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PHP Programming: PHP Crush Course! Learn PHP Programming in 4 hours! PHP for Beginners – Smart and Easy Ways to learn PHP & MySQL (PHP and MYSQL Web Development, PHP Programming)

by Barry Page

PHP Programming

PHP Crush Course! Learn PHP Programming in 4 hours! PHP for Beginners – Smart and Easy Ways to learn PHP & MySQL

“Learn PHP in 4 Hours!” promises to give you complete introductory knowledge to PHP and MySQL. You will be able to get started on your journey to building awesome dynamic websites that help you achieve your dreams in no time.

This book contains definitions that are straightforward, examples that are short and sweet and explanations that ensure mastery of the basics very quickly.

You will be able to blast through this book while gaining deep knowledge that prepares you to tackle the advanced features of both PHP and MySQL while simultaneously being able to do something very useful with the best practices. This is an amazing educational book!

What is in the book?

Introduction to PHP Programming

Chapter 1 – Hour 1: Installation and PHP

We discuss installation of a web server package and show how to use it to run PHP script. We also cover some of the basics of PHP

Chapter 2 – Hour 2: More PHP Basics

We dive deeper into the basics of PHP

Chapter 3 – Hour 3: MySQL Basics

We discuss how to access the command line to enter MySQL commands and use them to work with data in the database

Chapter 4 – Hour 4: PHP and MySQL

We consolidate the knowledge and use both PHP and MySQL to create a very simple website with dynamic content

Let’s get started!

Hadoop Interview Guide

by Monika Singla

This book is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of Hadoop components. It will equip you to apply for a job as a Hadoop Developer right from beginner to mid-level positions. The concepts are written in easy to grasp manner with program examples, which will be apt for anyone who want to solidify their understanding. It is packed with over 400 interview questions with answers. This book is also a good starting point for anyone who wants to venture into the Hadoop field from other IT fields. The chapters â??Ch1. Introduction to Hadoop’, â??Ch2. HDFS’ provide you with the introduction to core concepts in Hadoop. If you have strong programming experience then â??Ch3. MapReduce/Yarn’ and creating UDFs in â??Ch7. Hive’ and â??Ch9. Pig’ are easy to grasp.
While if you have strong expertise in XML then Chapters like â??Ch4. Flume’ and â??Ch6. Oozie’ will be easy to understand. Strong SQL background will make understanding â??Ch5. Sqoop’, â??Ch7. Hive’ and â??Ch8. Impala’ easy. â??Ch10. Java Refresher for Hadoop’ will help you refresh you Java knowledge.

AngularJS Tutorial: Ultimate guide! Fast and easy

by Marko Wirtz

AngularJS Tutorial

Ultimate guide! Fast and easy

This book is an exploration of the Angular.JS JavaScript Library. It begins by guiding you on how to add the Angular to your HTML page. The next part is an exploration of the differences between services and factories. Most people use these interchangeably. We have provided an explanation on the difference between the two and the best one which one can use. Observables in Angular are also explored in depth with no detail being left out. The property “ngMessageFormat” which has been introduced in the most recent versions of Angular.JS is examined in detail, showing you how to use it. The Multi Providers which are a common feature in Angular are explained, along with the property “ngUpgrade” which is used for upgrading Angular apps. Multiple transclusions and named slots in Angular JS are discussed, as well as the process of injecting services into services in Angular.JS.
The following topics are explored in this book:
ï??How to Add Angular to a Page
ï??Factory vs. Services
ï??Observables in Angular
ï??The Feature “ngMessageFormat”
ï??Multi Providers in Angular
ï??Use of “ngUpgrade”
ï??Named Slots and Multiple Transclusion
ï??Injection of Services into Services

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Add Angular to a Page
  • Factory vs. Services
  • Observables in Angular
  • The Feature “ngMessageFormat”
  • Multi Providers in Angular
  • Use of “ngUpgrade”
  • Named Slots and Multiple Transclusion
  • Injection of Services into Services

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International Selling Blueprint: How to Sell Affiliate & Arbitrage Products Online… Foreign Niches Marketing & Four Figure Shopify Bundle

by Sean Levis

Create an Internet Business That You Can Run Anywhere You Desire!

Inside this 2 book bundle you’ll discover:

– How to take advantage of the market imbalance in foreign affiliate niches
– How to find the best keyword to promote
– How to find the best products to sell to your customers
– How to create a website from scratch
– How to write a product review that turn visitors into buyers
– 3 ways to rank your website fast… for free or for as cheap as possible!
– Some examples of websites to copy

– How to find the perfect product
– How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again
– The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not
– How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI
– How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour
– How to get cheap clicks on Facebook
– How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work!
– A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing … so you don’t have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to!

Get started with your new internet business today!


Raspberry Pi 2: The Best Guide to Choosing the Right Version of Pi! (raspberry pi user guide, raspberry pi 2 book, raspberry pi projects)

by Eva Romans

A Raspberry Pi is a complicated machine. There are numerous different models, each with their own specs and features. Yet for those who are not familiar with computer software and hardware, it can be outright impossible to interpret and understand what these specifications and features actually mean. Furthermore it is also just as difficult to appreciate the differences between models and what model is the right model for you.

This guide will break down all the terms and information you need to make informed choices about the Raspberry Pi. In the first chapter of this guide you will be briefly warmed into the purpose, community and software of the Raspberry Pi. The second chapter will take you several computer terms, such as RAM or Hertz to help tutor you on the fundamental differences between models.

The third chapter will take you through the purpose and function of the components which you might find on a Raspberry Pi, such as GPIO pins or DSI ports. The fourth chapter will give an overview of the different Raspberry Pi models and illuminate the crucial difference between A models & B models.

Finally the last chapter will give you examples of when A models and B models have been used, to both stir your interest and highlight the differences mentioned in previous chapters.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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