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ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: The Earl and the Secret Baby (Clean Regency Rake Bad Boy Romance) (Victorian Pregnancy Alpha Male Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An Earl without an heir, a beautiful beggar and a secret baby. Scandals and love in a battle for the future…

Earl Benjamin Paget has an undesirable reputation – that of a man who will never marry. He has been through season after season and has not yet settled on a bride. Under his rule, the territory of Windingham has thrived. Unfortunately, none of the women have been able to capture his heart.

The well-respected Ruth Paget, his aunt and the only remaining living elder in his lineage, is pressuring him to settle down and provide an heir before she, too, passes away. Benjamin meets the fine Lady Beatrice Loxley, who is, at first, a prime contender for the position of bride to the Earl.

Before anything can be settled upon, Ben goes in search of his missing sister, Agatha, who is known to wander. He finds her at a convent in a traumatized state. There, Ben lays eyes on a beggar, a woman with the brightest blue eyes he has ever seen. Something stirs in his soul. He must learn the nature of this strange attraction and deal with it before he can make any more plans.

What he discovers reveals a scandal that will bring him the shock of his lifeâ?¦and take the decision about his future out of his capable hands.

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

The Ambassadors

by Henry James

Graham Greene and E.M. Forster marvelled at it, but F.R. Leavis considered it to be â??not only not one of his great books, but to be a bad one.’ As for the author, he held The Ambassadors as the favorite among all his novels.

Sent from Massachusetts by the formidable Mrs. Newsome to recall her son, Chad, from what she assumes to be a corrupt life in Paris, Strether finds his intentions subtly and profoundly transformed as he falls under the spell of the city and of his charge. He is quick to perceive that Chad has been not so much corrupted as refined, and over the course of the hot summer months in Paris he gradually realizes that this discovery and acceptance of Chad’s unconventional new lifestyle alter his own ideals and ambitions.

One of Henry James’s three final novels, all of which have sharply divided modern critics, The Ambassadors is the finely drawn portrait of a man’s late awakening to the importance of morality that is founded not on the dictates of convention but on its value per se.

A Bitter Birthright

by David Britt

It is May, 1964, and the little town of Hampton in Beauchamp County is trying to cope with a turbulent decade while handicapped by a unique identity crisis of its own. On top of the typical Southern heritage of paranoia born of defeat and occupation, an untenable social structure based on inequality and exploitation, and a vulnerable economy tied to textiles, Hampton residents are particularly mistrustful of outsiders due to a perceived betrayal and psychologically haunted by a terrible town secret, written in blood and buried in a shallow grave of silence and denial.

When the Chief of Police is killed by a sniper, Josiah Bates, his part-time deputy, and James Barnett, a detective from the State Police, partner to find the killer. They follow a trail of leads and red herrings: arguments, adulterous affairs, trans-generational grudges, official corruption, criminal enterprise, alibis, lies and retractions, and threats and intimidation. As the investigation draws to a conclusion, the residents of the town are forced to resurrect that buried secret and finally to deal with it in the light of day.

Historical Romance: Brides Of New Haven Series, Books 2-4 (Sweet Inspirational Mail Order Bride Romance Short Stories) (Clean New Adult Western Pioneer Romance)

by Charity Phillips

Read About The Adventures Of Young Women Traveling West To Find A New Lease On Life And Love After The Civil War In Charity Phillips’ Historical Western Romance Series, Brides Of New Haven

Includes A BONUS Collection Of 25 Sweet Mail Order Bride Stories

New Haven, Connecticut – 1865

Book 2: Mail Order Bride Delia

For four women, the Civil War has sparked a bout of change within them that cannot be ignored. For Delia Hennessey, it has created a passion for life that will not be denied. It is the reason that she convinces three of her closest friends to join her in contacting men across the country who have placed advertisements for mail order brides, hoping to find the ones who would be a part of each young woman’s next great adventure.

They will not travel together, but Delia isn’t afraid. She has been awaiting a great change for what seems like her whole life, and now it is within her grasp. When she answers the ad of a wealthy landowner in Wyoming, she is positive that she has met the perfect man-but when she arrives, things are not all as they seem.

Can Delia survive this abrupt change of events? And if she does, will she be able to satisfy her lonely, aching heart?

Book 3: Mail Order Bride Catherine

Two of Catherine Stuart’s three friends have already left New Haven to find love and adventure as mail order brides out west. Young Catherine has found love, too, and she is eager to go out west to Nebraska to meet her betrothed. But have his letters truly prepared her for the man she has yet to meet?

Laura, the only friend of their quartet remaining in town suggests not, but Catherine is too excited to listen to reason. An exciting life is waiting for her, and she cannot be bothered to wait.

She finds that her friend had a woman’s intuition not to be ignored, but is it too late? If she walks away, will she ever find love again? Catherine doesn’t know for certain, but her heart craves something that only the west can give her-and she can no longer wait for it to find her.

Book 4: Mail Order Bride Laura

The Civil War has just ended, and as the men return home and reclaim their jobs, Laura Masterson has found herself unemployed-and worse, forever without the man she had loved with all her heart.

Laura’s loneliness is compounded by the fact that the three friends she relied on the most to hold her up through these dark times have already left New Haven to find love out on the frontier. The four young women had agreed to go out west in search of love and adventure as mail order brides, but Laura has yet to leave.

She is torn, because she has received letters suggesting that these men might not be all they claim to be. She also worries that she will never find a man who can replace her beloved Elias, so she begins to correspond with a rancher who seeks a marriage of convenience.

When she outstays her welcome in her sister’s home, she realizes that she cannot delay her journey any longer, and Laura must accept that her life is about to change drastically. She can only hope that it is for the better.

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Perfect for fans of the following genres: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance, American Historical Brides Series, Pioneer Romance, Frontier Romance

ROMANCE: MENAGE: Perfect Attraction (Bad Boy Threesome Pregnancy Romance) (Contemporary Alpha Male Romance)

by Sinfully Sweet Books

This steamy menage a trois romance collection includes

1. Sins Unleashed

2. The Dirty 3

3. Her Anchor

4. Finding You

Four HEA novellas for your reading pleasure. PLUS bonus material.

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WARNING: 18+ recommended. Adult content.

The Secrets She Held: The Untold Truth

by Chanda Chipasha

M’kango is called Muka for ease, a determined soldier in the Zambian Army and husband who will do anything for his family. He has strength for anything but there are just some things that he has no powers over. He will try but only for so long. Then hope shall lie only in waiting. When the wait is over, and then, what is considered to be a miracle will prove to be the best blessingâ?¦but only briefly! Before soon comes, it must turn into the worst permanent curse! Then life changes forever. His house is no more ecstatic. The smiles from his wife and “blessing” cease forever. This freshly cooked piece of marital painted plot is set in Lusaka, Zambia. But circumstance and choice will also switch the setting between the plenty beach-full Siavonga in Southern Province, to Chadiza in the Eastern Province of Zambia and then across the country, all the way to the Central African Republic where the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission must draw Muka, on the day his wife, Tipe must be put to bed. She is alone and darkness is approaching but she possesses so much strength for her to see the child she patiently waited to see for 10 years.

Battling with holding onto marriage in the somewhat ill-fated fashion seems to be winning so far. But it is not clear whether abuse and alcohol have a place in their victory. Mulenga and Kaka are a couple and neighbors to Muka and Tipe. The unwillingness to monitor and coach Kangwa, Kaka’s younger brother brings a lot more problems than they ever anticipate. Hatred between them turns into more hatred. Attempts at forgiveness are tempting but can only keep losing so far. The pain is unbearable to fight. It is permanent and final. Does Tipe deserve it?!

And moving on? Well, just maybe! It will come and then few will be happy and then sad again. Deaths keep haunting Mukaâ?¦like he wishes to join them. When every day brings darker days and pores he is not sure he wishes covered are omnipresent in his heart, Beli hopes to be the filler of them. If not only to pretend to heal from the tragedy of loss, he must do something about it too. But this intrigue in the wish to travel another path of hope yet again marks more lines of impasse! Abuse of spouse, neglect of marital responsibility and the desire to explore what seems to be more important than family leaves families in more pain and disintegration than they are able to see when alive and with opportunity. This piece breathes life into a Kikhuyu proverb; â??When two Elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.’

Mail Order Bride – Dawn’s Early Light -Clean Historical Western Romance (Sawyerville Mail Order Brides – Book 12)

by Debra Samms

Nora Darke traveled to Sawyerville to find love. But she was worried and had no idea what she would find. For that reason, she purchased a return train ticket back to Manchester, NH in case she needed it. She favors Benjamin, but some of the other men try to keep them apart.

Benjamin is a logger and prides himself on being one of the fallersâ??he swings an ax and brings down the trees. He is drawn to Nora, but when he sees her dancing at the 4th of July celebration with another man, he has his doubts and he wonders if she can be trusted.

To win Benjamin’s heart, Nora must convince him that she had no choice about dancing with another man. It will be up to Benjamin whether or not he believes her. If it doesn’t work out, Nora still has the train ticket for a return ticket, which she may need to use if her heart is broken.

This is book 12 in the Sawyerville Mail Order Brides series, a series of American mail order bride stories and the brave and courageous women who traveled by land and sea to find love and a new life in Oregon in the late 1800’s.

For a listing of all the books in this series, please visit Debra Samms Author page:

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