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Survival BUNDLE: The Best and Handy Survival BUNDLE (Build a Survival Safe Home, EMP Survival, Survival Gear)

by Max White

This 9 â??books bundle contains 9 â??of our bâ??est selling Survival books.

Why choose just one when you can have 9 in 1? Sit back and enjoy â??your free time with â??this â??sampler of the best books about Survival:

Build a Survival Safe Home by Max White

Preppers Survival by Bridgett Larson

Preppers Blueprint by Matthew Walker

Living Off Grid by Deborah Phillips

The SHTF Stockpile by Samuel Allen

The SHTF Stockpile by Deborah Phillips

EMP Survival by Mark Young

The Ultimate Survival Manual by Deborah Phillips

Build a Survival Safe Home by Jason Williams

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Survival Box Set: Tips and Suggestions for How to Build a Survival Safe Home and How to Survive EMP (Build a Survival Safe Home, EMP survival books, Off the grid books)

by Darrell Abbott

BOOK #1: EMP Survival: Shocking New Discovery Reveals Modern Combat Tips You Ought to Know to Survive an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

An EMP attack means the necessity of a survival contingency plan in the face of a catastrophe of a solar or nuclear kind. Yes, it can happen. This book is your basic resource and guide in succinct form. EMP Survival covers the nature of the devastating threat, how and why it is important, and what must be done in the face of the unforeseen but plausible.

BOOK #2: Off The Grid 101: 19 Efficient Steps on How to Retrofit Your Living and Accommodate Alternative Energy Solutions for Lighting, Heating, and Cooling

A building does not need to be new to be proficient. Today’s top notch building proprietors are retrofitting structures, changing over existing structures into models of maintainability. While most building proprietors still seek after single innovation changes, market pioneers package together energy saving innovations to get more profound reserve funds in a more exhaustive methodology.

BOOK #3: Build a Survival Safe Home: Setting Up a Home Security Safe Place to Be During a Tornado or Severe Storm

I repute nature to be awe-inspiring since it has made us what we are today but looking a little further, you may figure out that nature acts terrifyingly to hurt us. Do you know how risky a tornado or a severe storm can be? Alright, close your eyes and remember the Berryville tornado of 1942. Whether it’s a tornado or an earthquake, it’s terrible to think about the penalties.

BOOK #4: Build a Survival Safe Home: 33 Tips to Prepare Your House for a Severe Winter Storm Survival

Nature has prepared us, what we are in the present day but when you gaze slight ahead, you will know that nature can even vanquish us with its power and it wouldn’t take even an hour for Mother Nature to terminate the globe. Yeah, there are quite a lot of disasters happening in Mother Nature which can take away your life. For instance, a number of people died because of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest derecho in June 2012.

BOOK #5: Off Grid Living: Alternative Energy Solutions to Inspire You to Use More Clean, Green, and Renewable Resources. Usefull Guide to Energy Efficiency at Home

You might have heard the phrase “living off the grid” used for some time now but don’t have an idea of what it really means. Living off the grid means providing and relying on your own resources, rather than those of the community.

BOOK #6: Build a Survival Safe Home: Secure Your Family With This Easy to Follow Instructions for Building Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms in Your House

At the point when a tornado or storm strikes, do you have a protected place in which to take cover? Is it close-by? Would you be able to arrive at that point inside seconds? A sheltered room can give life-sparing security amid a ruinous tempest, particularly for those without cellars.

BOOK #7: EMP Survival: Find Out How to Prepare to Look After Yourself for at Least Three Days After an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

What is an EMP attack? A natural disaster or an event created by the latest technology? You must have heard about the ElectroMagnetic Pulse Attacks that can make you go back in the early 18th century. We are so dependent on the technology that it is hard to think of a world without the internet and our sophisticated communication systems.

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Chakras: How To Align Your Chakras, Radiate Energy And Find Balance Using Meditation (Balance, Positive Energy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation for Beginners)

by Leah Davis

Take advantage of these useful techniques and learn how aligning your Chakras can help you finding balance and happiness!

We all experience various physiological problems that affect our ability to derive the most value from our lives. Think about it; unhappiness is a product of many things including sickness and disease, emotional problems and a lot more. Unfortunately, the first thing that many of us think about when we experience some of these problems that bring about unhappiness is to use drugs to deal with the problem or to suppress the symptoms.

While it is completely okay to do that (and recommended), the truth is that not everything requires the use of drugs simply because your body is fully capable of dealing with many of these problems on its own. However, it cannot do that when its systems are not working properly. So what can you do to restore the balance you need to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life? Well, you can tap into the power of the Chakras to restore the balance that you very much need to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

So what exactly are chakras? How can you use them to restore balance? How will it be of help to you? How many chakras are there? How do chakras work? If you have these and many other questions, this book is for you. By reading this book, you will learn about the chakra system, what chakras are, how they work, how to use chakras to attain the desired balance and a lot more.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding The Chakra System: A Beginners Guide
  • What Are Chakras
  • How To Align, Heal And Balance Individual Chakras
  • How To Use Meditation To Open Your Chakra System
  • How To Use Crystals To Heal and Balance Your Chakras
  • How To Align Your Chakras
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The Coca has Sweetened..!: on water, earth and dust (SERIES: THE HERITAGE OF PERU Book 5)

by Sonaly Tuesta

When the pongos or Andean priests say that the coca has sweetened, it means that the offering has been accepted and the waiting has ended. This has happened in Laraos (Yauyos, Lima) since ancient times, and the story weaves around a task / celebration called Sequia Ashpi, or cleaning of the irrigation channels. This event marks the festive and agricultural life of the town, because its meaning and existence permit the water to reach the fields.

The protagonists in this festival are full of strength and energy; strength to run and challenge the rough roads, energy to know when to stop and breathe the good air of tradition and respect. Four other celebrations have been collected with this feeling: the Lámud Lord of Gualamita (Luya, Amazonas); the Colcabamba Carrying of the Beam (Tayacaja, Huancavelica); the Comas Task (Concepcion, Junin) and the San Andrés pilgrimage in Cahuacho (Caraveli, Arequipa).

The five festive stories that make up this publication, The Coca has Sweetened..! on water, earth, and dust, make us recall magical moments. The main story begins with “water,” where we become aware of the Laraos Sequia Ashpi and join the particular language of the homage, discovering the officials’ inherent ability with the liquid element in this effort to lead it to the fields in order to make them fertile.

The journey continues with “rain,” where we see the face of the Lord of Gualamita. The figure of the Nazarene associated with rain. Devotees say that they have a covenant: when Christ does not like something, he unleashes a storm and those who know him know exactly what it is about.

The third chapter is “earth,” and the next stop is Comas, with the custom of the fajina, or communal task, an activity to prepare the fields for planting. In Comas, the community and neighborhood tasks have become a competition and an identity refuge for those who have left the town, since they return to festively attend each ritual, take the chaquitaqlla and start the work they will perform in shifts.

The fourth symbol is “wood,” recalling the tradition called Viga Wantuy, or Carrying the Beam. The settings are the Community of Pampapuquio and the town of Colcabamba, in the region of Huancavelica. Respecting a figure that has strengthened over the years, men and women participate in the communal activity that involves moving a tree or beam from the forest to where it will be used. In Pampapuquio, a thick tree trunk is carried in a long and rapid journey to the center of town, where it will serve in some sort of construction. In Colcabamba, this original conception was transformed by the Spaniards, who imposed bringing the beams to build altars in the four corners of the square, where the Blessed Sacrament still rests during the procession of Corpus Christi.

The last chapter is “dust,” taking us to Cahuacho, where only the strongest participate in a different kind of pilgrimage. The protagonist is San Andrés, who is transformed into a kind of burden to be transported on their shoulders at a rapid pace from the district of Cahuacho, the highest in the province, to Chuñuño, a low place where it is very hot. Clinging to history and an ancient pact and respecting the property of the saint, they thrust through rocky hills and dusty paths to reach the destination on time.

The Coca has Sweetened..! on water, earth, and dust, opens the doors for us to the depths of the Peru that believes and stands firm in its legacy, even when this means sacrifice and effort.


Ten Key Components of Doctoral Research: Maximizing Alignment and Significance (Doctoral Research into Higher Education Book 7)

by Paul Trowler

This book helps doctoral candidates design and write a thesis that hangs together with well-integrated components. In the social sciences doctoral research design has 10 key components which work together dynamically as the research is being done to create a whole finished thesis. They are:

1.The research questions addressed
2.The ontological position adopted
3.The epistemological position adopted
4.The domains of literature chosen for review
5.The context/s of study selected
6.The â??sample’ selected from within the context or contexts
7.The types and extent of data â??collected’ and analysed
8.The theoretical lens through which the data are viewed
9.How the outcomes of data analysis are presented
10.The conclusions drawn and claims made

These form part of an empirically-based thesis and are carefully scrutinized by examiners. So, making a thesis “hang together” properly involves planning and implementing a research project which has internal coherence and congruence between the different components. They operate together to achieve the goal of a strong, low-risk thesis. There is a clear chain of evidence and argument which is assembled and deployed to answer the research questions, making claims which are robust and sustainable.

A design which doesn’t hang together has internal disconnections; there are components which don’t mesh properly. This means that conclusions and claims are shaky, the research questions are not fully or convincingly answered and that that there is a failure in the logic connecting two or more of the components.

That situation can be a disaster because when the thesis is examined and these flaws are identified there will be major changes needed to the very structure of the work: perhaps more and different data will be required; different research questions may need to be formulated and a fundamental reshaping of the claims made may be needed.

In writing a research proposal and in planning research design generally, many doctoral candidates zoom in too quickly on the detail. They start writing parts of the literature review, or they get tied up in details of â??sample’ selection. This rush to the ground level of detail is dangerous because it can blind candidates (and their supervisors/advisors) to internal dislocations in the logic of the overall design, approach and claims.

The book’s chapters give examples of bad and good alignment, inviting readers themselves to evaluate other examples and gives links to videos in which the author gives his own views on them for comparison.

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