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Luminosity: A Dystopian Apocalypse Novel (The Luminosity Series Book 1)

by J.M. Bambenek


What ifâ?¦ scientific evidence of a coming extinction event was known and kept secret?
What ifâ?¦ your survival was dependent on being chosen?
What ifâ?¦ the only choice you had was to give up that chance?

For decades, the government tried to keep the sun’s betrayal a secret. We went on with our lives as usual, just like they wanted. Daylight illuminated our world, never once shining light on the darkness of our world’s fate. Until now.

It all started with one man’s knowledge–a whistleblower whose decision to release NASA’s classified disclosure and a secret military operation sparked global outrage and conspiracy. But years later, the evidence would finally emerge, igniting the night sky in auroras pole to pole. The President’s announcement marked the beginning of the biggest war known in the history of mankind. That was the year I ran away.

After the fall, our country was divided into fifteen territories. Now, only 30% of the population remained inside the walls. My hometown was one of hundreds of regulated towns still remaining, bordered and protected from the outside. Inside, we’d all serve toward the future of humanity, or end up a statistic.

Each of the fifteen colonies would house 20,000 survivalists underground after evacuation day–a massive subterranean compound capable of keeping the human race alive long after the end. But only the selected would survive–an election that was determined by our leaders based on age, health, and labor participation. Or so we were told.

Crippled with guilt, I returned home–a place now plagued with violence, oppression, and corruption. I came back to find a purpose to fight again, and ultimately, to forgive myself before everything ended, but the mystery surrounding my father’s death still haunted me. And after finding his compass along a forbidden mountain trail outside the fence, I was determined to find out what happened to him.

Enslaved by unlikely odds and a will to survive, we waited for the next round of chaos to unfold as sick, homeless, and unlawful citizens were euthanized, as riots continued, as more houses were marked with a familiar X–a symbol of collapse. But now, a more sinister development was upon us, and this time, there was no way to run from it.

My name is Aubrey. I was 20 years old when I found out the world was ending, the night I almost died. I survived the accident, and the collapse. For three years, I gave up on life, love, and the one and only chance I had to survive this. And now, at age 23, I’ve unearthed a secret that could end my entire bloodline well before the evacuation. Now, I have no choice but to do the one thing I should have done from the very beginning–escape into the lawless land beyond regulation–a place I was destined to belong.

Galileo Among the Stars

by Mike Burton

Using the latest technology, a team of scientists have launched a telescope into far-flung space to look at Earth as it was 65 million years ago. They aren’t the only ones watching the show…

The Strange Life of Walter Moody

by Mike Burton

Something strange is happening in a small mining town, and at the center of it all is a cranky old man named Walter… who really needs to write.

Stones: Theory (Stones #4)

by Jacob Whaler

Ryzaard is on the cusp of his dream . . . Paradise.

When nuclear detonations destroy cities across the globe, the world embraces Shinto as the only solution for a civilization teetering on the brink of destruction.

All according to Ryzaard’s plan.

One final step remains. With the help of Jhata, Ryzaard unveils the Abomination: a gift of incredible wonder that gives all humankind full sensory access to the Mesh. At a time of his choosing, it will unite the human race under his dominion.

Not knowing their ultimate fate, the masses hunger for what he offers.

Matt faces a stark dilemma. How can he protect the world from the Abomination without becoming a murderer like Ryzaard?

Clinging to the woman he loves, Matt is desperate to keep her from making the ultimate sacrifice, knowing she’ll willingly give up her life to protect him. And Jessica isn’t the only one. Matt must find a way to save Yarah, the child prodigy, from Ryzaard’s bottomless rage.

Nothing prepares Matt for what he may lose in the final battle.

This is Book Four of the Stones Series.

The Gentle Tide: A Matt Ransom Mystery

by Bobby Underwood

The Gentle Tide is a pivotal moment in this most unique series. While its riveting mix of sensuality, mystery and dystopia pulled readers into this world in enthralling fashion, The Gentle Tide began widening in scope the mythology of the series. Matt has regained the part of himself lost after Rio, but then he sees a ghost from Paris in the rain. He begins searching for answers as to how a woman who died in a way which haunts his dreams could actually be alive. What Matt and his new friends uncover is a perversion so twisted, that even the dead are not safe. For someone Matt loves very much â?? perhaps too much â?? these crimes will hit heartbreakingly close to home. Returning to Paris where it all began, Matt finally â?? at LeAnn’s insistence â?? begins to deal with the revelation of The Velvet Sea while he follows the trail of clues left to him by the dead woman. Matt observes firsthand the effects of abuse and perversion before this entry reaches a tense climax as thrilling as it is poignant. The series which breathed new life into a sub-genre of sci-fi, and proved that sensuality could be blended with mystery and soap opera, became the most unique in sci-fi with the publishing of The Gentle Tide. Rather than overwhelm readers with technical gobbledygook, this series became a deeply personal family saga exploring love and loss, and what it truly means to have a soul. Tackling taboo subjects within an exciting and often complex mystery, The Gentle Tide is an essential read for all those who want to understand this world, while also being entertained with a rollicking good tale.

A Time-Traveller’s Best Friend: Volume One

by W.R. Gingell

Meet Marx. Meet Kez. Marx is a small, angry man with a time machine and a chip on his shoulder. Kez is a homicidal little girl with a price on her head and a penchant for kicking people where it hurts the most.

When Marx crash-lands on Second World, he has no idea that he has plunged head-first into the middle of an assassination plot- and nuclear war. Can our hero escape the planet using only his wits, a couple of lemons, and the time-traveller’s best friend- his trusty shifting spanner?

‘A Time-Traveller’s Best Friend: Volume One’ is a novella-length volume of Kez and Marx’s adventures in time and space as they try to stay one step ahead of doom, certain death, and the Time Corp.

The Bridge to Limbo

by Mike Burton

Peter, a family man in his 40’s, gets the horrible news that he has cancer. His life is thrown into turmoil with the decisions he now has to make. He turns to the written word to help him though his struggles before making a final determination on what to do with his life.


by Randy Hill

Fans of Star Wars are sure to enjoy this thrilling new sci-fi/fantasy saga, set in the year 2113. In Refusal, Earth’s atmospheric temperature has risen to a nearly uninhabitable level of heat and blinding light. If not for the 300 rotating Earth/Shield satellites protecting the planet from the sun’s devastating rays, all would perish. The Citons, an alien race, want to claim Earth as their own, and they have devised a plan to rid the planet of its pesky inhabitants without destroying what they came for — by shutting down the Earth/Shields… Outnumbered and outgunned, humans must rely on their wits to survive, and for the first time in history, the many nations around the globe will join together and unify into one race: the human race. Refusal is an epic tale of good versus evil, and author Randy Hill hopes his audience will enjoy some of the new twists he has incorporated throughout his debut novel. “Believe me, it’s not your typical science fiction book. Readers will laugh, shed a tear, and cheer for the many relatable characters. In the end, I hope readers will be left with an overall renewed appreciation for ‘life’ here on our planet, the life that we all so easily take for granted every day.”      A pleated mask of dark brown leather conformed tightly to only one side of his slick, shaven head, covering what Jerry could only imagine was a disgusting sight. His unflinching, lifeless eyes were dark and torn from the inside out, sending a cold chill down Jerry’s spine. Layers of battle scars etched into his shirtless, muscle-toned chest were evidence of past conflicts — each depicting a different chapter in this warlord’s miserable life, scars that seemingly meant no more to him than the everyday dirt under a normal man’s fingernails. A warrior? More than likely. A killer? No doubt.     And then the face began to speak: “I am Broan-Nu-Tone from the planet Centrayian. I will speak only to the highest authority — how do you say — Pre-si-dent?”

Mutant Trappers A Dystopian Tail of the Future

by John Erwin

Journey with Diablo into a dystopian post-apocalyptic future where mutants roam the earth and The Powers demand sacrifices. An exciting short story of life after nuclear war.

The Snakes of Winter

by K. Anderson Yancy

A well-intended public goal to eliminate the 90+ million rats infesting Chicago’s subterranean infrastructure goes horribly wrong.


by Jerry Hart

The planet Ohl, much like our own, was experiencing an energy crisis. Its main fuel, milla, was in short supply and the inhabitants looked to the stars, to distant planets, to seek a new source.

And then came a mysterious anomaly that destroyed Ohl’s atmosphere, killing over half the population and essentially killing the planet.

Years later, a reporter and a scientist go in search of the anomaly in an adventure that takes them across the universe, encountering different worlds and life forms. Their journey uncovers many secrets that could unravel the very fabric of their own civilization.

This novella is 23,000 words long.

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