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Doing the Right Thing by Mum and Dad: Residential Aged Care for a Loved One

by Chris Nöthling

This book includes information designed to empower every-day Australians to make informed decisions about navigating the aged care system and securing appropriate residential aged care for someone they love. It was written for Australians who face the responsibility of caring for aging people they love. This includes people who care for their aging spouses, aging parents, and aging relatives.

The aged care journey is an intensely personal passage. The course is challenging and complex. Along the way you will deal with people who may appear indifferent and who speak a language you don’t quite understand. You will need to make quick decisions on behalf of someone you love, sometimes without having all the information you need and often without fully understanding the consequences of each decision. Above all, it is an emotionally charged situation and having an experienced guide can smooth the process and ease some of the emotion.

This book will empower Australians to make appropriate and informed decisions about getting residential aged care for someone they love. The book provides a lay-man’s account of the system and shares personal stories of people who have travelled the journey. It will help readers to:
-Work through the process of aged care decisions without getting hi-jacked by the emotion of a moment
-Cut through the complexity of aged care and have a clear understanding of the important decisions that need to be made
-Understand and avoid potential pitfalls
-Understand where to get help and what to ask for
-Overcome anxiety and achieve peace-of-mind

Embracing Struggle: Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones, a guide book for anyone struggling with life

by Andy Lacroix

Struggling with Life? Change the way you look at struggle and change your life

At some point in our lives, whether we like it or not, we can all be assured of one thing: inevitably, we will encounter struggle. Whether it is a struggle with emotions or a struggle to make ends meet or a struggle to manage time and stay organized, you have undoubtedly faced challenges that you have been forced to come to grips with, one way or anotherâ??and you will face these challenges again in the future, as well.

We all have our struggles, and many of us struggle with struggle itself. We push it away, try to deny its existence, or rage against it with venomous vehemence. We don’t want to struggle, we want to lead peaceful lives that have a smooth flow and an even tempo, without strife and struggle peppering our daily affairs. We often view our struggles as being akin to some archenemy, and thus, we often seek to avoid them in any way we canâ?¦ even if it does no good, even when our avoidance is an exercise in futility.

Part of the problem many of us have in coping with our various struggles lies in our perception of those struggles. We so often take a very dim view of strife in all its forms, and this leads us to overlook how useful that strife can be. That’s right: struggle can be put to good use. In this book, I’ll show you how. We will discuss steps and strategies for changing your outlook and walk through exercises which you can perform in order to help you to achieve greater insight into your own struggles and how to effectively deal with them.

You can change the way you look at struggle and change your life. You can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and emerge with a fresh perspective and a new set of skills for coping with the challenges you face in your life. You can take these inevitable challenges and make them work for you instead of against you.

Download your copy of Embracing Struggle today!

If you’re ready to take control of your life by learning to embrace the struggles that you encounter, I invite you to read on. The key to changing your perceptionâ??and your lifeâ??is in your hands.

DOG TRAINING: Train Your New Dog to Be a Confident, Trusted and Valued Member of Your Family

by Pete Tolliver

DOG TRAINING: Train Your Dog to Be a Confident, Trusted and Valued Member of Your Family

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Dog owners make up a big percentage of the population. At present, it’s estimated that between 37% and 47% of all households in the United States include at least one dog. And that number continues to climb. Small wonder, too. Their loyalty, unconditional approval and affection, as well as their zest for life is truly hard to resist.

Nevertheless, despite all the great benefits they provide us with, and as attached as we get to them, dogs are, as well, a responsibility. A good dog owner will take full responsibility for his/her dog’s proper care, adjustment and socialization. We should rightfully see our dog’s ultimate behavior after training as a reflection of our own standards, and strive to do what we can to make them the best versions of themselves.

And, as thoroughly enjoyable as they generally are, dogs can also exhibit some irksome and potentially problematic behaviors. Whether jumping on you or your guests, barking for no discernible reason or repetitive chewing and digging, untrained dogs can make it quite difficult to maintain a peaceful and tranquil household, especially if you have no previous experience in dealing with them.

That’s why proper training is an important part of ownership if you truly want to enjoy and maximize your experience. So, once you’ve decided you’re going to add a dog as a family member (and they SHOULD be seen as such), you’ll need to show consistency and, at times, some resolve, so that the end result is a happy and confident dog that will live happily and in harmony with you and/or your family.

Learning to train your dog and then applying this knowledge will do two things: It will improve your dog’s life, and will improve your own life. In addition, it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog, ensure your dog’s safety, . . . . and, if done correctly, it should be a lot of fun!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The 4 Most Important Dog Training Pointers to Know
  • The Methodology for Teaching Your Dog Commands
  • How to Crate Train Your Dog
  • How to Successfully Potty Train Your Dog
  • The Elements of Proper Leash Training
  • How to Control Your Dog’s Barking
  • and MORE!!

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50+ Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Day Care: Know Your Options to Find the Best Fit

by Krista “KK” Mounsey

Are you looking for someone to care for your little one?
Is daycare an option for your little one?
Do you want to know what questions you should ask before choosing a daycare?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…

50+ Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Daycare by Krista “KK” Mounsey offers a list of questions you should ask yourself- and the daycare- before choosing one to care for your little bundle of joy.

Most books on choosing a daycare for your childcare needs simply offer you tips and suggestions on what to look for. Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, this book offers questions that you can ask yourself and ask those working at the facility before allowing them to take care of your child.

Not all daycares are created equal. There are some things that you need to understand and know about the facility before leaving your child with them. After all, your child is one of the most precious people in your life- you want to know that you can trust them with your child. You want to know that your child will be taken care of, just as if you were taking care of him/her yourself.

So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

Stress Management Techniques: Using the Five Senses(Stress Management Techniques, Stress Management, stress management books)

by Andy Lacroix

Discover Techniques on How to Manage Stress using the Five Senses

Stress: it’s a part of daily life, no matter how much we try to avoid it. Whether it’s big things like moving or a change in life circumstances, or little things like running late for a meeting or just running out of creamer for your coffee on a Monday morning, stress follows us wherever we may go. Stress, it seems, is just a part of waking up every day.

Stress is normal. However, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by stress, then you know how detrimental a build-up of stress can be. Too much stress, whether acute or chronic, can even have a negative impact on your health. So, although some amount of stress is expected as a part of being alive, it’s important to know about how to manage stress levels before they get out of control and take over your life.

When people think of stress, they often think of tension and feelings of being high-strung and antsy and in need of a good day of relaxationâ??but stress can manifest in other ways, too. Some people feel smothered by stress, and excess stress makes them feel lethargic and lackluster, even depressed. We all react to stress differently. While some of us need to learn how to let go and unwind, others need a pick-me-up because stress makes them feel “down,” with low energy levels and low motivation.

When we’re burdened by stress, it’s easy to feel like you’re suffering under an onslaught that is coming at you from all sides, assaulting every one of your senses. Because we all handle stress in ways that are as unique as we are, it stands to reason that there is no one-size-fits-all “cure” for coping with excess stress. That is why in this book, Stress Management Techniques: Using the Five Senses, we will explore the world of stress relief from a unique angle: stress relief tips as experienced through the five senses of touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste.

So, if you’re stressed out and looking for answers and you want to know how you can harness the power of all your senses to banish excess stress using a multi-sensory approach, read on. The key to fighting stress with all five senses is in your hands.

Are you ready to and take your life back into your own hands?

I invite you to read on, Stress Relief can be yours today!

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Coming Home

by Caden Daniel Ramses

Covering events that occurred in the space of a few hours, a young, troubled boy drifts through the world in the only way that he knows how, all while facing the cold, hard truths about the people around him–the people who are his family.

SAVING MONEY BY SPENDING MONEY WISELY: Core tips to gain money success

by Rob White

This book is designed to help you in many ways. While its main objective is to save you money, precisely how much you wish to save depends on you. There are ways to save a little and other ways to make greater savings. Some require very little in the way of effort, others are not possible without a certain degree of sacrifice or compromise in your life.

Most of us do not earn as much as we think we need, and are constantly left wishing for that little bit extra. This book will not necessarily make you money, which is a different area altogether, but it will help you to utilise what money you do have more efficiently. The book contains valuable advice such as how to make more efficient use of your central heating system, and useful tips such as the secrets of getting a bargain, plus general hints on other areas of life that can save you money.

You may be familiar with many of the ideas mentioned in this book, but do you practice them? Saving money is a little like a regime or diet, it has to be followed strictly for any effect to be noticed. It will take a little while of following this book’s advice before you reap the rewards, but it will be worth it in the end when you find you have more money (or fewer debts) than usual.

Not only will this book save you money, it should save time. As the old expression goes, â??time is money’. For some people this is quite literally true. Self employed people who charge for their services on an hourly basis can only earn as much as there are working hours in a week. If parts of their life take up too much time, it can mean less time available for work and hence less money. Saving time on household chores etc. can mean more money in the pocket at the end of the day.

One important aspect of this book is that many of the ideas and tips will not just be benefiting you, your actions could be helping to protect the environment, and conserving natural resources, particularly if you recycle waste products.

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