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Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Pokemon Go Fast (Pokemon Go secrets, user manual, hints, Secrets, Android, iOS, Cheats, Gyms) (hacks, tips and tricks, strategies Book 1)

by Andrew Butler

Pokemon Go

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The Ultimate Guide to Learn Pokemon Go Fast (Pokemon Go secrets, user manual, hints, hacks, tips and tricks)

Pokémon GO is a geographical-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Though the AR is what makes the game so much fun, this technology is far from new. The concept of having a view of the real-world where elements are layered (or augmented) with computer-generated images was introduced in 1990. Pokémon GO uses a combination of ordinary technologies built into smart phones, including GPS location tracking and cameras. This game has encouraged people to get out of the house and capture Pokémon (Pocket Monsters). In the process players get needed exercise and learn much more about their surroundings.

In the game’s first week of release it became the fastest game to top the App Store and Google Play. It became the most downloaded app from the App Store of all time. It has been referred to as a “social media phenomenon” and the surge in popularity has been referred to as “Pokémon GO Mania” or simply “Pokémania”.

The ultimate object of the game is to catch all 100+ types of Pokémon and, as a trainer, reach the highest level in the game. To reach that result you will need to understand each element of the game and how it works. In this book, we will introduce to you some tips and tricks to get you started quickly.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Capture, train, power up and evolve your Pokémon
  • Gain and spend Poké coins
  • Where each Pokémon type can be captured
  • Training for and recovering your Pokémon from battle
  • Gain items and at what level they become available to you
  • Level up your trainer
  • Battle and win ownership of gyms

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Success Box Set: 100+ Outstanding Self-Improvement Lessons for Success (speed reading, leadership, life coaching)

by George Roberts

Success Box Set: 100+ Outstanding Self-Improvement Lessons for Success

Why choose just one when you can have 20 in 1? Sit back and enjoy â??your free time with â??this â??sampler of the best Success Box Set books:

Speed Reading: 33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed by George Roberts

Accelerated Learning: A How-To Guide on Becoming an Excellent Learner and Fast Reader by Don Long

Critical Thinking: Learn How to Improve Your Intelligence and Make Clever Decisions by Miguel Nichols

Leadership: 20 Qualities That Can Make You Become An Amazing Leader by Alexander Mejia

Life Coaching: 33 Amazing Lessons That Will Teach You How to Become a Successful Life Coach by Mae Pope

How to Analyze People: 25 Easy Ways to Analyze People by Observing Hand Gestures and Eye Contact. Learn How to Read the Body Language of Other People on a Conscious Level by Mae Pope

The Ultimate Leader: The Secret Leadership Guide to Becoming an Inspirational Leader That Everyone Will Follow by Sammy Austin

Focus: 12 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Concentration by Karla Roth

NLP Coaching: 22 Outstanding NLP Lessons to Reduce Your Stress Level and Start Feeling Better by Lisa Hart


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Chinese Number Worksheets Vol.2: How to write chinese numbers 51-80.

by Sarisa Manomayitthikan

How to write chinese numbers 51-80.

Rabbit Readers How to Sound a Word Book 3 – more difficult words: Long Vowel Sounds for Grades 2 & 3

by Katrina Kahler

Written by a professional teacher who has taught thousands of children to read, spell and write, this book will help your child’s literacy skills. It is Book 3 in the Phonics Series and teaches the long vowel sounds. Sight words and helpful spelling rules will help your child learn how to sound out words when reading. Spelling and writing skills will become much easier.

This book is perfect for young children. It is suitable for children in Grade 1, 2 or 3. In fact, it is the next best thing to having a teacher in your own home. Look at the other books in the Rabbit Reader series.

Just type Katrina Kahler in the search box to look at a fantastic range of early readers and sight word books.

Know Thy Beast!: Your Personal Guidebook to Creating a Purposed Life Through Values, Habits, and Systems Thinking

by Brandon Chin

We all want control of ourselves. Most of us drift along using our energy and time on things we don’t deeply care about. Why can’t we focus? The fact is, most people live unproductive lives because they don’t know themselves. Know thy beast!

Your beast is you. This book will guide you through building the values, habits, and systems-thinking necessary to understand and control yourself. Through control, you can create a purposed life.

The most important feature is the notebook structure. The main purpose of this book is for you to document, analyze, and map out your life. You are the artist sketching out her masterpiece as she goes along. She struggles with herself as she draws and paints, never really knowing what it will become. Yet when she finishes, she is satisfied after all of the pain, hard work, and tenacity. You are the artist and this book is your brush.

The Public Speaking Secret – The Ugly Truth

by M A. Grant

M A. Grant is an international leadership expert who is a well respected pioneer of Values Based Leadership. He has developed these proven Public Speaking techniques, having worked alongside the industry leaders. He reveals the secrets that other “speakers” really don’t want you to know. A brutal, at times humorous, but always honest reflection of public speaking, it is an unique exposé of modern-day techniques that tell the ugly truth about public speaking.

Trade Like a Pro with Japanese Candlesticks: How to Trade with Confidence and Successfully Using 300-Year-Old Tested Method

by Luca Moschini

Trade Like A Pro with Japanese Candlesticks is an eBook designed to teach the visual power of Japanese candlesticks when trading the stock market. We look at different trading charts and specific stocks to understand the advantage that the visual illustrations of candlestick charts has over more popular trading tools such as bar charts.

This eBook offers an in-depth view of the ten primary reversal patterns as follows: doji, hammer, engulfing, harami, kicker, piercing line, dark cloud and three stars (morning star, evening star, shooting star). Too often beginner traders enter the market without the necessary knowledge and practice needed. As a result they take excessive, expensive and unnecessary risks hoping for higher returns. This eBook will show you a more effective way to trade the market.

PMP® Study Guide: Acing The Project Framework: The Ultimate Guide To Project Management Professional Exam Prep (PMP® Study Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Exam Prep)

by Sharon Brown


The Best PMP® Study Guide with proven tips and techniques that you must know to ace the project framework questions and pass the PMP exam. The project framework represents approximately 15% of the PMBOK® Guide. The content in this study guide has been used to help thousands of students pass the exam. Preparing for the PMP exam is rigorous, and studying the project framework is just the beginning of what you need to know in order to be successful on the exam.

Master Trainer, Sharon Brown, shares her unique techniques and detailed tips without overwhelming you with mounds of content to read and study. This book is designed to help you sort through the nonsense and capture what you need to know, and how you need to know it to pass the exam. Using the proven tips and techniques that Sharon has used in hundreds of PMP exam prep sessions, you will be able to use her secrets to accelerate your preparation for the exam.

Amazon Prime: How to Make the Most Out of the Many Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

by Ben Alexi

Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth Your Money?

If you ask this question to many members of Amazon Prime, you’ll get different answers to no End!

Although each answer probably has validity to that specific individual, however, that does not mean it applies or does not apply to YOU.

In my “straight to the point” book Amazon Prime: How to Make the Most Out of the Many Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership, you will have a clear idea of what Amazon Prime membership offers. Not only that but how to get the most out of this membership where many subscribers are leaving “money on the table” so to speak because they are not utilizing all the benefits it provides!

At the same time, my short-read book will open your eyes to what features that will be available to you and what are not available to you, but you thought they were included.

Here is what you will learn from Amazon Prime book:

  • Is Amazon Prime for Me? You may or may not!
  • Overview of Benefits and Rules
  • Membership Types and Sharing
  • Reading with Prime
  • Prime Instant Video
  • Prime Music
  • Shopping with Prime what is included and not
  • Answers to Quick FAQs
  • And other important details Amazon Prime Membership

NEW SAT Prep Guide: How you can score 1500+ for FREE!

by Nicole Englewood

College admissions officers at the top schools in the US are inundated with thousands of applicants each year – many of them boasting stellar GPAs, a laundry list of extracurriculars, and glowing recommendations. Admissions officers use standardized test scores as an easy means of distinguishing between those students who will thrive academically at their institution, and those who won’t.

The median accepted SAT score of each of the colleges ranked as Top 10 National Universities by US News & World Report is between 1480 and 1510. Thus 1500 is a good score to aim for in order to be a competitive applicant.

This book is not a typical SAT prep book. There are no practice questions or specific strategies for answering test questions. This book does not teach you what to study in order to earn a 1500 or above on the SAT. It teaches you HOW to study in order to earn such a score.

Inside you will find the step-by-step plan that will lead you to earn the score you need to get into the school of your dreams. It is essentially a bootcamp workout plan for your brain. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees. All you need is: a pencil, an eraser, a calculator, a strong work ethic, and the NEW SAT Prep Guide!

MY PARENTS ARE COOL: Children who have strong connections with loving families grow up to be emotionally healthy adults (1)

Children who have strong connections with loving families grow up to be emotionally healthy adults. We need several skills to raise our children. This book present: common adult issues that cause unhealthy reactions and inaction in parenting, Stress makes raising children harder, Substance abuse is the most common problems that we deny, Many parents struggle with depression, anger and anxiety, How to avoid emotional reactions before you discipline, Relationships often suffer from untrue thoughts, Check what you think and then replace untrue thoughts.

67 synonyms with the letter T.: bite size learning (literacy series Book 1)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

You can memorise quicker if you learn, a little bit at a time for example, bite size learning.
Learn the synonyms and increase your knowledge which will increase your vocabulary. So you can use it in your reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Once you have memorised the synonyms with the letter T then go on to a different letter.
You are smart but to become smarter, learn & memorise these synonyms.
(Thank you for learning with MOHAMMED RAJ ABDULLAH.)

Classroom Management OVERDUE

by Cynthia Banks

Is classroom management getting you down? Read on….this book will be the answer to your problem.
You may be a new teacher or a seasoned teacher, but still feel the pressure when it comes to managing your classroom.
Have I got a plan for you?
You have probably been reading books on classroom management, attending seminars, talking to friends and colleagues about your problem.
Let’s face it, you don’t just love to teach-you have a passion for teaching!!

The Mouse That Got Away

by Jorge Alvarez

A fun and enjoyable book for kids.

Now That We Have All These People, What are we Supposed to do with Them?: A Field Guide to Workforce Optimization

by Ken Johnson

Employee management techniques to achieve the highest job performance. Free P.E.R.F.O.R.M. software download with purchase! Each chapter explains either a new way to leverage an old technique or a completely new technique, but equally as important, how the P.E.R.F.O.R.M software enables a Workforce Optimization practitioner to implement the technique.

This book has received glowing reviews by Performance Improvement experts, and was featured in the July 2009 edition of CEO Chief Executive Officer online magazine.

See for more details!

How to save a lot of money on children books

by Kristof

Learn hot to buy children books at the low price, usually $1,0 – $1.50.

I AM ‘COOL’ AND I DON’T SMOKE: Drugs prevented me from being best athlete I could be

I had never lived with the fear that I had no friends, so I did almost anything to keep the two good friends I still had. One of the things I did was try pot for the first time.

This was a big change from the way I lived when I was younger. I was an athlete, and the last thing I thought I would get into was drugs. Drugs prevented me from being best athlete I could be.

P is for Penguin

by Michael J. Russell

P is for Penguin.

The new bestselling educational book by author Michael J Russell.

A playful alphabet ABC learning book, perfect for reading to and along with your little ones.

Engage young imaginations with playful & whimsical images and text.

Featuring vivid, full-colour drawings; perfect for all Kindle and Apple devices.

Join a plethora of fancy-pants penguins, splendidly dressed in a variety of costumes. Each character illustrating the letter and corresponding word of choice.

Filled with imaginative pictures and rhymes; encouraging inquisitive minds and teaching alphabet basics.

Learn your ABC the Penguin way!!

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