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BWWM: Every Woman needs a Praying Man 2 (A Christian African American Romance) (Multicultural and Interracial Romance, Book 2) (Love Tales series)

by Anabella Brown

Kisha isn’t sure what to do now. Her entire world has been turned upside down. She fell hard for Mike and now all of that is in jeopardy because of her past. Unable to handle the shame and fear creeping through her veins, she turns and runs. She knows that a God-fearing man like Mike won’t be able to accept her past and she can’t even blame him.

Marie tries to convince her that Mike can be reasoned with, but the chances are too slim for Kisha. She can’t afford failure. Not with Mike. At the end of the day it’s jut easier for her to force her feelings down and try to forget about the beautiful man who changed her life for the better.

When Mike finally contacts her and asks to meet with her, Kisha can hardly believe it, though she can only assume that he wants to fire her. Will this be the end of something wonderful? Or is it just the beginning?

A Matter of Courage (Sapphire Book 1)

by Wendy Holley

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face it.
When performance-enhancing drugs turn Irene Brennan’s famous husband into a monster, her worst fears come true. Forced to flee the comforts of her lifestyle and hide in a small town in Montana, Irene must rebuild her life while staying undercover.
As a game warden, Trent Daniels’ life is devoted to protecting the defenseless from predators. A man of the law, he wants to see Rick Brennan prosecuted. The only way Irene will truly be safe is if she can find the courage to file charges and testify against Rick.
Trent vowed to protect Irene, but can he safeguard his heart from falling for a woman he can’t have?

ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: Forever My Heart (Sweet Inspirational Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Clean Fantasy Short Stories)

by Angela Matthews

William Stillman is a doctor, and that alone is enough to draw attention in his new town of Davinia, Ohio, which is mostly populated by rabbits and trees. He’s running away from the heartbreak and stagnance of his former life, hoping to find peace and simplicity in this new landscape. Wide open spaces, lush green forests—what more could he want?

The handsome doctor may not be wanting, but his injured heart is in need. A beautiful, witty young woman saves him from a sticky situation on his first day in town, and she disappears before he can think to thank her. Before he knows it, he’s intoxicated by her charm and mystery, but she’s forbidden fruit: Cassidy Fole, his savior, is the daughter of the strict Minister Fole.

Will never wanted to fall for a preacher’s daughter, but try as he might, he can’t stay away from her. Will their love be allowed to grow, or will it be struck down before it can blossom?

ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: Summer Splash! (Sweet Inspirational Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Clean Fantasy Short Stories)

by Michelle Woodward

Sophie works as a nanny for a rich Jewish family. Having never experienced a loving family she falls in love with the Levys. However, she has also fallen for David Levy, the father. Cynthia Levy, David’s wife, is growing increasingly suspicious of Sophie. The situation is made worse by the couple’s young son, Zach, who has an active imagination and knows how to use it at his advantage. However, after the family goes to Florida, the resorts handsome Activities Manager, Dillon Thompson, may just save Sophie from herself. But will she give him an opportunity, after all, she is a girl who follows her heart.

Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine Issue 7

Beyond Imagination is a digital literary magazine featuring the talent of many authors from around the world sharing their short stories, poetry and author interviews with the world.

The following stories and their authors appear in the September issue of Beyond Imagination:

Producer’s Note – Written by Dayne Edmondson
Clean Slate – Written by Michele Calabrese
The Lord of Night – Written by Seth Frederiksen
The Evil That Dwells – Artwork by Larry Lonsby Jr.
Don Pedro – Written by John C. Kojak
The Double Cross – Written by Adam Mac
Lay Me Down to Sleep – Written by Joe DiBuduo
King of Flow – Artwork by Larry Lonsby Jr.
Mexican Jo – Written by Henry Brasater
The World That Is To Be – Written by Nellita Ilene Moore Bartley (deceased)
Beyond Imagination Author Interview With Marisa Urgo
Blood in the River Valley – Written by Seth Frederiksen
Reach Unto Heaven – Written by Seamus Sweeney
Disi – Written by Katherine Cantolina
Lotus in Thought – Artwork by Larry Lonsby Jr.
Robbin’ Banks with Robin Banks – Written by Craig Steven
The Grove – Written by James Boyle
The Oath – Written by Iulian Ionescu
Faith Under Fire – Written by Dayne Edmondson
About Beyond Imagination

Amish Double (Amish Romance): Two Book Double Author Set

by Hannah Schrock

Great Value Two Book, Two Author box set. – DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED
Hannah Schrock – The Englischer’s Baby
Just when she thought Isaac was finally going to propose marriage, Hannah King finds herself alone and discarded as Isaac instead chose an English life. A change meeting with a handsome English widower with a beautiful baby starts a chain of events that she finds impossible to control.

Esther Weaver – Amish Runaway
Mary Miller was desperately seeking satisfaction in a simple Amish world. She had lost every single person she ever loved. She lost her fiancé to the Englisch, and her father and mother to sickness. Her entire life, things were simple. She was going to marry Eli and have a house next door to her parents house.

Now Eli left her heartbroken, and he sister Hannah was out hunting down some Englisch boy. Having already lost her sweetheart to the Englisch, and now she was going to lose her sister. She felt as though her world had been turned inside out, and the English were taking it all away from her.

Would she lose her sister? Can you ever truly mend a broken heart?

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