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Her Parents’ Masks: A Paranoid Horror Short Story

by Set Sytes

At thirteen years old Aran had never, ever seen her real face and she had never, ever seen those of her parents.

Aran’s family wear masks. They look like a cross between a bison and a cockroach. They never take them off, not to eat, not to sleep. Her parents are always watching.

But it’s only when Aran finally breaks the rules and sees her real face that the true terror begins.

Cover photography by Dark Sphere Photography

Demon’s Cradle (Devany Miller Book 3)

by Jen Ponce

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their soul.

A parasite calling itself a Rider is traveling through Dreams, leaving its potential in the heads of all who hear its voice. Devany is infected, as is her maybe-boyfriend Kroshtuka, and her son, Liam. She has to find the primary host before the Rider’s potential turns into a full-blown parasite.

Devany has more to worry about than just some hate-filled brain monster. Her friend’s abusive ex has escaped from prison and is determined to find his wife, Devany’s job is in jeopardy, and her dad shows up with a book he wrote about Midiaâ??a world he shouldn’t know anything about.

Then Amara, a demon with a grudge, rips away Devany’s humanity. Without it, will she even care to save those she loves?

Historical Adventures

by Robert E. Howard

The awesome historical adventures from master fantasy author Robert E. Howard!

“Red Blades of Black Cathay”
“Lord of Samarcand”
“The Sowers of the Thunder”
“The Lion of Tiberias”
“The Shadow of the Vulture”
“Gates of Empire”

There’s Something in the Walls

by Samuel Brower

When David Howell moved to California with dreams of becoming a famous screenwriter, he knew the area was a hotbed of seismic activity. But he never had any real worries about earthquakes. That is until he experiences one firsthand. The event leaves David shaken, of course, but what follows proves to be much, much worse. The quake seems to have stirred up something in the old, dilapidated apartment building David shares with Hollywood hopefuls, weirdos, and pipe-dreamers. Something that wishes them all harm. Somethingâ?¦in the walls.

Nimravid: Book One of The MacFade Chronicles 2nd Edition

by D L Greeley

Enter the secret world of Dalton Walker, aka Alexander MacFade Yoshida, (Mack for short) a former Yakuza, who walks the shadows between ultimate wizard bad boy and ruthless mercenary with a code of honor. Life could never be considered easy for a magic wielding sword for hire, especially in modern times. Our story begins when Mack, is targeted by a cadre of St. Louis vampires; one, a clan elder. Outnumbered and still raw after the brutal murder of a young girl he was hired to rescue, Mack’s in no mood to play. After a pitched battle, things go very badlyâ??for the vampires. A string of unsolved murders and a couple vicious demons later, things really start to get messy.

Contract work is supposed to be simple. You take a contract; do what is asked of you and you get paid, most of the time. This is not always the case, some contracts are the gifts that keep on giving. The only child of a local mobster has been abducted and Mack is the only person who can find her. With the help of an adolescent ghost, a powerful magical entity who shares his consciousness, known simply as M.A.I. and an ancient, shape shifting, battle system called The Spirit Stone Armor, Mack races to her aid, only to be intercepted by an uninvited guest.

In his lifetime, only two women have been able to pierce the stony cold armor which surrounds Mack’s heart. Claire, the beautiful assistant district attorney who has given him her heart and Shelly, the lonely, at risk 15 year old who he loves like a little sister. When his enemies threaten one, putting her life in jeopardy, Mack will stop at nothing to save her, even at the cost of his own life.

Witness as an unwitting horde of crazed vampires makes the fatal mistake of enraging The Nimravid. Feel the first person experience as Mack unleashes the full wrath of a magical beast of battle, charging to the rescue with a flaming sword, fangs bared and the mischievous grin of a young boy having the time of his life.

Nimravid is the story of a half human, half extra-dimensional saber-tooth with extraordinary abilities and a bad reputation in the highly secretive supernatural underworld. An action packed first person thrill ride that takes each curve with a panorama of diverse antagonists, heartwarming moments and comic relief, Nimravid tells the story, in vivid detail, of what happens when a clan of vampires and pair of demons cross the wrong fierce, but lovable bad-ass.

Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eats you, but if you’re really unlucky and you’re dealing with a Nimravid, pray the bear gets to you first.

Desolate Pages

by Channing Cornwall

A lost wanderer and a talking raven embark on a journey to discover a lost identity. A journey that sends them through different lands and moments that are part of a life that has gone past. Pursued by otherworldly creatures and faced with strange obstacles, the wanderer must search for empty sheets of paper that hold pieces of the answers he seeks. A love story tinged with elements of horror, Desolate Pages poses one simple question: What would you endure to discover the truth?

Marcii (The Dreadhunt Trilogy Book 1)

by Ross Turner

For her entire life, raised in the brimming town of Newmarket, all Marcii Dougherty has known is the hustle and bustle of trade and commerce. Entirely concealed amidst the buzz of the market stalls, yet somehow blatantly obvious at the same time, something is dreadfully wrong. Cattle and townsfolk alike are being slaughtered in the depths of the night and their bloodied remains left strewn about for all to see.

Tyran, a man with questionable motives, has elevated himself to the position of Newmarket’s saviour. Now Mayor, he has the power to do as he pleases. Using fear as his weapon, he convinces the people of Newmarket that witches are responsible for the attacks. Although innocent, those who stand accused of summoning evil spirits to plague the town have no hope against Tyran’s ever growing army.

The furious young Dougherty finds herself utterly helpless to do anything, as Tyran delivers his dreadful justice. But, when one of her dearest friends is found guilty of witchcraft, Marcii can’t help but try to intervene, no matter the consequences.

Mr. Coulrophilia (EXTREME HORROR)

by Stuart Francis

**The Most Disturbing Book Of The Year**

Chris Robertson has been a victim all his life, that is until he meets Mr. Coulrophilia.

Anthony Puyo Presents: Misery Theater (Issue 1)

by Anthony Puyo

PILOT ISSUE: Two short horror stories paying homage to the likes of classic television series like Tales from the Crypt and Twilight Zone, among others. Some parts are written as if your watching rather than reading, so please don’t get confused; just lay back and enjoy. If you find that these stories do indeed entertain you, ask for a encore in the review section. If the demand is high enough, there will be more in the series. Keep in mind they are short and will read about the length of a t.v episode (as intended). Perfect for doctor’s appointments, or while you’re on the john (just seeing if you’re awake). Thank you for your purchase, and good reading!


by Franklin French

Who is Mr Lloyd Llewyn? Is that the right question?

What are we to each other? How do we reconcile what we think we are with the weird realities that surround us?

God. provokes us to think the thoughts we aren’t used to thinking.

You Get Sleep: Sometimes you just want to go home

by Jason Campbell

Sarah & Ian are coming home from a holiday, it was supposed to be just a taxi ride home, but things don’t go to plan, This short story will will have you feeling their terror, anguish and emotional pain.

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