Free world literature Kindle books for 07 Aug 16

Unfinished Issues

by Isoken John

“Say hello to Juicy!”

Iman sat forced to attend her boss’s meeting at a gentleman’s club. She did not care, she is the number one Software Developer at this company and is on her way to making Partner someday. But Iman knows this Juicy stripper on stage! Why would she do this?

Then there is Morris, the billionaire company founder’s son. He will teach her a thing or two about living in the ATL. Will she be able to withstand his charms, after all, rumor has it he to be wed to Atlanta’s high society debutante Mia! Plus she is not trying to get involved with anyone but fate has another thing planned for her, Mia and Juicy!

Is this Iman’s destiny? Will Morris back down? Will Juicy take her man? Think about the scandal! But that is only the beginning of this crazy story. Will she ruin her already set Future?

Peppery Winds: A Novel of the 1st Century CE

by Lorenz Waldmann

Two young men of very different backgrounds, a spice merchant from Alexandria and a construction supervisor in the Temple in Jerusalem, set out on a newly-discovered open sea route to India, the home of black pepper.

In Rome the demand for black pepper is insatiable and its price, sky-high. If the young men can successfully exploit this new route and thereby end the Arab monopoly on the pepper trade, glory and profits are theirs. But their assignment is fraught with danger: three murders have already been committed in order to preserve the secret of the open sea passage.

Woven into this carefully researched 1st century CE tale of intrigue, love, adventure and revenge, is also a story of the first anti-Jewish pogrom, an encounter with the inscrutable Roman Emperor Caligula and a depiction of early Jewish and Greek settlements in India.

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