your time and extremely relaxing and you will also have some fabulous work to grace any area of your home or gifts for you or someone special.

One Day Crochet, 23 Amazing and Unique Afghan Projects for Absolute Beginners covers the following areas:

  • The history of crochet
  • Crochet materials
  • Crochet stitches
  • Afghan crochet
  • 23 Afghan patterns for beginners with photos included

BOOK #4: How To Crochet: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Master Crochet and Learn Advanced Crochet Stitches

The ease of crocheting coupled with its benefits makes it a viable pursuit for all ages and genders. Recent studies show that crocheting holds and offers numerous health and psychological benefits that make it productive beyond just creating beautiful garments from a series of basic and rudimentary steps. Over the course of seven chapters various stitches will be covered in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion to help you build your capabilities and create professional and intricate looking items in no time.

BOOK #5: Knitting for Beginners: Amazing Step by Step Instructions on How to Start Knitting and Make Beautiful Patterns

Knitting used to be considered an old lady’s pastime, but not anymore! In this day and age, with so many discount stores around, people have taken to purchasing ready-made knitwear instead of making their own, which is such a shame, as nothing looks, feels and lasts as good as homemade knitwear. And it doesn’t just have to be clothing. You could knit all sorts of things – blankets, bags, serviette holders, socksâ?¦the options are endless. With a few starting tips and techniques you can start knitting your own creations with little cost and lots of fun.

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Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness, Improved Interpersonal Skills & Master Your Questions (Interpersonal Skills,Critical Thinking,Mindfulness,Communication Skills,Anger Management,Depression Book 1)

by Robert Witley

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How To Master Your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence: A Life Full Of Control & Self Love

Before you answer, I should be more specific. I’m not talking about solving dreadful math problems or intricate logic conundrums. What I’m talking about is if you’re emotionally intelligent. Even though we’re dealing with emotions, it’s not about getting all mushy, it’s about dealing with them the right way…

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

� Are you intelligent?

� The Big Five

� Beware yourself

� Impulse vs. Control

â? Not everything’s about you

…So the answer to the question posed at the beginning can’t be a yes or a no, because you might have acted in an emotional intelligent way some times, while in others you didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to other people’s, or your own, feelings. The real question is, are you willing to go on without caring about how your emotions affect your reactions and decisions?

When you download Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness, Improved Interpersonal Skills & Master Your Questions you will be on your way to a fuller and more enjoyable life. Buy this book today!

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Opportunity: Starting Now, Taking Chances and Figuring it Out as You Go (How to Cure Your Procrastination, Get Things Done, and Use Productivity Strategies for More Success)

by T Whitmore

Are you fighting with procrastination over something you’ve wanted to start for the longest time? Then you need to read Starting Now: Taking Chances and Figuring it Out as You Go!

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When you download Starting Now: Taking Chances and Figuring it Out as You Go, you’ll realize that some of the biggest goals we set or dreams we hoped to achieve are not happening. At that point, it is time to re-evaluate where we are in life, get organized, and start getting things done! If we still badly want to achieve those dreams and goals, it is time to start taking chances!

This book includes very useful information on:

  • Starting Now with Investments
  • Starting Now with Dieting
  • Starting Now with Growing a Family
  • Starting Now with Starting a Business
  • Starting Now with a Do-It-Yourself Project
  • Improving your Time Management and Productivity
  • and much, much, more!!

Download your copy of Starting Now: Taking Chances and Figuring It Out as You Go right away. You’ll have all the information you need to start your new beginnings and begin moving forward towards your goals!

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How I made a billion: how 6 billionaires made their money (Business Knowledge Book 1)

by Thulani Maseko (BA Hons)

How I made a billion highlights how 6 of the world’s billionaires made their money. The book gives you a biography of these billionaires including the businesses that made them billionaires. The billionaires in this book are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Philip Green.

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