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by Kamari Bright

For those lost in a world with no maps and too many destinations…for those trying to keep their heads above the waters of their past…for those who can not swim, but hope to fly…there is “Emergence”, a collection of poems about the discovery of self, surroundings, and sovereignty in the 21st century.

Right in the Middle, Too: More Amusing Poetry for Preteens & Teens (Whatever Book 2)

by Marie Dye

Hey, Buddy. Did you know this is the second book in the series? If not, go find the first one then come back to me. Honestly, people these days thinking they can just go out of sequence in a book series.
Besides the mind numbing warning I’ve been forced to start with, in this book you’ll find some poems that couldn’t fit in the first one. You should know what I’m talking about, some irony, weird parents, school things, you know that kind of stuff. It’s very interesting, but honestly, don’t just stand there reading the back of the book. Go on, turn to the first page already. “Don’t let your dreams be dreams, just do it!”

*Unofficial quote by Shia LaBeouf*

A Collection of Things I Wish I’d Said, but Wrote Down Instead: 100 Poems

by Elana Hicks

Featuring original poems discussing love, nature, and inspired by art. The hope is that these poems will make people feel something.

Never Ever Give Up! (Never Give Up Book 2)

by Ketona Spencer

Inspirational poems, relevant to everyday struggles and meant to uplift and enhance the quality of life!

Grey Matter

by Tykara Mobley

Grey Matter is not just a book of poetry, but a look into the mind of a teenager/young adult whose main focus in life is staying true to herself and finding happiness along the way. These poems come from intimate chapters in life that were once closed, but now are open to the public. Grey Matter sends a message to any teenager/young adult who uses poetry as an escape that things do get better, and that happiness comes in grand sizes.


by Maxine Brothers

Poetry that takes life on a journey to a destination unknown

FLAVOUR WORDS: Unforgotten poetry

by Nat Fallis

Deep thoughts; simple rhymes. A collection of short poetry that is both whimsical and thoughtful. It whispers to you and makes you think. Created over several years, this collection of poetry was hidden in an unforgotten chest. The poet felt it was time to start sharing.

Poems from the Heart: A Collection of Original Poetry

by Rogue Sharpie

A collection of my original poems

Monsters Beneath the Bed

by Deborah Smith

Poems for soul cleansing and healing to awaken in unconditional love from your heart center

Reality Check – A Collection of Poems (Reality Check #1)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

At all times, the circumstances and events in our lives emit lessons. It takes a receptive mind to decode their messages; a mind that’s aware. This poetry collection was written from deliberate and persistent efforts to stay in touch with reality. The 20 poems in this book were inspired by moments in the author’s life when reality spoke.

They take an inspirational approach to dealing with life’s negatives and embracing its positives. Health challenges become reasons to appreciate life and reevaluate your values and priorities in life. Times of stress become lessons to embrace, and times of pleasure not only become precious blessings to relish, but also times to prepare and be proactive.

Some of the poems lash out at negative circumstances and they were the result of the author’s venting. This book marks the inception of the “Reality Check” series; a poetry series inspired by epiphanies and reality checks.

Thoughts Unknown (Reality Check #4)

by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Musings of a Curious Mind

Witty verses, word play and facts of life combine in this poetry collection to form an amusing and inspirational read. In 24 poems, the author shares his thoughts as he reflects on his life (past, present and future) as well as the ironies and life lessons he sees.

The poems are mostly introspective. They deal with the author’s love for life and writing, his mixed feelings about living and dying, the negative energy people around him were emitting and some uplifting thoughts of optimism. This book is the fourth in the “Reality Check” self-help poetry series.

Untrue Lies: a line never said is a line never read

by Robert J Taubr II

The second book in a long line of poetic works. The poems & pictures in this book will hopefully bring to you the same experiences they brought to me when I wrote them, often blindly as I did for the words do so flow of their own accord.

What follows is the page where the other books I have published can be found; one novel & one of poems.

I hope you are well pleased with what you find in here & in there.

Robert J Taubr II


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