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Parenting: The Childs Way For a Good Adulthood: How Your Kids Will Achieve Everything They Want in Life (Discipline, Love And Success For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Teens)

by Karl Meier

Use Powerful Secrets Of Parenting To Make Your Children Successful In Their Adulthood

Have you ever stopped to listen to your children? Do you know what their dreams are? If you have then you will know that there are no limits to their dreams. Children can and will start thinking about their life goals from an early age.

Some may decide they want to become a doctor, a police officer or even a football player. Maybe they will want to be an astronaut or an actor. Some children may decide that they simply want to have a lot of money.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our children grow up and be the best they can be. Sometimes we can listen to them talk about what they want to be when they grow up and simply laugh at the notion. However, don’t be negative with other people’s dreams – especially your child’s.

This guide is designed to help you help your children become the best they can be, achieve the goals in life that they set for themselves. Even if you think their dreams are unrealistic, it is your job as their parent, to support them and guide them as they work towards their goals. Even if they don’t have a specific goal in mind or are young, you can still help to build their self-confidence, self-esteem and general skills, until they do decide.

After all, if anyone is going to support them, it should be you. And it is easier than you think.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Their Dreams
  • Positive Talking
  • Three Strategies for Teaching Children Self-Control
  • How to Raise a Leader
  • Social Issues: What Can Parents Do?
  • And Much, Much More!

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Seven Secrets to WINNING without Losing a Friend

by William Scarpino

Everyone knows you should go into a job interview or car dealership prepared to negotiate. But what about going into your favorite shop or store, your child’s school, or your coworker’s cubicleâ??much less your boss’s office? Do you know how to navigate the pitfalls of these everyday interactions?

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, mediator and negotiation expert William Scarpino provides vital tools and techniques empowering you to better manageâ??even thrive inâ??the conflicts that arise as you go about your daily routine. The secrets he sharesâ??such as personalizing relationships, choosing battles, and focusing on goalsâ??are grounded in proven methods of effective communication and conflict resolution.

What really sets this book apart is the universal application of these proven methods. Rather than limit their application to business settings, Scarpino shows how his process works in every kind of daily interaction. He groups rivals, acquaintances, and people close to us collectively as Rasps.

Providing practical advice and plenty of real-world examples, Scarpino reveals how to achieve your goal while maintaining healthy, personal relationships with your Rasps.

My Huaka’i: A Hawaiian Journey (The Huaka’i Series Book 1)

by Ken Young

My Huaka’i: A Hawaiian Journey

Danny Kanaloa had become removed from his Hawaiian heritage and had no idea what it meant to be Hawaiian. Through a journey of the heart and genealogical discovery, he reconnects with his family and himself in Hawai’i. With the help of his grandpa who loves to â??talk story’, Danny unfolds a fascinating tale interwoven with ancient Hawaiian legends, traditions, historical events, and family experiences.

This is a story of personal re-discovery and reconnection with the mana, culture and history of Hawai’i, told by one who was meant to be deeply Hawaiian.

It is an invitation to anyone who might be seeking self-discovery by learning more about their family heritage.

Yummy lunchbox ideas and recipes: Save money and make your own delicious lunchbox fillers

by Greg Productions

A little ebook bursting with ideas and tips that I have tried and tested for years – you will save money and provide good, wholesome lunchbox fillers for your family. My recipes are never-fail and everyone loves them!

We remember…we create…we write…

by Varius Authors

The Anthology, “We Rememberâ?¦ We Create.. we Write… consists of a selection of writings submitted by a group of writers who choose to leave behind stories that impacted their life. Some authors have written about poignant memories of childhood and others created works about memorable interactions with people, funny pets and important life events. Some authors intended to leave their works as a legacy for their families.

The following people contributed to the anthology with varied themes about love, understanding, tolerance and loss. Mito Bessalel, Wayne Coletti, Roger Copinger, Patti Fisher, Richard Hirata, Arthur Kahn, Stephanie Leddy, Anita Moss, Jeanette Nauen, Bernice Packman, Joyce Sippel and Sharon Snyder.

Dear readers, the spirit behind this publication is not only for you to enjoy the stories we wrote, but also to look into your life and write touching memories that you experienced, for the people you love and for future generations.

Return to Boingville (Welcome to Boingville Book 5)

by Romeo Gittens

Christina’s exciting journey continues as she returns to that magical land of Boingville.


by iAdore Transtech Private Limited

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon; Roger’s mobile was ringing endlessly. He took a fleeting look at his phone to see who it was but immediately shifted his attention to the movie he was watching in his room. Engines were drifting through the streets of Tokyo and he was in no mood to miss out on any of the action. His mobile continued buzzing for a few more seconds and then went silent, only to start ringing again. Roger couldn’t take this anymore. He picked up the phone and said in a hurried voice, “Manpreet, it better be urgent and important.” On the other end of the line, Manpreet was all excited to break the news. She ignored everything that Roger just said and shrieked, “Tickets are booked and we are going!”

Roger couldn’t control his excitement. He scrambled to find the remote, switched the T.V. off and asked, “How did Sirina do it?” Manpreet exclaimed, “I can’t wait to call the others up and tell them the news. You better start packing because we are going on the tour of our lives.” She ended the call with a lot of excitement.

Roger still couldn’t believe that Sirina had pulled it off. Each of the five childhood buddies had chosen professional courses of varied interests. They had enrolled into different colleges, hence wanted to spend their last few days together in a way that they would cherish forever. It was Manpreet who suggested that they go on a Pan India tour all by themselves, exploring and knowing the country they so dearly loved.

When the idea was first proposed by Manpreet, none of them really believed that the trip could actually happen because of the tremendous amount of planning and travel arrangements that were required. Before they could proceed any further, they first had to convince their parents. Two weeks from having first discussed the idea, all five had been permitted by their parents and Sirina somehow seemed to have made all the necessary arrangements.

Roger didn’t wait a minute more; he opened the group chat on his mobile phone and looked at his favourite group – The Butterfly Gang. Adi, Sania, Manpreet, Sirina and Roger were the members of the group. They frequently met at a park. One day, one of their neighbours casually asked them, “Aren’t the butterflies meeting in the park today?” The gang liked the name and from thereon took pride in calling themselves – “The Butterfly Gang”.

As expected, Roger found his friends online. He scrolled past the dozens of unread messages and started typing when a message from Sirina caught his attention. She informed them that most of the arrangements were made. For a few places though, they would have to reach the place and then make arrangements. Neither Roger nor the others seemed to have a problem with that. The rest of the day was spent planning the trip.

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A handful of tips for stress-free travel with kids

by Greg Productions

Travel with kids the stress-free way. In this little guide, we share with you a handful of our small but really effective tips that have saved our sanity as we travel around the world with 3 children. At only 99c for this book – you can’t go wrong!

Messages From My Sister: God is Our Source and Supplier

by Rita King

Messages from My Sister is a collection of letters, poems, and Bible verses exemplifying an intimate and emotionally loving relationship between two sisters living in different cities.

The book is intended to offer comfort, strength, courage, and encouragement to those siblings who are having a difficult time of “letting go” after the death of their loved one.

In addition, it contains inspirational passages and uplifting scripture to help re-direct focus to God – the Source and Supplier. Learning to Trust God and Sharing His knowledge, the sisters motivated each other joyfully through correspondences of personal celebration and disappointment. These include circumstances that also affected their brother, “Can’t find love,” “Loss of job,” “Joys of the holidays,” “Giving Advice,” “Receiving a degree,” or to reward “Good health.” The letters were written between 1999 through 2005.

Message: Sisters are each other’s guardian angel. Nothing can compare to a sister’s love.

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