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by Thom Young

Lovey is a new collection of poetry and prose from best selling poet Thom Young. The poems feature the bizarre strange thing called love. The words are a mix of the surreal and the imagery conjures up the beat experimental poetry from yesteryear. Featuring the story ‘The Sword’ that has quickly become a favorite of those with high upstanding literary tastes.

Beyond the Gate

by Josephine Swarbrick

Beyond the Gate is a refreshing assortment of intriguing yet varied short stories, original and wonderful poetry and life thoughts to inspire provoke and open up the mind and touch the heart. It contains simple tips, practical hints and “did you knows?” It contains some unbelievable facts of great interest to all and a frisson of recipes passed down through the generations by great cooks, usually known as “Mum”, which might stimulate the budding new cooks of today.

A “Coffee Table” or “Travel Companion” book for all occasion and for all minds and moods.

Breathe Deep & Think About it: A Book Of Poetry

by LaTisha Un’ Spoken Holloway

Breathe Deep & Think About it… Is a gateway into the mind and the heart of the woman whom you have all grown to love. It is an instruction book, and if read backward it would lead you along the path that has made Un’ Spoken.

This book of poetry is Filled with words and phrases that describe the life story of the very person who is still living it…

LaTisha C. Holloway – Cassell, was born on the Southside of Chicago Illinois, to Shirley Holloway and Robert Scott, on March 25th, 1981. In 1989 after years of continued drug use, the man know to her as “daddy” gave up fighting his drug addiction & left the home and his family. Latisha was only 8 years old at the time. Her mother, now faced with raising two (2) young children alone, fought hard to not buckle under the pressures. & it was during this time that Latisha’s pen found her.

Years of struggles past, and she unknowingly grew into her talents & faced many oppositions along the way. She often found her self-fighting to choose the arts and not the world. In the summer 1998 a place called “The Underground” was opened on the south side of Chicago. & In Latisha’s opinion this was one of the best things that could have happened to hip-hop and the open mic, because this was when Latisha (known to her peers then as Knowledgeable) found her voice.

Using Spoken Word as an outlet, she was finally able to release the frustrations that uneasily & without permission, settled inside of her. She eventually began to feel like she had to speak, so she began making it her business to speak about everything that everyone else was afraid to speak of, she figured: “why speak if your words have no real effect on the people who hear them”. & now reflecting days to come & realizing the tasks that lay ahead, she changed her name to “Un’ Spoken” & coined the phrase: “My words are not spoken until I speak, but because I know that I’m chosen, I now invite God to speak through me”.

Over the last 14 years LaTisha has dedicated her voice to change. & at the age of 32, Unâ?? Spoken has finally found peace in knowing that her suffering, her tribulations, her pain and tears, were never for her. & in the midst of it all she’s has found a way to turn her backstory into a story filled with favor, grace & victories. She understands now that “what the Devil meant for bad, God always, ment for good”. Outside of being the host & creator of numerous tv shows, radio shows, concert series, open mics, & showcases. She has also appeared in short films, such as “Book Em”. She’s won many poetry slams. She’s performed on stages from Seattle Washington to New Orleans Louisiana, & more recently, she’s become a two (2) time nominee for the Chicago Music Awards, in the category of Best Spoken Word Artist/Poet. Un’ Spoken is the owner of Get Soul Graphic Design & Marketing Agency, a wife to 1, a mother of 3, a mentor, a community advocate, a youth leader, a daugther, a sister, a friend to few and an ear to many. She is the self proclaimed voice of hope for the unheard.

Cars Crashed In Charcoal Cities

by C S Hughes

C S Hughes again traverses the sublime to the ridiculous, skirting deserts, wrecking cars, taking damage. From brief amusements, to moments of stark, poignant beauty, scarred wreckage, twisted metal, tension held in a droplet, a bird dying in hand, some sketched in stark and minimal brushstrokes, others in grand and outlandish Guignol. Different pieces touch on subjects as diverse as modern romance, Gothic horror and Saturday nights.
Includes the poem/essay “Restaurant”, which, through truck stop signs, red deserts, symbolist and romantic poets, with all seriousness forwards the Theory of the Preposterous, in which the postmodern unmakes modernity, and leaves us all in a state of joyous ridicule.


by S.E. McKenzie

‘THE PROGRAM’ is S.E. McKenzie’s 31st epic poem. ‘THE PROGRAM’ is a work of fiction which explores the limits on personal freedom.

FOR YOU: Expressions of life in verse

by Peppi Hilton

FOR YOU is a collection of poetry written over several decades and aimed at readers of all ages and backgrounds. The collection reflects the many human emotions that people face in everyday life. Some of the verses will make you smile, some will make you cry and some will lead you into deep reflective thought, but one thing they all have in common is that they are simply written for all of you to enjoy and understand. The title FOR YOU has been chosen thoughtfully in order to make the book an ideal gift for someone you care about, particularly people living alone who may find it a comfort to keep at their bedside. There are 50 poems, 49 of which are written by the author and the 50th is by an unknown writer and has been chosen especially FOR YOU.

Immortal Words: Poems

by Legionz

Words put into correlation with other words, creating thought provoking literature for the intellect and soul.

My Golden Apples

by Benjamin Coakley

A Collection of Poems from my heart and mind over the last decadeâ?¦

During periods of doubt, delight and jubilation.

King (Reality Check #3)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

To Reign Over Your Own Mind

The most important kingdom that one can rule over is one’s own mind. By watching over your own thoughts and maintaining a positive and productive mentality, you get the power to direct your life toward better circumstances.

Being the king of your own mind means taking control of your thoughts and not letting anyone or anything else control your mind. This is particularly important during arduous times in your life, when you need to stay positive to work your way out of your problems.

As the third book in the “Reality Check” self-help poetry series, this book expresses these ideas in 21 poems. The poems were inspired by events and circumstances that aided him in learning these lessons. They express how the author learned to maintain a positive attitude in the face of life’s storms. Some poems portray the thoughts and feelings he had in difficult situations, while some portray how he turned life’s negatives into positives, and went past his problems.

This Is My Life (Reality Check #2)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Live It Because It’s Yours

By expressing many aspects of the phrase “This Is My Life,” the poems in this book encourage introspection, self-awareness and acceptance of reality. The theme holding this poetry collection together is realism and optimism. By looking at your life and questioning it, you get to know yourself and get a chance to redefine what you want out of life.

The poetry in this book helps you to reach a healthy level of acceptance and build resilience against life’s negatives. It encourages you to live your life because it’s yours; to claim responsibility for your life and live it with confidence.

This is the second book in the “Reality Check” poetry series. It is a collection of 17 inspirational and motivational poems, written to uplift and inspire.

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